US Generals opting Chinese: no-go!

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President Pretender O’biden, a village idiot with severe cognitive dementia following some 54 years in “Gubmint” with absolutely nothing to lay down in the “achievement box”, just threw away – and totally destroyed within the last month-plus – nearly twenty years of progress accomplished by the blood sweat and tears (and even the deaths) of many Americans, together with the blood, sweat and tears of America’s allies. And that would be more than a trillion dollars-plus of the entire American taxpayers’ monies that were (hopefully) invested for the betterment and development of Afghanistan. But don’t hold your breath.

This tragic scenario didn’t actually have to have happened in Afghanistan because the generals of the Pentagon who are strategic military advisers to the President, strongly counseled O’biden not to have a sharp, sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan but instead develop a gradual drawback of the US armed forces following 9/11, 2021.

US Generals opting Chinese: no-go! When tyrants align to rule the roost…

The problem was that the arrogant conceited and stupid pretender-president refused to heed or listen to the wise counsel of the intellects of the Pentagon, and thusly this looming and complete catastrophe with the Taliban total takeover of Afghanistan. In the ancient but wisdom-filled book by Sun Tzu entitled THE ART OF WAR, it is written: “He will win who has the military capability and is not interfered with by the sovereign.” Or words to that effect.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if Lloyd Austin, Mark Milley and Kenneth McKenzie are lying, or Pretender O’biden is lying, or if it’s some combination of both. What matters is that it is now beyond dispute that the highest echelons of the military and the White House are inhabited by people with no honor, no integrity and no courage.

They are amoral frauds, one and all.

O’biden is a patsy and always has been. The DemoMarxocrats knew some of their extreme foreign and domestic policies would draw the ire and condemnation of the American public and elsewhere. O’biden was/is the perfect stooge to be set up to take the blame for what the DemoMarxocrats had planned all along. Does the term “Useful Idiot” come to mind? It ought.

US Generals opting Chinese: no-go! That awful incompetent and probably even treasonous villain has ruined everything. And that’s a fact!

Lloyd Billingsley, FrontPageMag: ‘Generals Contradict Biden on Afghanistan Withdrawal’…

What advice did Biden hear from senior military officers — and when did he hear it?

“I know the president to be [an] honest and forthright man.” That was Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. Trouble was, the questioner, Sen. Tom Cotton, did not ask Austin for his opinion of Joe Biden.

The Arkansas Republican, who served in Iraq with the 101st Airborne, wanted to know if it was true that, as Joe Biden said last month in an interview with George Stephanopoulos, no senior military officer advised him to leave troops behind in Afghanistan.

“Their input was received by the president and considered by the president for sure,” Austin testified but the senior military officers weren’t going to speak of “what they personally recommended in confidence.”

As U.S. Central Command Gen. Kenneth McKenzie testified, the officers recommended the United States maintain a presence of at least 2,500 U.S. service members in Afghanistan. Gen. McKenzie told the committee he made a similar recommendation in the fall of 2020 under the Trump administration. The general believed “the withdrawal of those forces would lead inevitably to the collapse of the Afghan military forces and eventually the Afghan government.”

Asked about future military involvement in Afghanistan, Gen. McKenzie said the United States reserved the right to go after ISIS and al-Qaeda targets, but “it will not be easy to do that.”

Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the committee his assessment was to maintain 2500-3500 troops and “move toward a negotiated solution.” On the other hand, Milley told Sen. Cotton, “I don’t discuss exactly what my conversations are with a sitting president in the Oval Office.”

Cotton pointed out that Kabul fell on August 15, and wondered why it took 10 days to ask about the continued presence of U.S. forces. If all this is true, Cotton said, “then why haven’t you resigned?” [-]

[+] … Also on Tuesday, Sen. Cotton asked about the thousands of Afghan evacuees “about whom we know nothing.” He referenced assaults and sex crimes at Ft. McCoy and wondered if these evacuees “are going to be a menace.”

“I’m certainly aware of the allegations and I take the allegations very seriously,” secretary Austin said. [-]

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US Generals opting Chinese: no-go! Psaki latest Baghdad Bob iteration…

Has anybody except yours truly figured out that O’biden is there to take all the heat for everything when the SHTF? O’biden The Patsy as big a Patsy, say, as Lee Harvey Oswald? Contradicting a lying corrupt O’biden isn’t that big a deal but treasonous Milley contradicting himself should be cause for Court Marshall. Period.

The DemoMarxocrat party no longer exists, it has become the communist party, with its main agenda of destroying the United States of America. These so-called generals are trying to save their own butts and keep their retirement and privileges saved for honorable service members in retirement. In essence, they desire to be, “privileged traitors.”

President Adolph TaliO’biden has 13 Americans murdered, surrenders to the Taliban, imports tens of thousands of terrorists, and off-handedly abandons tens of thousands of Americans – now just what could possibly go wrong with such careful planning? We have Alfred E. Newman in the White House. O wait – Baghdad Bob. How ’bout both?!

US Generals opting Chinese: no-go!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!