AP Expose` Stuns Corrupt Clintons

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Isn’t it amazing that the government (the DOJ, FBI and others) can’t find anything wrong with Hillary Clinton’s server, Huma Abedin’s “pay to play” scheme, nor the Clinton Charities, so that we are now forced to rely on independent government oversight organizations and (gasp!) what could be borderline criminal hackers in order to discover the truth. It should speak volumes of how we are getting more accurate and honest information from ‘criminal’ organizations (ie Guccifer 2.0, DCLeaks, Julian Assange and others) than we are from our own government and news media.

Not normally a betting man, but I would wager that should Trump guarantee that the DOJ would fully investigate the Clintons along with their ‘Charity’ and the promise of indictments should they be deserved (and treating the entire situation as though it was John Q Public and not some political celebrity), then Donald Trump’s election would be all but assured.

The current known from decades of corruption, is HIllary Clinton. We know she is a pathogenic liar who is in very poor health, knowing from her track record that she is incompetent and that her value system is corrupt. We also know from the Clinton Charities that racketeering, theft and many other crimes mean nothing to her and her erstwhile “husband”, and we also know from her own server debacle that she has nothing but contempt for the rules.

Clintons & Huma Abedin, the triage of evil under the spell of the Muslim Brotherhood...

Clintons & Huma Abedin, the triage of evil under the spell of the Muslim Brotherhood…

Think of it this way, what CEO of a large multinational corporation would demand that they have their own server for official company business, and then try to keep it a secret, and what kind of person looks at a system that has been created, is run by professionals at no cost to the boss, automatically institutes all the required and prudent security protocols, and so forth, and then claims that setting up their own server would ostensibly meet all of these requirements, making it easier and better? Lastly, we know that Hillary has a long track record of making grandiose promises and not only failing to come though on them, but demonstrating time and time again levels of incompetence and failure that are nearly unprecedented. Just think of one thing if you can, for instance, that she accomplished as Secretary of State!

The point about this latest document dump, (along with yesterday’s scathing revelation from the Associated Press coming up shortly), means that the DemoMarxist Party knows (and has known since Day One) that these e-mails exist. Why worry about the issue if they didn’t? If the DemoMarxist party is so worried about these e-mails existing then this means they are aware of Hillary’s illegal and unethical behavior which, in turn, means that the DemoMarxist party not only doesn’t care that Hillary is criminally corrupt, but what they are willing to do in their desire to get Hillary elected knows no bounds. The same is true concerning the sycophantic news media who are just as complicit in this as is the DemoMarxist party.

Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros puppet-meister .. Aug 1 2016...

Gyorgy-Schwartz-Soros the puppet-meister par excellence..

Clearly, the party and the sycophantic news media are showing their extraordinary corruption and utter disregard for American values of law and order, as they knowingly continue to support their candidate, while at the same time suppressing any bad news from becoming public. This is nothing short of aiding and abetting Hillary Clinton’s illegal and corrupt activities as they lie to the American public day after day. The take-home lesson from this is that not only is Hillary Clinton criminally corrupt (and who knows what else), but that this is potentially the smaller of the many problems associated with anything the Clintons do in tandem. The greater problem is how corrupt the DemoMarxist party and the news media are. They have already shown us how they rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders, but this new revelation is of an order of magnitude much, much, greater.

Should Hillary Clinton (God forbid) be elected and never face the consequences of her actions, then America will cease to exist. It will no longer be the shining beacon on the hill, the country that stands up for the downtrodden and abused, and the place to go when everything is falling apart. America will instead be a banana republic, a tin-pot tyranny where laws are created on a whim and only the little people are forced to obey them. The stakes this November are enormous and must not be taken too lightly.

For further evidence and revelations of corruption and criminality, on to the Associated Press piece…

Associated_press_logoWASHINGTON (AP) — More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money – either personally or through companies or groups – to the Clinton Foundation. It’s an extraordinary proportion indicating her possible ethics challenges if elected president.

At least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her family charity or pledged commitments to its international programs, according to a review of State Department calendars released so far to The Associated Press. Combined, the 85 donors contributed as much as $156 million. At least 40 donated more than $100,000 each, and 20 gave more than $1 million.

Donors who were granted time with Clinton included an internationally known economist who asked for her help as the Bangladesh government pressured him to resign from a nonprofit bank he ran; a Wall Street executive who sought Clinton’s help with a visa problem; and Estee Lauder executives who were listed as meeting with Clinton while her department worked with the firm’s corporate charity to counter gender-based violence in South Africa.

The meetings between the Democratic presidential nominee and foundation donors do not appear to violate legal agreements Clinton and former president Bill Clinton signed before she joined the State Department in 2009. But the frequency of the overlaps shows the intermingling of access and donations, and fuels perceptions that giving the foundation money was a price of admission for face time with Clinton. Her calendars and emails released as recently as this week describe scores of contacts she and her top aides had with foundation donors.

Continues at Associated Press… 


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