President Coward On Opposite Day

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Let’s backtrack a little on the beginning and immediate follow-up on the Benghazi fiasco shall we?? .. and investigate president coward on opposite day.

In a Denver TV interview with Kyle Clark of NBC 9News, about a month before the 2012 General Election, the rogue fraud “president” (other than lying through his teeth on all of his failed campaign promises) said that when he first heard about the attack on Benghazi he gave the order to “make sure that we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to, to make sure our people are safe.” If that were true, why didn’t it happen? Who countermanded the rogue fraud “president’s” order? Why wasn’t the in-extremis force sent? Why weren’t planes sent from the nearest carrier? Why did everyone who could help out stand down? The ONLY plausible explanation is that Obama never gave that order. In other words, the serial liar lied. President coward on opposite day.

In this latest Afterburner the always-acerbic Bill Whittle hammers home the truth of what We The People are now hearing from at least three of the “boots on the ground” military guys who were actually engaged for 13 hours with the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorists right on the concrete of the Benghazi Consulate. What has thus far been revealed, certainly indicates that the “stand-down” order could have come from only one of two people – or maybe both – Valerie Jarrett, or the rogue fraud “president.”

My own conclusion is this .. There doesn’t have to be a “Stand Down” order. There is proven testimony from DOD officials that they were ready to send assets to assist. There’s this little thing called “Cross Border Authority”. Only one person has the authority to authorize any asset to cross an international border, and that would be the Commander in Chief. According to testimony from Leon Panetta, he was left in charge of the situation by the rogue fraud “president”, while the rogue fraud “president” traipsed off to Las Vegas for a campaign stop/fundraiser. So the rogue fraud “president” knowingly left a situation in the hands of someone that didn’t have “Cross Border Authority”. The rogue fraud “president” could have given Panetta a “Cross Border Authorization” letter/memo, but he didn’t. They were watching these events in “real time” over an 8-10 hour time span, and if Panetta couldn’t make the call, then it would have been deferred to his boss, the rogue fraud “president”. So either Panetta, the rogue fraud “president”, or both, are guilty of Dereliction of Duty at best, because no standing order was given to DOD or any other agency to assist. Simple chain of command, and the buck stops with the rogue fraud “president” since he was the ONLY person on duty that night, who had “Cross Border Authority”. President coward on opposite day.

I leave it now to Andrew Klavan to explain the liberal-progressive-Alinskyite-leftist-DemoMarxist mindset – Whatever it is they say, the truth is the exact opposite. Hence the need to instigate “Opposite Day”. PERIOD. END.

Bill Whittle and Andrew Klavan for a REAL President and Vice President anyone?? Strewth, but they’d put the current rogue fraud “president” and his criminal administration to rest in a lunatic asylum for the rest of their sorry lives, wouldn’t you say? President coward on opposite day.

RIP Gentlemen ... RIP.

RIP Gentlemen … RIP.

source Ben Shapiro and Truth Revolt …