Homosexual Harassment Hounds : Boy Scouts R.I.P.

boy-scouts-Many, many Moons ago, in a tolerant-inclusive freedom-loving enclave known as the British Isles (which ultimately adopted a new name for some strange reason, known as the United Kingdom) straights and queers lived in peace and harmony for centuries. Each kept to their own lifestyles, and nary a bad word was exchanged between either. “Good Morning” was what it inferred. Neighborly chit-chat was allowed. And one’s personal sexual activity stayed where it needed to stay, without one side or the other lecturing upon the nuances of particularity. Then the homosexual harassment hounds militants took over and all hell broke loose. Even more-so in the United States. The Boy Scouts began in the churches of England, along with other male-centered organizations like the Boys Brigade, and the YMCA, and the line of demarcation was solid and upheld. Why on earth is there this incessant urge to meld straights and queers in packs of disunity?┬áPlease – May we go back to the good old times?

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