California dreaming of days gone by

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California dreaming, Gavin Newsom, the Whitmer case, the cold-bloodied murder of Ashley Babbitt and all the other FBI/Alphabet soup operations which can be summed up as follows. The intention of the FBI and their partners wasn’t so much to catch criminals, but more to create them. They weren’t attempting to thwart crimes but to develop them in such a way as to manufacture them in order to alter the political direction of the country to their own liking.

The aforementioned murder of Ashley Babbitt at the Capitol rally was extremely damning of the ‘Gubmint’ and more and more people since that atrocity have become aware of this appalling level of corruption which is simply unsustainable.

To cut to the chase, it’s bad enough, but the FBI have been wont from time to time to conduct these “stings” in swing states, and especially-so during a pandemic vs unpopular Governors publicly agitating against President Donald John Trump during an election year. Anyone living within 100 miles of DC can see EXACTLY how rotten this entire affair was/has been conducted and should’ve been seen as what it turned out to be – a radioactive-damn-the-torpedoes idea the day those agents came up with it.

California dreaming of days gone by. Relief at bay for Jan 6 last hurrah?

There’s absolutely no way NOT to see this as being totally political. ‘Gubmint’ had to know it would have political ramifications, both for the Trump reelection effort and ongoing State politics, yet they all went fullbore in the efforts to stop Donald J. Trump in his tracks. One of the most obvious red flags in voting procedure for example is to end-up with more “votes” than voters. Now that didn’t stop the “voters” in Pennsylvania from placing O’biden in the White House, but it’s too obvious a form of fraud to hide very long. On the other hand the Newsom California gig is much easier to justify, millions of apparent “legal voters” who will have their votes harvested and cast for them.

Still not your typical way to put people into office.

Wondering minds worry as to why even continue the charade of elections? Who do they think they’re kidding? One suggestion is that California provide ambassadors to the UN claiming they’re the newest third world country. They can boast together with Silicon Valley nutjobs who’ve now figured out how to control humanity with their digital nightmare!!

We all know full well now that the FBI is corrupt – but who investigates the FBI? Who will indict the corrupt Director? O’biden is in cahoots, the AG is in cahoots. Who investigates the President if the FBI is corrupt? Who has the authority, the cajones, the willpower to take them down?

Now when we find that out – we will have more than a chance to recover. California dreaming.

Lloyd Billingsley, American Greatness: ‘You’ve Got Mail’…

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed legislation “permanently requiring a vote-by-mail ballot be mailed to every active registered voter in the state.” For Secretary of State Shirley Weber, who tried to keep Larry Elder off the recall ballot this month, the “more people who participate in elections, the stronger our democracy and the more we have assurance that elections reflect the will of the people of California.” And so on.

Weber failed to mention the “people of California,” now include millions of false-documented foreign nationals ineligible to vote. For years, the Pew Research Center pegged the national figure at 11 million, but a recent study by scholars at MIT and Yale estimates more than 22 million people reside illegally in the United States. Eleven million is more likely the number illegally present in California alone.

“California is home to over 10 million immigrants,” read a chart displayed by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Newsom in 2019 as they announced a lawsuit against the Trump Administration’s public-charge rule. “Immigrants” is California code for “illegal aliens,” a term the state’s ruling class has just banned. State Democrats have also hinted at how many illegals are violating the law by voting. [-]

[+] … At a time when Californians were being taxed out of their homes, the measure slapped a limit on property-tax hikes. Proposition 13 required no new state spending or state hiring, but Democrats blamed the measure, not their own spendthrift ways, for all fiscal woes.

In 1986, the people of California overwhelmingly (73.2 percent) approved Proposition 63, making English the state’s official language. That same year, 67 percent of voters booted Rose Bird, Jerry Brown’s choice for state chief justice. Voters also removed Brown’s Supreme Court picks Cruz Reynoso and Joseph Grodin, who were, like Bird, kinder to violent criminals than to their innocent victims. [-]

[+] … In a similar style, Remote Accessible Vote by Mail (RAVBM) allows Californians to “vote independently and privately in the comfort of their own home” by printing their own ballots and mailing them in. “Can you print out more than one ballot?” wondered Katy Grimes of the California Globe. “Did California invent an audit-proof way to steal elections?”

Legal immigrants and legitimate citizens have a right to wonder how many print-your-own ballots were cast in the recent recall, and how many of the illegal “registered voters” mailed in their vote in 2020. Democrats aren’t saying, and they have now made the mail-in system permanent. Watch for other states to follow in the run-up to the 2022 midterms. [end]

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California dreaming of days gone by. Mob forces FBI to cave and take a knee…

Note that the FBI was similarly involved in the shooting at the “Draw Mohamed” event in DFW a few years ago. The FBI did nothing to stop Jihadists from trying to kill Pamela Geller, and other participants, but merely observed them, after inciting them to action. Only the accurate shooting of an off duty Garland police officer armed with a pistol, stopped the two terrorists, who were armed with AK-47s.

The more people Democrat-voters who participate in elections, the stronger our democracy partisan monopoly and the more we have assurance that elections reflect the will of the people Democrats of California. Fixed it!

Funny how the more supposedly “inclusive” becomes their voting system, the weaker their democracy becomes. Can Gavin Newsom name any truly bipartisan policy foisted on Californians in the last decade by their masters? And yet a significant block of Californians, at least 40%, are completely ignored and overruled by the DemoMarxocrat majority. So much for minority representation and inclusiveness; “minority” means people of color who vote for DemoMarxocrats and inclusiveness means “include only people who vote for DemoMarxocrats”. California dreaming. End. Of. Story.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to MAGA – KAG !!