The Smothering of Muslim Shari’ah

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Toronto, of all places, seems to be the latest “politically-correct” city to give in to the incessant demands of Islamic Muslim Jihadist invaders. Granted, it’s taken them the better part of 50 years to infiltrate the city with their own version of population explosion, but that is exactly what happens through these silent takeovers. Back in the summer of 1968 on my emigration to Canada from England, the only Islamic Jihadist Muslims you encountered were the “exchange students” strolling around the grounds of the University of Toronto, a supposed paean to sending these students back home full of Western Civilization ideals to better serve their own countries. So where did it all go wrong?

Well for starters, what the liberal-progressive-leftist hordes seem unable to grasp is that Islamic Jihadist Muslimism and Western Civilization are NOT compatible! Never were, never will be. But leave it to the milquetoasts on the Toronto city council to grant the Muslim community their own exclusive apartment block for the use of Islamic Jihadist Muslims ONLY!

Those twits running Toronto (as an example, begin with the crazy crack mayor Rob Ford) obviously can’t see past tomorrow – wait until those apartments implement Shari’ah law, simply because of the fact they’re all muslims. City law enforcement won’t be allowed in, the denizens of the place could start sniping from the higher floors, and the police would have to stand on the sidewalk with their hands on their hips! Those apartments could become huge weapons storehouses (just like schools and hospitals in Gaza), and government couldn’t do anything about it, because the place will be autonomous. Soon, the non-muslim inhabitants won’t be able to go within four blocks of the place, which will allow them to expand into the void, and the four-block radius will expand again. Then they will move farther out into the suburbs to open halal stores and bakeries, etc..

Shari'ah Law is counter-productive to The Constitution...

Shari’ah Law is counter-productive to The Constitution…

But that is of no concern to those whose entire existence is for “The Agenda” – Until a few of them are forced up against that wall and beheaded, or their daughters are “groomed” by the goon squads which is what has happened in Britain – THEN listen to the squeals. It’s all part of serving their religion. The sharp end of the spear is the terrorist faction but those who won’t do the killing themselves, nevertheless have to contribute somehow. Some send terrorist organizations money. Others drain their host countries of resources in multiple ways – applying for public funds to build exclusively Muslim buildings or facilities like prayer rooms or foot baths; clogging up misnamed human rights and legal machinery with frivolous complaints about stuff that “offends” them; getting books that expose them banned and pulped; soaking up Welfare, including for polygamous families; writing letters to the editor whining about “Islamophobia” etc. Each devout Muslim plays his/her part in bringing down non-Muslim nations that stupidly invite them in.

Consider this fact – In every country where Muslims are in the minority, they are obsessed with minority rights. In every country with a Muslim majority, there ARE NO minority rights.

Chew on that fact for a minute or two, as I take us into the piece in today’s American Thinker from Dan Calic “Toronto Taxpayers Fund Muslim-Only Apartments” …

284px-American_Thinker_logoIn this age when “political correctness” is on steroids, one major city seems to be redefining how to interpret it.

The city of Toronto is allowing Muslims to have their own large apartment complex.  Not only is it exclusive to Muslims, but it is done with the blessing of taxpayer money.

Indeed, in January 2015, the City of Toronto provided a $1.7-million grant to a 16-story apartment complex  run by Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace, which is Islamic.  Under the terms of the 5-year agreement with the city, approximately 100 apartments have been designated for “geared to income” occupants.  In plain English, this means they are for low-income or handicapped tenants.  However, the same agreement stipulates that renters must be “members of the Muslim Jama’at.”

Non-Muslims need not apply.

Low-income or handicapped-accessible apartments are quite difficult to find.  Roughly 90,000 families are on waiting lists, some for years, trying to find a place to live.  This past week, 11,000 applicants for said housing received a letter informing them they are being dropped from the list to get into the Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace, because they are not Muslim.  The restrictive policy has actually been in effect since 2002, but the recent public outcry erupted after the letters went out informing applicants they were being dropped from the waiting list.

Not surprisingly, many recipients of the letter were shocked and outraged.  Tweets lit up, Facebook posts exploded, and when the news media heard about it, the story hit the headlines.

When asked to comment on the controversial issue, Toronto city councilman Joe Cressy said that “the solution here lies not in restricting the diverse range of housing options, but in providing increased housing options for everybody who needs it.”  In effect, he is saying there aren’t enough properties that restrict applicants; there need to be more.

Suppose a group of black widows over 50 applied for a grant to manage property and rented only to similar women?  How about a group of homosexuals, white supremacists, people less than 5 feet tall, vegetarians, pet owners, etc.?

The reality is that while we are living in an age of political correctness, there are also double standards and discrimination.  Anti-Semitism, for example, has been around for centuries.  Do you think the City of Toronto would grant a permit to a group of Jews who planned to rent only to other Jews?  What if Christians were allowed the same privilege?

They've taken over Britain and are already in the United States...

They’ve taken over Britain and are already in the United States…

These days, rather than being awarded such privileged exclusivity, Christians are being persecuted worldwide in alarming numbers, especially in Muslim countries.  In the United States, which is supposedly a “Christian” nation, some public schools are refusing to allow Christians to pray.  Government buildings are under fire for biblical statements on statues.  Saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Chanukah” is becoming increasingly unacceptable.  Religious holidays are being redefined  in more politically correct terms and expressions.  Imagine.

Yet accommodating Muslims has become increasingly acceptable.  For example, the airport in Orlando, Florida recently approved a Muslim prayer room at a cost of $250,000.  Is there a similar room exclusively for Christians, or for Jews?  Some public schools are allowing Muslims out of class in order to pray.  Are Christians or Jews allowed the same privilege?  New York City public schools close on two Muslim holidays.

Why are Christians and Jews being told to take a back seat to Muslims?  This might be understandable in the Middle East or where Muslims are the majority.  However, this disturbing trend is taking place in North America.

It’s difficult to predict where this will all end.  Given the amount of publicity the issue has gotten, it’s a good bet the City of Toronto may need to hire more public employees.  Why?  Well, if for no other reason than to process what no doubt will be a flood of applications from a wide variety of groups who will be requesting housing grants for their own exclusive expressions – unless, of course, the City Council decides to abandon its maverick attempt at political correctness and return to more mainstream version. Absent that, Toronto may become a melting pot of publicly funded self-interest communities.