Gays Gone Wild : The Homosexual War On America

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Words mean things and for that reason I have long refused to refer to homosexuals as “gay.” The word as defined by Webster, which is still the dictionary of record at this time, means “happy; carefree” and I see nothing which resembles happiness from these people or their dysfunctional lifestyles. Gays gone wild is a far more meaningful descriptive.

Recently I posted my thoughts on the origins of the current homosexual agenda and was taken to task after bringing up the decadence created with the popularity of the drug culture. When a society allows for “anything goes,” it generally results in “everything goes.” Long ago and far away (almost seems like a century ago) Flip Wilson’s “Geraldine” routine was wont to say, “The devil made me do it!”; it is also just as easy to surmise that the loss of inhibitions with the flagrant use of mind-altering drugs can and does enhance that decadence surrounding us, to say nothing of the father of lies who seduces the minds of the sexual predators. Gays gone wild…

Not that I’m implying that it’s the drugs’ fault, for the seed was planted by the devil way back in the Garden of Eden, creating an atmosphere of acceptance for anything and everything. Compound that with the bastardizing of the phrase from the Declaration of Independence, “The pursuit of happiness”, and you have more than a melting pot for literally using the Founders insistence of freedom to promote a decadence that is as old as time itself; gays gone wild.

The militant homosexual agenda which is undoubtedly Satanically-inspired has very serious costs allied with long term repercussions. How long will it be before legal forms are required to have the words “male, female and other” as requirements for witness? How long will it be before churches are totally monitored for their sermon content with charges brought against their pastors for preaching against homosexuality? How long will be before homosexual studies are required in all schools? Be reminded that we’ve already experimented with unisex bathrooms and clothing, so what’s next? Gays gone wild..

The decline and fall of the Roman Empire, an old story, should have taught us that unchecked, no-holds-barred, anything-goes-decadence can and does lead to destruction. It ain’t over yet, the fat lady ain’t singing yet, but she is warming up her vocal chords. Michael Sam did not post a picture of himself kissing his significant other; the kiss between these two reprobates was shown on live TV by ESPN. And a player with the Dolphins (Don Jones) saw the kiss and tweeted his opinion that it was ‘horrible’. So poor Mr. Jones has been fined, dismissed from the team, and ordered to attend some kind of “sensitivity training” before he is allowed to resume his football career. Gays gone wild. Gays gone wild. Gays gone wild. Did I mention gays gone wild?

WAKE UP America – for God’s sake – WAKE UP!

Now to Robert Oscar Lopez and his “Gays Gone Wild” piece…

Robert Oscar Lopez..

Robert Oscar Lopez..

Before “After the Ball” was the title of a gay rights manifesto published in 1989 by Harvard graduates Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen (see this critique by Doug Mainwaring), it was a line in a sentimental show tune tied to Jerome Kern’s musical Show Boat.

On gay issues, a mean season is upon us now.  Innocent Americans – both gay and otherwise – find themselves sucked into the whirlpools of the filthy swamp that is mainstream gay culture, or “Gay Inc.” (and we’re talking not just about Bryan Singer’s pool orgies, the rise of shameless gay human trafficking, beloved gay porn stars drugging and raping teen boys, or the pederast working for Joe Biden’s son).  Now would be a good time to allow the thespian ghosts of centuries past to whisper a long and well-earned “I told you so” to us.

Been There, Done That

“After the Ball” was first a waltz penned in 1891 by Charles K. Harris, designed to capture the spirit of an age, a time full of rapid change, social anxiety, and winners and losers in the games of party life.