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To a considerably great degree, The American New Deal period was the brief interlude in our modern history during which the economic predators were constrained to serve the common good. The New Deal was the bedrock underlying patriotism, widespread prosperity, and relative political and economic equality for almost 40 years.

Reagan institutionalized the dismantling of the New Deal and its replacement by the fundamental Republican principle “F*** you, jack. I’ve got mine.” Our crisis of survival in all its manifestations — cultural, social, economic — has its roots in the 1980 election and the subsequent devolution of life possibilities for 60% of the population.

In 1980, voters took Reagan’s folksy rhetoric of patriotism and morality seriously. They didn’t bargain for government by Wall Street. And since 1988, Republicans won a national popular majority once — once — in 32 years. This statement assumes that Trump actually won a popular majority in 2020. If he didn’t, then the truth is that Republicans won a popular majority once in 36 years, and are on track to extend their streak to 40 years in 2024.

The last American aka DJTrump? A man for all seasons tackles the enemy … When in the course of … Freedom!!

Tony_Petroski from the comments thread goes further: Why not respond to this historic outrage, with the arrest of the leading candidate to unseat the sitting president, with another historic response along the lines of Andrew Jackson’s “Mr. Marshall has made his ruling, now let him enforce it.“? Governor DeSantis after all declared he would not comply with any extradition order from New York, aka “Mr. Bragg under orders from your handlers you have obtained your indictment. Now conduct your arrest.

The grand stand would have allowed the two leaders, DeSantis and Trump, to stand together. And who knows whether DeSantis would’ve caved or not. “His P.R. gesture eventually would have come crashing down, as a governor does not really have authority to defy an extradition request.” Huh?

For over two years, rogue governors all around the nation, issued daily edicts with no legislative backing whatsoever seizing “temporary powers” due to “the arrival of Covid.” Heck, in most states, the governor somehow had the power to close churches and schools and open prisons and nobody raised a peep. Why can’t our side test the power of a governor? THAT!

Let the world understand that “For all his faults and his New York cynicism, Trump still believes in America. This is why he says ‘make America great again.‘ He thinks the country and its institutions are fundamentally good, that its people are decent, and that truth, justice, and prosperity will prevail once again once this temporary emergency passes.”.

That’s exactly what we non-essential, smelly, deplorable, chumps believe as well. It’s why we love President Donald John Trump so, so, much. THAT!

Christopher Roach, American Greatness: ‘The Last American” ….

The old civic nationalist ethos does not apply in these times, because Trump is not being treated normally and never has been.

Earlier this week, former President Donald Trump surrendered to the New York City courts to face an indictment on 34 felony charges. The case arose from his accounting records of payments to a former paramour, Stormy Daniels. The indictment itself is garbage, the product of an extremely ideological prosecutor.

Elevating these charges to a felony required that the bookkeeping errors furthered some other crime, but the indictment does not even identify the other crime. Indictments are usually bare bones, but the New York rule requires that an indictment “asserts facts supporting every element of the offense charged . . . with sufficient precision to clearly apprise the defendant or defendants of the conduct which is the subject of the accusation.”

Trump Should Resist on Every Front – Why did Trump surrender at all?

Alvin Bragg is a rogue prosecutor acting outside the boundaries of the law. Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, said he would not cooperate in any extradition. If Trump did not surrender, he might simultaneously have defied this nonsense charge and also put DeSantis, his likely opponent, in a bind.

DeSantis does not want to appear to be Trump’s lackey, but he also wants to keep his word. His P.R. gesture eventually would have come crashing down, as a governor does not really have authority to defy an extradition request. But forcing DeSantis’s hand would take some time, and it might have redounded to Trump’s benefit when DeSantis eventually caved.

Not only should Trump not have surrendered, he should be looking for ways to get his allies to sue and prosecute his enemies, including this lunatic Manhattan prosecutor.


Coming to Terms With Two Tiers of Justice – Contrary to all of the aspirational rule-of-law stuff we learn in school, the January 6 defendants have also learned that the old civic nationalist credo is no longer functional. The mature ideological system has two parallel standards, one for regime-approved people and another one for “MAGA Americans.”

With Trump, the rule of opposites prevails. His enemies accused him of foreign collusion, but it turns out Hillary Clinton and her crew were bribing Russians and hiding payments to come up with dirt on Trump.

Trump is a supposed threat to the rule of law, but FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith served no jail time and didn’t even get disbarred after falsifying a warrant in the Trump Russiagate probe. For the regime, MAGA people are the lowest, and, among them, Trump is the lowest of all.


People Matter More Than Words on Paper – I’ve offered my fair share of criticism of Trump. The reason he is in this jam is one of the most salient: even after all his years in business, he has terrible instincts about whom to hire, fire, and promote. Being involved with the obvious dirtbag Michael Cohen was a mistake. Cohen has proven to be completely slimy, disloyal, and also incompetent.

Trump made different, but equally consequential personnel mistakes in elevating James Mattis, Nikki Haley, John Bolton, Anthony Fauci, Rudy Giuliani, and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. All of these people either betrayed him, were incompetent, or acted in a passive aggressive way towards his agenda.

This mistake arises from a deeper misunderstanding. Trump thinks the system is about laws and rules, words on paper. If these rules and words are truly paramount, then people are constrained. But ensuring that the person interpreting the rules is loyal, decent, and smart is at least equally important as the content of the rules themselves. [end]

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The last American aka DJTrump? Eternal hope in the sweet by and by…

Now we arrive at the heart of the matter with “as has been the case over the past hundreds and hundreds of years, what most humans fail to take into consideration is God“, specifically just where we are in the stream of “prophetic time” that God our Creator, was somewhat tuned in to us enough that He had it all written down thousands of years in advance.

The “forever” problem for humanity however, always appears to be that the Bible’s prophetic utterances turn out to be cryptic, taking no time to unravel say, a sharp focus spent on humanity’s strong suit these days. True to nature’s bending, most Americans wouldn’t pass a third grade level civics test from the 1800’s, what with flitting and flirting with a vast amount of information on the daily read-in but rare indeed are those that jump in with both feet, wading around in the muck and mire plucking at the roots.

If you want to know why it is that no “counter insurgence” has transpired lately in America, go read the words written thousands of years ago. If there is indeed a way to regain this nation minus violence (HAH!) please let me know, since I’m of the opinion that what’s currently happening here is what God’s judgment looks like where nothing short of a revival will be required to return America’s Christian roots back in place where they truly belong. The last American aka DJTrump? THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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