Friday Outtake Scattershots – And Don’t Get “Jiddee”…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

The only thing intelligent about Al “not-too-Sharpton” is that he knows how to sell racebaiting. Other than that, these Friday outtake scattershots reveal that I bet he never read a book that didn’t have cartoons in it. Pretty pathetic when you’re struggling with giddy as “jiddee” and twiddling as “dwiddling”. Obviously he never read or heard those words while spending his time embroiled in ebonics. Then there’s “Shinsketti and meatballs” anyone? And to think that “big Al” is the “star” of MessNBC in primetime. I didn’t realize until coming across these miss-spokes that he was auditioning for a stand-up comedy routine. The good news is that the current crop of late-night comedians have nothing to worry about. He has a locked-in spot at 6 pm Eastern on one of NBCs “Raggedy Anne” shows purporting to be a “news” network! Quick, somebody hike him some goobledy-gum to clear his throat…

MMmmmmm … so now we’ve renamed Chipotle “chippolay” (or does it come out “chipple AAA?”) – but I digress, “resist we much” and “why was traffic problems email sent?” Uhhh …WHAT? Well, maybe it was because the “vi-ro protecshums agency” called (erm, that’s shorthand for the Environmental Protection Agency) – Like I said up above, I didn’t realize he was auditioning for a stand-up comedy routine. But, come think of it, the more I hear, the more I laugh, so maybe he has a chance yet?!

Brilliant!! raising hand, staring into somewhere, whispering “there’s nuthin’ there .. there’s nuthin’ there” .. No kidding! “And we will much, about that, be committed” .. the only unanswered question being, to “where?” Hilarious Friday outtake scattershots .. getting “jiddee” even.

The comments threads on all three of these videos are hilarious, especially from his fellow-blacks. Samples: “This guy is a tool”./ “And not a very sharp one either.”/ “The last few seconds are golden!”/ “It’s all due to hair-care products”./ “Goodness.. when he said “Chipotle” wrong I about spit out all my water. Hahahahaha!”/ “The end of this video is hilarious!!! .. and so are the rest of the Friday outtake scattershots .. “jiddee”.