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Donna Brazile and the Seth Rich mystery. One of the most intriguing stories flying around right now is that of Donna Brazile doing the rounds on the promotion of her just-released book “Hacks: The Inside Story”. Considering the revelations that are being highlighted by scores of investigative types, and the interviews she’s been giving, she’s either a very stoic and determined woman, or conversely daringly brash and naive. Then again, she could have enough skivvy hidden away on all the players mentioned within her pages that she feels secure enough in coming forward to spill the beans.

As long-time commenter ‘VonMises’ describes in his excellent post on the thread:

“We now know with the election of Donald Trump that Osama Obama ran a STASI Police State Operation using a FAKE Dossier paid for by Clinton, Obama and perhaps Comey to request FISA warrants. We know Samantha Powers and others unmasked hundreds of names and conversations from innocent, private citizens. Then we also have Uranium One where the FBI under Mueller covered-up the bribery, extortion and money laundering while Obama, Hillary, Holder, Geithner and others sold 20% of our uranium to the Russians.

“Donna Brazile may not know for a fact who killed Seth Rich, but given the general knowledge of the last fifty-four years in the Democrat Party, she knows who must have been or is most likely involved. And she is right to have been concerned for her life as she had access to the incriminating facts but allegedly not in on the hit. So if Hillary, Obama, Mueller, Comey or others colluded to murder Seth Rich, then she represented a loose end that could unravel the plot.[end]

Fact is, she may not know who actually pulled the trigger, but she probably knows who ordered the hit. If she does know what happened to Seth Rich, she’d better hire someone to start her car and taste her food for her. She’d better not drink anything but bottled water with an intact seal and never go on a walk by herself. As we all know, many people have died mysteriously after crossing the Clintons.

Daniel John Sobieski and “Does Donna Brazile Know Who Killed Seth Rich?” in today’s American Thinker…

The real bombshell lurking in Donna Brazile’s stunning interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos about her new book Hacks may be her cryptic references to murdered DNC IT staffer Seth Rich and her statement that she took the precautions one takes when one fears for their life.

So far, speculation about the unsolved murder of Seth Rich have been dismissed as right-wing conspiracy theories but Brazile’s references to him in the light of all that has come out about Wikileaks, the Fusion GPS dossier, and Hillary’s purchase of the DNC that rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders, may be a key to a missing piece of this whole puzzle.

Brazile, according to Newsweek, in a piece titled “DNC’S Donna Brazile Dedicated Her Book To ‘Patriot’ Seth Rich, Whose Death Made Her Fear For Own Life”,  dedicated her book in part to Rich:

A new book by Donna Brazile, the former interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), has been making headlines for its controversial claims about the 2016 presidential election and the Hillary Clinton campaign. But the provocative points start even before the first chapter, as Brazile reportedly dedicated the book in part to Seth Rich, the DNC staffer whose murder launched a conspiracy theory.

Axios reported on Sunday that the book’s dedication reads, “In loving memory of my father, Lionel Brazile Sr.; my beloved sister, Sheila Brazioutlanle; my fearless uncles Nat, Floyd, and Douglas; Harlem’s finest, my aunt Lucille; my friend and mentor, David Kaufmann; my DNC colleague and patriot, Seth Rich; and my beloved Pomeranian, Chip Joshua Marvin Brazile (Booty Wipes). I miss y’all.” …Rich appears elsewhere in Brazile’s book, as the Post reported earlier in the weekend.

She wrote that Rich’s murder haunted her and that she’d installed surveillance cameras at her home and would keep the blinds in her office window closed so she could not be seen by snipers, according to the Post. Brazile talked about Rich on ABC News’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday. She told the host about her critics: “They don’t know what it was like to be over the DNC during this hacking. They don’t know what it’s like to bury a child. I did: Seth Rich.”

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Conspiracies have been going on ever since the CIA was created and these days even the FBI has been ‘conspiracy-theoried’, to say nothing about ‘Fast & Furious’, the Benghazi fiasco complete with the fake video blame, the IRS targeting of conservatives (including yours truly), and the revelation a couple of weeks ago following the release of documents that the Kennedy assassination has strong traces back to LBJ, so to put it mildly, I’m content being a conspiracy bot and I’ll deal with the blow back.

Two years ago you would have to define the words “Deep State”, but used today they are every day language. Today’s conspiracy just might be tomorrow’s truth. Which certainly would define the tragic death and end of Seth Rich.


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