Ballot count jitters not going away…

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Culled from the thread: “So how is this obvious fraud / stolen election legally remedied. Sincere question here. As a foreigner (Canadian) and follower of U.S. politics. It defies belief that this farce can be allowed to continue unchecked.

“As is often said here, many the world over are watching what’s going on. Yet crickets from your Republican leaders Mitch and McCarthy. The evidence is now overwhelming and the negative implications increasing daily. Goodness me”.[end]

I believe it was Rudy G. who said the first step is in the court of public opinion. You need 60% to 70% to agree that the election was stolen. If and when that is the case, no fraudulent government can function. Courts and legislatures will be forced to act, and the executive branch will have to resign. Undeniable evidence has to be brought out into the open.

Ballot count jitters not going away … Squeaky bums=squeaky seats alarm…

Those of us who know what’s up simply don’t recognize Biden-Harris as legitimate. Never. Half or more of Republican voters and about a third of demoMarxocrats know something just wasn’t right, especially in the build-up to Nov 3 2020. A super majority just has to know how extensive the fraud was. On the other hand, some political buzzards would be wont to say that we’ve been trying to fix the problem for “the next time” since Kennedy cheated Nixon in Illinois back in the heady days of 1960. Which just makes it get worse.

The current fiasco of dementia Joe and KamalaGiggle is absolutely insane, yet is the best opportunity we’ve had to finally get it over and done with this time. Why do you suppose the Dems put up the worst ticket ever? If it doesn’t fly, the demented giggle gets sacrificed and blamed.

Make no mistake about it, this is a war, and as ever it has many fronts. It is an emotional and very personal war, with millions of American patriots fighting for our way of life with (gulp!) school boards, hospitals, state governments and even the Stock Market. Believe it or not, we’re making progress and our army is growing and learning how and where to fight.

Overwhelming in numbers and we are not stupid. Ballot count jitters not going away. Most importantly, we are “Right”!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘GA Problems Persist Missing Ballots, Logs, Duplicated Scans & Worse’ …

To say there are sketchy issues in Fulton County, Georgia, elections would be the understatement of the year. So many issues have been raised with the Atlanta area 2020 election processes it would be impossible to encapsulate them in one article. However, one consistent pattern continues…. It appears specific lots of ballots -all favoring Joe Biden- were counted multiple times.

The multiple counting issue is just one aspect, one point of data, that current lawsuits within the region are attempting to resolve. The scanning of the same batches of ballots multiple times would explain the “missing batches” issue. The batches are “missing” because they were simply not batches at all, they were duplicate scans of ballots that had already been counted.

Additionally, fraudulent ballots created on non secure paper, which appear to have been made on copy machines, is another issue (some of that touched here). That issue has been directly confirmed to CTH by an election worker who was part of the original count and who noted there were ballots on paper that was not authorized as print stock for the original ballots.

The audit of 147,000 sketchy absentee ballots might start to unravel these and may other issues that have become problematic for the Atlanta area election officials to hide.  Fulton County officials have already admitted to violations in state election law surrounding chain-of-custody documents; and into this mix of information comes a report from John Solomon and Daniel Payne about internal election communication and notes that seem to confirm the Fulton County officials were attempting to deal with election manipulation. {SEE HERE}

(Just the News) – […] scores of batches of absentee ballots that appeared missing from the documents and more than two dozen batches of absentee ballots that appear to have been double or triple-counted in Fulton County. (read more)

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Ballot count jitters not going away … January 6 infamy demoMarxocrat cover

There’s absolutely no doubt that things have happened on a MASSIVE scale for at least the last 4 POTUS general elections…an objective in-depth analysis would reveal OZERO – besides being an unqualified fraud – was fraudulently “installed” in 2008 AND 2012 … large scale voting fraud has been an active tool in the demoMarxocrats’ toolbox for at least 40 years and many RINOs began participating at least 20 years ago when their partners-in-crime read them in on a portion of the scam!

It defies belief that this farce can be allowed to continue unchecked. Yes folks, this farce does defy Newton’s 3rd Law, doesn’t it? Who knew the left were gravity-bending physicists?!

Ballot count jitters not going away.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill and entering the fray yet again, one President Donald John Trump keeping America great again – MAGA! KAG!


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And then there is AZ Senator Wendy Rogers reporting on what they have so far, and what is coming up. Turns out a large number of states are looking at AZ as the model for conducting their own audit!

DO NOT MISS VIDEO: Wendy Rogers AZ Audit Update Part 2