Obama Socialism : Everyone Suffers Except The Elites

Jeffrey Lord...In Obama Socialism, everyone suffers except the elitist politburo. Take the recent activities of the Obama’s as an example…

If all we were talking was a birthday party, no one would care. The real point here is that, just as in the Soviet Union, the policies of the progressive/liberal/socialist mind-set deliberately create a two-tiered America. Shutting off opportunity for those who are not the favored elites, while strictly regulating the lives of those who are decidedly not the elite. The people singing and dancing the night away at that Michelle Obama party no longer have to worry about being one of the 92 million Americans who have stopped looking for work as a result of Obamanomics. No one at the Michelle Obama party, you can be sure, will be trusting their health to Obamacare. Rising energy prices? No big deal to people who own their own private jets or fly on the private jets of others.

The reason the Michelle Obama birthday bashes in Hawaii and the White House drew so much criticism is that they are the perfect illustration of what happens — inevitably and always — in a socialist/progressive/liberal economy.

Jeffrey Lord’s full expose on Obama socialism continues …

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