Lloyd Marcus : Black America – Stop The Insanity!

Lloyd Marcus..Lloyd Marcus, as a black conservative, can express things in ways that we white conservatives would get excoriated for. A staunch Tea Party participant, he spares no mercy on the compliance of fellow-blacks in remaining prisoners to the likes of the NAACP, the faux reverends, and the Congressional Black Caucus. He definitely deserves the support of ALL we conservatives in our partnership to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States ..

Liberal Democrats’ policies and programs have destroyed the black family and continue to devastate the black community.  Meanwhile, blacks vote monolithically for Democrats and politically beat up anyone, black or white, who offers commonsense solutions.  For crying out loud, stop the insanity! God forbid that a black person dare to think outside the liberals’ we-be-simpleminded-blacks-in-need-of gov’ment-intervention-to-survive box.  Blacks becoming successful the old-fashioned way – by earning it – does not cut it with Democrats and liberals. Liberal media and Democrats grab such uppity blacks by their afros and politically drag their black derrières kicking and screaming back to the liberal Democrat plantation.

There, such blacks are strung up in the public square with their naked backs exposed, made an example for any other conservative-leaning blacks contemplating their escape.  Beaten, battered, and broken black conservatives are flogged within an inch of their political lives with countless articles and operative pundits calling them a stupid n*****, Uncle Tom, and traitor to their race.

Stop the insanity continues …