Paul Ryan Boehner In Disguise…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

U.S. Senators and Representatives – AKA: The Capitol Hill Gang – are not fools. They know that We The People don’t want higher taxes. Thus since 1940, they have raised the Federal Debt Limit some 85+ Times! Blame whom we wish, but “they” – Republicans, Democrats, Liberal, Conservatives, Independents, Congress and Presidents – have ALL Voted For Raising the Federal Debt Limit. Thus today our Federal National Debt stands at $18.789 TRILLION and growing, while our Personal Debt stands at $17.333 TRILLION and also growing!

The thing about Debt is that, one way or another, it must be repaid with interest. The Fiscal Reality is that with $112,000 owed by every man, woman, and child in America, we cannot repay our debts. But you already know that, don’t you? There is no Pied Piper of free money except in the eyes of the blind man ruling us at the moment, one OBO the Clown Prince of Fools and his “magic money wand”. And having infected John Boehner and his bunch of thieves over the past few years, he has now sent the bearded surrogate Paul Ryan into a fatal money-trance.

One day soon, the proverbial fertilizer is going to hit the proverbial fan. And the global economy – which also runs on Credit/Debt – will collapse. And the Social Unrest and Economic Poverty that we see in Greece, in Argentina, in Equador, in Spain, in Germany, Sweden, France, etc. will be unleashed and unstoppable across the whole world.

If you think that I’m wrong, think again.

Drudge Report Paul Ryan Dec 17 2015...

Drudge Report Dec 17 2015...

Jeff Sessions: This is why voters are in open rebellion (and why Donald Trump is causing a ruckus). We The People are just about fed up with the status quo…

Published on Dec 16, 2015


In the dead of night after 2am this morning, Congressional leadership unveiled a more than 2,000 page ‘omnibus’ year-end funding bill which would, among other things: fully-fund the President’s refugee expansion; fully-fund sanctuary cities; fully-fund the resettlement of illegal aliens youth and their families crossing the border; lock-in tax credits for illegal aliens; and quadruple the highly controversial H-2B foreign worker visa being used to replace Americans as truck drivers, construction workers, theme park employees, and in blue collar jobs across the nation.

Sessions, the Chairman of the Immigration Subcommittee, issued a statement about the bill as it speeds to a vote before it can be read, observing in part that GOP voters: “have come to believe that their party’s elites are not only uninterested in defending their interests but – as with this legislation, and fast-tracking the President’s international trade pact – openly hostile to them.” On the floor today, Sessions further reminded his colleagues that their duty is the American people – not special interests, immigration advocacy groups, or lobbyists for narrow business concerns.

Sessions observed that – as the omnibus paves the way for a huge immigration increase beyond today’s record-breaking highs – that more than 8 in 10 American voters want the level of immigration in American frozen or cut, and yet the GOP-led Congress is about to surge it even higher.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau – even without these increases – immigration will add the population equivalent of 1 new Los Angeles to the country each 3 years.

The U.S. has admitted 59 million immigrants since 1965. As historical context, after the numerically-smaller 1880-1920 immigration wave, future immigration was reduced to promote wage growth for US-born and immigrant workers: there was zero net growth in the foreign-born population over the course of the next half-century (in fact, it declined markedly). Now, after five decades of unprecedented immigration, the U.S. is on path to add another five decades of unprecedented immigration on top of that – setting new all-time records every single decade to come.

We’re in dire trouble people, and we need to rise up and tell ALL of these politicians what we think of them. Sorry reprobates for the most part. PERIOD!

Read on and educate yourself deeply in what this bunch of crooks have cooked up with Paul Ryan at the helm:

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