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Muhammad bin Salman is trying to clean up the House of Saud and is closely aligned with POTUS Trump. Just another unreported front in the MAGA battle. Over the past decades the DC swamp got enriched with Saudi oil cash, from the lobbyists slippery fingers to the Uniparty politicians’ hands, plus all those offshore secret bank accounts. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it really is time to ban lobbying in the USA once all the Congressional perps have been identified and locked away. Here’s an analogy, another term for ‘wine connoisseur’ is alcoholic. ‘Lobbyist’ is legalized bribery.

In tandem with what’s going on in Saudi Arabia the past couple of weeks, there appears to be strong evidence that there was Saudi involvement in the Las Vegas melee, which is fodder for a future post when the evidence becomes concrete. There are so many concoctions being brewed at the moment that it’s difficult to keep up with, but one thing for sure is a definite connection from the arrested Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, along with the arrest of 10 other princes and over 38 cabinet ministers, which has created quite a stir within the intelligence community after it was revealed publicly a week or so ago on Alex Jones’ InfoWars. For all the grief he gets for his ‘conspiracy theory’ meme, he generally comes up trumps (pun intended).

Long ago and far away I remember reading an article positing that change is very difficult because everyone is clawing and fighting to keep what they have. Despite how wrong and corrupt the “success” of the Left is, we see that fight occurring before us right now. The whole ‘NeverTrump’ crowd has gotten away with so much that they don’t want to lose their easy largesse. The time to double down has arrived, folks.

Thomas Lifson and his blog post from American Thinker, “The Saudi purges hit the DC lobbyists” …

Caroline Glick provides essential background and context (read here or here) for understanding the purge underway in Saudi Arabia, and its impact on us. Along the way, she considers our very own DC lobbyists, and reveals information that is on the record, yet, as James Lewis pointed out to me, is almost never mentioned in the media:

Saudi government spending on lobbyists in Washington far outstrips that of any other nation. According to Justice Department disclosures from earlier this year, since 2015, Saudi Arabia vastly increased its spending on influence peddling. According to a report by The Intercept, “Since 2015, the Kingdom has expanded the number of foreign agents on retainer to 145, up from 25 registered agents during the previous two-year period.”

In the past, they were able to get their money’s worth when it counted.

Saudi lobbyists shielded the kingdom from serious criticism after 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers were shown to be Saudi nationals. They blocked a reconsideration of the US’s strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia after the attacks and in subsequent years, even as it was revealed that Princess Haifa, wife of Prince Bandar, the Saudi ambassador to Washington at the time the September 11 attacks occurred, had financially supported two of the hijackers in the months that preceded the attacks.

Read the whole thing, and then realize that the tap is being cut off for the lobbying and much, much else financed by rogue royals. Members of the fmaily have been funding the spear and the shield of fundamentalist Islam overseas, and if Mohammed bin Salman stays in power, that will end.

While many of the officials arrested over the weekend threaten Mohammed [bin Salman]’s power, they aren’t the only ones that he has purged. In September Mohammed arrested some 30 senior Wahhabist clerics and intellectuals. And Saturday’s arrest of the princes, cabinet ministers and business leaders was followed up by further arrests of senior Wahhabist clerics.

There is a lot at stake in Saudi Arabia. This is essential reading.

K-Street Washington DC .. Seedbed for Congressional multi-millionaires…

President Trump, unlike his predecessors, has targeted the real enemy, the financial elites who buy up the politicians in Washington, DC. One doesn’t automatically become a multi-billionaire overnight without having to negotiate occasionally with some very shifty characters, and having known most of these political tyrants for quite a few years he has a very astute understanding of what pushes their button. John McCain immediately springs to mind. Along with …. mmmmm …. too many others to waste space upon.

Aided by President Trump’s acumen, We the People are now finally coming to realize that Congressional Politicians themselves are just the hired help who simply need to be reminded of just whom they are representing. And it isn’t the lobbyists. This I believe is the president’s ultimate goal – cut off the graft and  the crooks will disappear for lack of things to steal.

Consider, God forbid – If your kitchen is overrun with roaches what do you do? Clean out the kitchen and keep it devoid of food on the counters. No food to eat = the roaches disappear.

The Globalist master plan has always been to siphon off the wealth of the United States upward into the hands of the international financial elites, leaving the rest of the majority (ie us) in poverty. President Trump on the other hand, is working his butt off to reverse the process with nationalist trade policies which will reverse the flow of wealth back to We the People in terms of jobs, jobs, jobs.

The real trick of course, is to reduce the role of government in our lives so as to minimize the value of any services a politician might have to sell. After all, who wouldn’t like to be an entrepreneur with a great concept to sell?

And that of course, is exactly what the global elitists hate the most. Especially those of the anti-American DemoMarxist party who are hellbent on keeping their subjects enslaved.


See original Thomas Lifson piece: The Saud purges hit DC lobbyists

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