Jan 6 FBI cover a totally ‘inside job’

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“Conservatives be careful who you trust” is the message we’re getting. Those around you who seem to be “instigating” certain acts, may in fact be people who are out to destroy you. Remember Michigan and the supposed kidnapping plot of their worthless governor; that should tell you quite a bit. Now we find that many infiltrators and instigators in our Conservative groups were actually the FBI, some if not many of whom, actually worked to bring about the entry into the Capitol.

These people were and still are, attempting to harm you, not help you. Just ask those (almost 600) people sitting in solitary confinement for the past 9, going on 10 months, for doing nothing more than talking about a stolen election (fact) and protesting it – as well as following the crowds to view the evidence. The criminals here are all on the other side, aka the O’biden/Deep state government and their mobs! Those who attended “J6” did so under the assumption that their sovereign right to peacefully protest the myriad anomalies in the 2020 election was guaranteed by the content of the Constitution. We now know that assumption was false. Who can blame them for not suspecting it would be a calibrated set-up.

Until that point, Antifa radicals had gone to conservative rallies as groups of undisguised mobs in opposition to create mayhem, while the “Gubmint” had only targeted individual political opponents like Trump and his friends, but not his supporters. (The Mob remember, dressed themselves as them).

Jan 6 FBI cover a totally ‘inside job’…

People were unaware that the Proud Boys were already infiltrated. Perhaps it should have been suspected given that the FBI did nothing to stop Antifa and BLM rioters from attacking federal buildings, taking over cities, and attacking conservatives on the Left Coast or other parts of the country. “Gubmint brown shirts” is probably an accurate description.

In hindsight, the announcement by government authorities, including the FBI, military and others, that they intend to root out “white extremists,” was already a policy long in place while covered up nicely to be used as needed upon demand. Few people in any position of power didn’t appear to have any problem with targeting and falsely accusing conservative Trump supporters or patriots.

Sadly, since the FBI has enjoyed much success in their previous activities, the attempts to entrap and make up charges like “parading” will continue. Illegal surveillance will continue using secret FISA courts or simply ignoring protective laws. Just who pray tell, is ready to stop them? The laughable Department of Injustice? The corrupt Congress? Jan 6 FBI cover a totally ‘inside job’.

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘Times Reveals FBI Role in Jan 6’ …

The New York Times often acts as the spin cycle for the Democrats’ dirty laundry. For years, Times reporters have helped get ahead of damning news, especially when it’s related to the Russian collusion hoax, in an attempt to establish the narrative early.

A recent example is the Times article downplaying the pending indictment against Michael Sussman, the Clinton campaign lawyer who acted in cahoots with the FBI to seed the collusion tale before the 2016 election. The article was published the day before Sussman pleaded not guilty of lying to the FBI.

On Saturday, the Times published a carefully constructed bombshell intended to soften the blow of an explosive scandal in the making: the FBI had at least one informant among the group of Proud Boys who marched on the Capitol on January 6. The informant, according to “confidential documents” furnished to the paper, started working with the FBI in July 2020 and was in close contact with his FBI handler before, during, and after the Capitol protest.

“After meeting his fellow Proud Boys at the Washington Monument that morning, the informant described his path to the Capitol grounds where he saw barriers knocked down and Trump supporters streaming into the building, the records show,” reporters Alan Feuer and Adam Goldman (the Times reporter most responsible for priming the ground for news that was unfavorable to the Russia collusion narrative) wrote on September 25. “In a detailed account of his activities contained in the records, the informant, who was part of a group chat of other Proud Boys, described meeting up with scores of men from chapters around the country at 10 a.m. on Jan. 6 at the Washington Monument and eventually marching to the Capitol. He said that when he arrived, throngs of people were already streaming past the first barrier outside the building, which, he later learned, was taken down by one of his Proud Boy acquaintances and a young woman with him.”

In other words, one of the informant’s Proud Boy “acquaintances” was removing temporary barriers to allow a crowd to enter the restricted grounds around the building. Sounds legit.

But there’s more to come, Feuer and Goldman warned. “The F.B.I. also had an additional informant with ties to another Proud Boys chapter that took part in the sacking of the Capitol,” they wrote. In a tweet linking to his article, Feuer admitted other FBI assets “may emerge, further complicating the picture of Proud Boys activity on Jan 6,” he posted. [-] …

Full damningly informative link down below …

Jan 6 FBI cover a totally ‘inside job’. Fortitude in the face of evil intent…

One of the rich ironies of being a well informed conservative is witnessing the abusive power of the FBI, DoJ and all the other alphabet soups having been consistently focused on we conservatives as their enemy. Federal law enforcement after all has been abusive and violated rights and laws since its inception. The FBI is particularly grotesquely criminal in this regard. Perhaps we shouldn’t have cheered it on when it was fighting other “enemies”, no? And it’s not just the FBI,  it’s the DoJ and all the other agencies mentioned above.

In its present form it all needs to be torn down, destroyed and utterly buried for us to ever have a chance. If you don’t believe me, just do some research on J. Edgar Hoover who regularly blackmailed politicians and elected leaders with intelligence he gathered on them – mostly illegally – as just one example. The FBI, DoJ and all the other alphabets have an inbred culture of abusing their power; and they’re obviously not shy about doing it.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-still-our-president Donald John Trump doing his very best to save the Constitutional Republic of the United States – MAGA! KAG!


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  1. I have a personal friend that was new Federal prosecutor, that ended his career by resigning.
    He made the mistake of attempting to prosecute Walmart Pharmacy for some alleged criminal acts regarding fentanyl.
    A few months afterwards, a case against Walmart went forward, but the charges were reduced. Some criminal actors probably quietly slipped away.

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