Obama Prevarications : Same Old Song, Same Old Dance

2014 SOTUOnly Daniel Greenfield could so eloquently describe the Obama prevarications, the rantings of the worst president in the history of this country. Yet another wonderful job of pointing out how the progressives seek to “take care” of us. It’s a wonder how civilization got along for millennia without them at the helm. Their “progress” will save us from climatic fluctuations, free us from every form of “inequality”, make “fairness” a human right, educate us correctly and structure our communities and behavior to save the planet and mankind. All we have to do is ignore that pesky Constitution thing and hand over our money. On to Mr. Greenfield…

Strip away the year and it’s hard for the listener to tell whether he’s listening to a cut from the 2008, 2011 or 2014 SOTU album. Clip all the static about competing with China by building bridges so that babies with Asthma can attend free pre-K with Google and you catch snippets of the new stuff.
Obama is never wrong. Sometimes the facts are wrong. Sometimes your eyes and ears are wrong. Often reality is wrong. But he is never wrong. “The debate is settled,” Obama declares at a time when the debate is really taking off in Europe. “Climate change is a fact.”
Climate change, like Al Qaeda’s path to defeat, is a slippery road. Al Qaeda is rising in Syria and Iraq, but is on a path to defeat. The freezing temperatures are proof positive of Global Warming. The debate is settled and the facts are in and if the debate later becomes unsettled, SOTU 2015 will have to redefine climate change to mean that the core temperatures at the center of the earth are much too hot.
According to Obama, “climate change” is causing drought and coastal flooding that can only be fought by fighting carbon. California’s droughts are actually caused by liberal environmental policies, not by the dreaded carbon scourge, and the hoax that coastal flooding is caused by turning up the heat on cold nights is unscientific nonsense that wouldn’t even be endorsed by most professional Warmists.

The truth of the Obama prevarications continues here ..