Roy Moore in crosshairs of RINOs..

Go ahead, make my…

Is it just me or are there others of you out there who are a mite suspicious about the timing of the latest RINO hit job on one of its own, and that would be Judge Roy Moore of Alabama? Not that we should be wary of the source news rag of course, which happens to be the Washington Compost. [sarc]

The Post is famous (“infamous”?) for dropping these well-timed bombs, and in fact dropped one on John McCain during the 2008 campaign when the Compost and New York Slimes teamed up to question McCain’s relationship with lobbyist Vicky Iseman. No one in the RINO establishment even criticized him at the time, but as soon as the relationship was exposed McCain cut her off, albeit that there is ample evidence that he intervened on her behalf numerous times.

Mmmmmm … Let’s see. Sex-related allegations in the Washington Post a month before an election where the Republican candidate has said that he won’t support McConnell for Majority Leader. Is anyone surprised? I thought not. This is standard establishment / enemedia collusion to get rid of someone they don’t like. The question is whether anyone in Alabama will recognize this correctly as a dirty politics hit job.

Dennis De Concini D-Az; Don Riegle D-Mi; Alan Cranston D-Ca; John Glenn D-Oh; John McCain R-Az; John McCain is no stranger to corruption

Bear in mind that these are the same politicians that called for Trump’s head after every false accusation during the campaign regarding the Fusion GPS dossier. McCain actually paid someone to go to London and retrieve the dossier. Remember the 13 women that claimed sexual improprieties just before the election of President Trump? They sure disappeared quickly.

This was not a coincidence. McConnell and the corrupt GOPe crowd don’t want Moore in the Senate. He would tip over their applecart. They’ve smeared Cruz incessantly since he arrived. Heck, they don’t even want him walking in the chamber.

Call it a pre-emptive strike – Trump’s election has exposed DC for what it is. Not a swamp. But a stinking sewer.

**********UPDATE FOR THE RECORD 11:30 am CST********** 

Deborah Wesson Gibson, aka Debbie Gibson, was named in the Washington Post article accusing Moore, and social media evidence makes clear that she is a fervent supporter of Jones and Democrats in general, and has even worked for the DNC. Wesson Gibson is a sign language interpreter, who has interpreted at rallies for both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. We have just received information that one of the women accusing Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore of soliciting dates from her when she was a teenager and he was in his 30’s is not only a passionate progressive, but she has actually worked for the DNC and is actively campaigning for Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones. ~ Thanks to Kathy Desmond and her FB connection


Brian C. Joondeph and his piece in American Thinker “Is the GOP establishment behind the Roy Moore hit?” ..

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is the latest famous guy to be accused of sexual assault. The Washington Post reported that Moore initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl, at a time when Moore was 32 years old.

Is this a hit piece to derail his candidacy, or is he truly a bad guy? The story will play out over the next few days, making the answer clearer.  What’s suspicious is the timing.

With choreography on par with Olympic synchronized swimming or figure skating, members of the GOP establishment are dancing in unison. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers would be jealous.

Hours after the Washington Post piece went viral, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell joined the dance, calling for Moore to withdraw from the Alabama Senate race “if these allegations are true.” No pause. No circumspection. No waiting until the facts are in before rushing to judgment.

It’s reminiscent of President Obama immediately concluding that the Cambridge police acted “stupidly” after the Henry Gates incident or jumping on the “hands up, don’t shoot” bandwagon before the facts were known.

McConnell’s dance partner, Senator John McCain, was quick to the microphone, not even considering whether the allegations against Roy Moore were true, saying, “The allegations against Roy Moore are deeply disturbing and disqualifying. He should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of.”

It is just like when senators also wanted Clarence Thomas to step aside based on disturbing allegations that could not be substantiated.

Senator McCain, judge, jury and executioner. He and McConnell are moving faster on this than they ever have on a piece of legislation. Too bad they couldn’t move even half as quickly on tax cuts or Obamacare repeal.

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Judge Moore has been a lightening rod for how many decades and now this comes to light? Every day we continue to peel the onion, so much corruption, lies and traitorous activity in DC. Those that believe they run the show not only feel their power slipping but they know they can be exposed at any time. They cannot allow another rogue outsider to slip through the gates. In truth, the government does not define us as a country; We the People define it. It belongs to us, not to a bunch of corrupt politicians out for their own gain and largesse.

Bill Clinton and Vernon Jordan talking ‘pussy’…

If Roy Moore were guilty, we’d have heard about it long before now. And while I’m at it (pardon me for bringing it up yet again) but as long as Ol’ BJ Clinton remains a national treasure despite “the vast right wing conspiracy against my husband” regarding his serial and criminal abuse of women, we should all be very skeptical of the ‘wimyn’s’ movement as a whole, which is not intended by any means, to make too light of the matter. But the hypocrisy is simply astounding.

The timing of this “scandal” is more than just suspicious. All the years Roy Moore has been in the public eye and all the controversy and publicity he has had over the last few years and yet we are to believe that this is only now coming out? To the New York (com)Post no less? We need much more proof before believing this. Some of us older folks remember too well the lynching of Justice Thomas during his confirmation hearings. I also remember the DemoMarxists tried the very same ploy against President Trump about the same time before election day.

As mentioned elsewhere in this post, the GOPe are as disgusting and despicable as the DemoMarxists. They are all a part of the swamp and as such will join hands to destroy anyone who threatens that swamp. After all, their allegiance trends towards their donors instead of voters.

The sewer-swamp is beginning to stink to high heaven.