Associated Press Stirs Lamestreams

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

It is exactly one week ago that the Associated Press came forward with evidence on the level of corruption that continues unabated within the Clinton Crime Syndicate, from the latest hacked document dump, filed under the pseudonyms “Clinton Foundation”, and the “Clinton Global Initiative”.

As I expressed at the time in AP Expose` Stuns Corrupt Clintons: “The point about this latest document dump, (along with yesterday’s scathing revelation from the Associated Press coming up shortly), means that the DemoMarxist Party knows (and has known since Day One) that these e-mails exist. Why worry about the issue if they didn’t?”

“If the DemoMarxist party is so worried about these e-mails existing then this means they are aware of Hillary’s illegal and unethical behavior which, in turn, means that the DemoMarxist party not only doesn’t care that Hillary is criminally corrupt, but what they are willing to do in their desire to get Hillary elected knows no bounds. The same is true concerning the sycophantic news media who are just as complicit in this as is the DemoMarxist party”.[end]

Well, my friends, it didn’t take the sycophantic news media long to come out with all guns blazing [sarc] to stand together in full defense mode of the Clintons, while scathingly demeaning one of their own (ie the afore-mentioned Associated Press) for patently telling the truth about the latest Clinton scandal. The truth of the matter with the lamestreams is that most of us with (to quote Rush) “half a brain tied behind our backs” have now taken to watching the various channels not for the news content but to detect bias in the story or its delivery. Never fails. Bias shows within a minute and continues unabated till the commercials, and often even they are lefty-tinged. Rush says that with the left, everything is political, and he’s spot on.

Two women with sexual-predator "husbands" .. Dangerous to United States...

Two women with sexual-predator “husbands” .. Dangerous to United States…

In yet another one of his incisive, brilliant, scathing, and scorching-wit pieces in FrontPageMagazine, Daniel Greenfield lays bare yet again the complete intransigence of what stands for today’s mainstream news media. The leftist media is now much more fiction than truth and we need to look at their news stories, especially those that are political, as absolutely false. The question is: how can we stop these media companies from spreading disinformation?  Just as Target’s stock fell after the transgender bathroom issue, so must every biased news outlet fall. The media continues to run false polls for example, when we all know that Trump is way ahead of the Hildebeast.

If the Depends Media actually had anyone left with a conscience, Daniel’s article would make them cry. Instead they will all dutifully absorb and obscure the ugly truth about Hillary as quickly as possible. They have no time to waste when everyone knows that Hillary will soon soil her pantsuit again (ie when she had to retreat to the bathroom during that December debate), and the media will have to clean it up.

Now the AP will be forced to run a story about how Trump used to own slaves in an effort to get back in with the Depends Media cabal. After all, they have to atone for their inadvertent reporting of the truth.


Daniel Greenfield...

Daniel Greenfield…

Where does media bias come from?

Anyone who really wanted to know had that question answered when much of the media took a break from attacking Trump to attack the Associated Press. What does the AP have in common with Trump? Both were hurting Hillary Clinton’s chances to score payoffs from dictators, arms dealers and tycoons with terrorist ties for the next four to eight years.

The Associated Press got in trouble with the rest of the media for digging up dirt on the Clinton Foundation. Instead of just repeating the usual Clinton denials, it actually ran the numbers and noted that more than half the “ordinary folks” who got meetings with her had donated to her Foundation.

Instead of reporting on the AP story, the media went to war on its own. It wasn’t just the usual suspects like Vox and Slate who have a reputation for attacking any actual reporters who stray off the reservation and actually do their jobs. This time all the big boys were on the job.

CNN called in AP’s Kathleen Carroll to barrage her with classic ‘Have you stopped beating your wife’ loaded questions like, “Did you feel the pressure to publish something even though so many critics have said it didn’t amount to much?” A better question might be why CNN didn’t inform viewers that its parent company was a Clinton Foundation donor. But that would be practicing journalism.

Instead CNN offers gems like, “AP’s ‘Big Story’ on Clinton Foundation is big failure”. A high school paper could have come up with a cleverer putdown, but in this brave new world in which media companies donate to front groups for presidential campaigns and then denounce stories exposing their corruption there are no more new ideas, just organized spin sessions.

If you didn’t like the AP headline, try Vox’s “The AP’s big exposé on Hillary meeting with Clinton Foundation donors is a mess.”

Yes, they are all reading from the same script.

Continues in FrontPageMagazine…