Clinton’s Mind-Boggling FBI Fiasco

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

I keep waiting and waiting hopefully for the outrage to come out in force from the honest people in the FBI. After all, it’s been two months since Benedict Arnold Comey absolved Hillary Rob’em Clinton of all charges of crimes and misdemeanors, even while implying that she’s as guilty as all get out. The give-away was his statement translated as “Don’t try this at home, folks!” which was a blatant admission that he knew she was guilty as sin, but was going to get a pass. Wonder what the Clinton’s have got on him.

And while I’m at it, let’s throw in the fact that We The People are still waiting for the outrage from the ATF about Fast and Furious. Still waiting for the outrage from the IRS about the violation of the rights of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.

Where is the outrage from those souls who survived the crime of Benghazi. Without the heroics of a few, they would all be dead. The destruction of the Republic seems to spark little outrage in those who have taken an oath to preserve, protect and defend the document upon which the Republic exists.

In a fit of extreme sarcasm, I have a strong desire to put a gang together. We can rob banks, sell guns to Mexican drug lords, steal White House furniture, sell secrets to the Chinese, and engage in other illegal activities. We can call the gang “Hillary Rob’em & Bill” and operate it like Bonnie & Clyde, since it’s plain to see that those two crooks could do anything illegal they want to and get away with it Scot free.

The Clinton's as Bonnie & Clyde, and look at 'em now with their own Clinton Crime Syndicate, erm Foundation...

The Clinton’s as Bonnie & Clyde, and look at ’em now .. they’ve actually got their own FBI Crime Syndicate, erm Foundation…

Every prosecutor and big-time law-enforcement official is scared to death of them both, so we wouldn’t have to worry about law and order if we use the Clinton corollary name. We could breeze our way to becoming multi-multi-millionaires in such a short time, and all with the aid of ‘big gubmint’. It would be even more profitable to start a ‘foundation’. Remember, the FBI got Al Capone for tax evasion, so without a good shell company to allow you to spend all your ill-gotten gains, you might get in trouble with the IRS.

Well, and Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros too, of course.

Which leads me into an excellent piece from a real freedom-fighter, one Andrew (Andy) McCarthy in this past Friday’s National Review Online. Sample 1): “There were also, quite obviously, several relevant Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigations. From what I’ve been able to glean so far, it is not clear from the FBI’s notes (and it was certainly not clear from Director James Comey’s press conference and House testimony) whether any consideration was given to indicting Mrs. Clinton for obstruction of justice and of government investigations – and if not, why not”.

Checking on her email count perhaps? The "lost" ones, that is...

Checking on her email count perhaps? The “lost” FBI ones, that is…

And 2): “Among the most eye-popping claims Clinton made to the FBI was that she was unfamiliar with the markings on classified documents. Yes, you read that correctly: one of the highest ranking national security officials in the United States government – an official whose day-to-day responsibilities extensively involved classified information; who had secure facilities installed in her two homes (in addition to her office) so she could review classified information in them – had the audacity to tell the interviewing agents that she did not know what the different classification symbols in classified documents signified”.

Yet another story which just continues to leak out a bit at a time like the slow oozing drip of gonorrhea. Which under the circumstances (and the couple involved), is an appropriate metaphor for all things Clinton.

national-review-online-logoAs David and Rich have already noted, the FBI-302 report of the interview of Hillary Clinton, along with the other notes of investigation released today, make for mind boggling reading. Most bracing is the fact that Mrs. Clinton had her server wiped clean sometime between March 25 and 31, 2015, only three weeks after the New York Times on March 3 broke the story of the server system’s existence. David notes that, at the same time the Democrats’ Janus-faced presidential nominee was outwardly taking the position that she “want[ed] the public to see my email,” she was having her minions frantically purge her emails behind the scenes.

I’d add that this was five months before she feigned ignorance when Fox News’s Ed Henry pressed her on whether she’d “tried to wipe the entire server … so there could be no email – no personal, no official.” Henry finally asked, “Did you wipe the server?” Famously, Clinton scoffed, “Like with a cloth or something?” But we now know, as the FBI notes recount, she had the server purged with a sophisticated software program, BleachBit, which eventually made it extraordinarily difficult for the FBI to recover her emails, several thousand of which were successfully destroyed.

And remember: We’ve just learned that 30 emails related to Benghazi were on the server Clinton purged – emails that she never turned over to the State Department despite claiming repeatedly that she’d surrendered all of her government-related emails. I would thus note that the March 2015 purge right after public revelation of the server’s existence occurred long after Mrs. Clinton was well aware of several official government investigations of the Benghazi massacre – one by the State Department, several by Congress, and a judicial proceeding involving the one defendant who has been indicted for the terrorist attack.

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