Obama The Anti-Constitutionalist : Top 10 Violations

shapiroConstitutional expert and expositor of fraudulent teachers of the founding document (like Alinskyite surrogate Obama for instance) Ilya Shapiro, can hardly contain himself in putting together the 10 most egregious violations of the Constitution perpetrated by this rogue administration during the past year. In his opening prognosis on the top 10 violations, Shapiro comments thusly:

“One of Barack Obama’s chief accomplishments has been to return the Constitution to a central place in our public discourse. Unfortunately, the president fomented this upswing in civic interest not by talking up the constitutional aspects of his policy agenda, but by blatantly violating the strictures of our founding document. And he’s been most frustrated with the separation of powers, which doesn’t allow him to “fundamentally transform” the country without congressional acquiescence. But that hasn’t stopped him. In its first term, the Administration launched a “We Can’t Wait” initiative, with senior aide Dan Pfeiffer explaining that “when Congress won’t act, this president will.” And earlier this year, President Obama said in announcing his new economic plans that “I will not allow gridlock, or inaction, or willful indifference to get in our way.”

And so, as we reach the end of another year of political strife that’s fundamentally based on clashing views on the role of government in society, I thought I’d update a list I made two years ago and hereby present President Obama’s top 10 violations of the Constitution, 2013 update. Continues…