The Kelly-Ramos Love-Fest…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Jorge Ramos is a member of the Political Class of Mexico who is masquerading as a “journalist”. The Political Class of Mexico continually exports their recipient class to us here in the US in illegal droves, while Donald Trump is threatening to return said recipient class back to Mexico forthwith. But apparently Mexico does not want their recipient class back, since these expatriate poor combine to send back well over $20 billion in remittances annually – currently the third-largest source of foreign exchange for Mexico. Win-Win Mexico. Lose-Lose American taxpayers.

Then we have the unusual alliance of Ramos and Megyn Kelly, two performing poodles of primetime. We don’t expect them to act like real reporters, and they don’t disappoint us. Kelly is just a blonde version of Brian Williams, someone who makes every story about herself. Her repulsive promotion of Bill Ayers some months ago was so disgraceful that anyone with integrity should have turned Fox off. She pretended to question him when she was really giving that unrepentant terrorist a platform to boost her ratings and “attack-poodle” cred. Real people had to go on after that little stunt to correct the record because she was so ignorant and pandering. Will Ferrell captured the current tv news zeitgeist with “Anchorman” in the mold of Peter Finch as Howard Beale in “Network”, both movies of which I can’t help thinking of whenever people like Kelly and Ramos make the news. “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it any more!”

Both Ramos and Kelly hate Trump because he doesn’t play the PC game, neither to Hispanics nor feminists. Jorge Ramos is an angry, frustrated individual who has a very large chip on his shoulder. What her show needed Wednesday night was Ann Coulter reading from her book “Adios Amigos”, where she provides plenty of examples of illegal Mexicans acting as savagely as ISIS, raping, abusing and killing White American girls just for the “gusto” of revenge. Actually, Megyn Kelly would be an ideal target for these savages that Ramos is defending. He needs to go back to Mexico and try being a real journalist there (how about an in-depth report on the drug-smuggling Mexican Mafiosi?) and Megyn Kelly should be off primetime as a legitimate journalist and go sit on the couch on The View; betcha she’d enjoy that where she can talk all about herself the entire show.

Now on to this interesting critique from M. Catharine Evans in American Thinker… 

284px-American_Thinker_logoUnivision’s Jorge Ramos had blood in his eyes during an interview with Megyn Kelly Wednesday evening. Following his humiliating removal from Donald Trump’s press conference on Tuesday, an indignant Ramos told the Fox host:

He tried to silence me, and in this country you cannot do that. I’m a citizen, I’m an immigrant, I’m a reporter. And I have the right to ask any question I want, to whomever I want.

Ironically, Kelly experienced firsthand Ramos’s sense of entitlement when it comes to hogging the microphone.  The Mexican media personality interrupted Kelly several times, often talking over her.

But Kelly must still be smarting from her own dealings with Trump.  Not only did she let Ramos vent, but at one point  Megyn suggested that it was the “bad blood” between Univision and Trump, not Ramos’s unruly behavior, that caused the presidential candidate to kick the Univision anchor out of the Iowa press conference.

Ramos whined to Kelly that he had never been treated like that in his 30-year career as a “journalist.”


Kelly: You’re on the record as calling him the most hateful divisive figure running for president right now.

Ramos: Because his words are dangerous and his ideas extreme when it comes to immigration and freedom of the press. I’ve been a journalist for 30 years and I’ve never been ejected from any press conference anywhere in the world. Those are the things you see in dictatorships, not in the united States of America.

Kelly: He doesn’t like Univision. He’s suing them for $500 million…there seems to be bad blood and it goes back to June when they cancelled the Miss Universe, the Miss USA contest. And then the head of programming at Univision sent out at his instagram account a picture of Donald Trump on one side and a picture of a mass racist murderer on the other side…can you understand why Trump would not want to take questions from this outlet because their mind is already made up?

Ramos: I follow the rules and he just didn’t like the question.

Kelly: Right, it’s not unusual for a reporter to jump up and start questioning; it’s not unusual for a reporter to do what you  did and that’s clear.

Kelly’s defense amounts to telling the millions who watched the press conference, “Don’t believe your lying eyes.”‘  Trump had no problem taking questions from Ramos or any other reporter.  He merely asked Ramos to be respectful of others and wait his turn.

Kelly’s loyalty  to Ramos is touching.  The defiant “anchor with attitude” felt so emboldened  by her support that he went on to warn Trump about the “60 million” Latinos heading to the polls in 2016.  Ramos made the same threat in 2014 in an interview when he said: “Republicans don’t get it. They’re going to lose the 2016 election if they don’t move on immigration reform, and they’re going to lose again in 2020. … They have a very short memory. They forgot in 2012. They’ll remember after 2016.”

It is no surprise that both Ramos and Kelly are anti-Trump.  Ramos contends that the United States is rife with “white privilege,” and he often quotes Elie Wiesel’s statement that “no human being is an illegal.” Ramos believes that those who cross our borders illegally have a right to become citizens.  Trump’s promise to deport illegals, starting with the gangs and criminals, eventually working his way across the country to all the lawbreakers, has Ramos unhinged.  For her part, Kelly’s opening shot at Trump during the first Republican presidential debate left little doubt that she stands with those, like Ramos, who are vehemently opposed to the billionaire’s candidacy.

See the full seven minutes right here…