The Petulant Poseur : You Become What You Speak

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Margaret Thatcher had a wonderful Maxim given to her by her father which began “Watch your thoughts for they become words” which goes on to finish “What we think, we become.”

The office of President of the United States in former days commanded respect around the world, but the current occupant (who arguably couldn’t even pass but 15% of the 100 questions required to be answered for the United States Citizenship Test) has reduced it to the level of a Chicago street-walking door-to-door community organizer; little more than a carpet-bagging huckster. Currently the laughing stock of the world, his personal vendetta and attacks on We The People have become childish, petty, and embarrassing. He has “evolved” famously into the petulant poseur.

With each passing day, Barry Soetero (just one of his many disguises) proves himself worthy of being called a man-child. He is so obviously emotionally stunted and immature, that it’s a miracle that he hasn’t already had a complete melt down and been shackled in a strait jacket.

So this is what passes as ‘statesmanship’ in the age of Obama – the petulant poseur? For a man whose foreign policy is based on the need for ‘dialogue’ with nations who have demonstrated that they are more interested in action rather than negotiation (here’s looking at you Putin) he sure doesn’t seem very interested in engaging in dialogue with his domestic adversaries. He would rather engage in adolescent, name-calling and the sad thing is that his intended audience hasn’t the wit nor intelligence to see it for what it is. Would that someone, anyone, ask Obama what HE intended to do about balancing the budget as he promised in his 2008 campaign. It’s all very easy to dismiss other ideas, but unless Obama can offer credible alternatives, and is willing to engage in debate, nothing he says can be taken seriously. This is the pass we have reached, when a man who couldn’t make the grade in a high school debate club, is the leader of the mightiest nation on earth. It says a lot about our nation, doesn’t it? The petulant poseur indeed.

John Hayward in Human Events, guides us the rest of the way …

John Hayward, Human Events

John Hayward, Human Events

Yes, that’s right, the President just called Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal a “stinkburger” and a “meanwich.”  You’ll recall this man represents the degenerate Democrat Party, which no longer prepares budget proposals at all, outside of Obama’s ridiculous fantasy wish lists… which he always submits late, in flagrant defiance of “the settled law of the land.”  There’s a bit of accidental candor in the President’s choice of idiotic baby-talk insults, since a stinkburger or meanwich would at least have some meat on it; Obama’s proposals, on the other hand, are made of a thin, sweet-smelling vapor known as “choom.”

There’s a larger point to be made in the comparison, because whatever its faults may be – it has been criticized for being both too stern with spending cuts, and not stern enough – Ryan’s proposal actually has some connection to reality.   The government can’t rack up massive debt indefinitely – it’s already hurting us, and it’ll hurt a lot more as the costs of merely servicing that debt exceed the price tag on most other government programs.

And debt creates dependency, as government spending baselines climb to the point where merely calling for a modest reduction in the growth of spending is characterized as a “savage cut,” and armies of dependents are swiftly mobilized to call for scalps.  That money also hires battalions of government employees, whose prospective termination will be greeted with anguished cries about how budget-cutters are going to drive up unemployment.  Federal insolvency is most certainly not a process that can be stopped on a dime, the day it becomes an existential crisis that not even the most dishonest liberal can ignore; Obama’s juvenile behavior in the above video clip is ample proof of that.