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Update @ 6:15 PM on response from Dr. Michael Burgess:

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Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Paul Ryan and Barack Obama are now such Siamese Twins that not even Dr. Ben Carson could separate them. This latest fiasco (as posted yesterday) confirms it. As Rush also declared yesterday, the Republican Party is dead. Finished. Deceased. In Extremis. In exactly the same way that the third Bush’s campaign is finished because he abandoned and insulted the Party’s conservative base, so has the Party itself abused, lied-to and abandoned the base. And without the conservative movement, there is no real reason for the Republican Party to exist – it is no longer the “Opposition Party” but the “Me Too Party,” which is exactly what this Ryan budget represents.

I therefore, like millions more, am now the enemy of the Republican Party. I abhor it. Going forward I may vote for individuals who have an “R” after their name, but it will be because they are Judeo-Christian conservatives and have nothing to do with their party affiliation. Dr. Michael Burgess, my own Congressman, is kind of wavering and teetering on the edge right now, and it is somewhat troubling to say the least, to see him paired with Ryan (sans recent muslim beard) in an ad on the Drudge Report championing “conservative ideas”. Calls to his local office here in Lewisville with answers to the contrary, I’m not fully convinced, but I await his further explanation.

In the meantime, there’s this piece in today’s American Thinker from Ed Straker and his…



Paul Ryan is acting like every Democrat’s wet dream.  The massive budget he is shoving down America’s throat is a wish list full of everything the Democrats could possibly want.

  1. He’s giving $1.6 billion to resettle illegal aliens rather than deport them.
  2. He is fully funding Obama’s illegal amnesty.
  3. He is fully funding Obamacare.
  4. He is fully funding Planned Parenthood and their baby cutting tactics.
  5. He is allowing Obama to bring in hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees.
  6. He is fully funding the EPA’s program to shut down coal-fired power plants.
  7. He is going to add hundreds of billions of dollars to our national debt.

Ryan also went back on his promise to change the process and have spending bills be reviewed in committee, one at a time; this is the same fat huge omnibus budget made behind closed doors that almost no one had read or reviewed as in the John Boehner era. It’s time for Paul Ryan to go.  Republicans who ousted John Boehner should launch another motion to declare the speaker’s chair vacant. But they’re not.

But unlike past fiscal battles, when lawmakers took shots at GOP leaders and tried to tank bills, this time conservatives are largely holding their fire. Even as they vow to oppose the package, many are still praising Speaker Paul Ryan’s handling of the $1.1 trillion spending bill and $680 billion in tax breaks. “In terms of the process, I can tell you I’ve had more meaningful conversations with the speaker and leadership in the last couple of weeks than I think I have in the last couple of years,” said Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), who instigated the revolt against Speaker John Boehner.

So it’s a terrible budget, but Meadows had good conversations.

Virginia Republican Dave Brat, a Freedom Caucus member who also sits on the budget panel, said Ryan has also gained support because he has been “credible on regular order” — Congress-speak for empowering committees and rank-and-file members — and has already teed up the budget process for the beginning of 2016, a starting point unheard of in recent years.

Next year!  He’s no good now, but just wait until next year!  Where have we heard that before?

“It’s pretty bad,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Freedom Caucus chairman. Jordan led an effort Wednesday to amend the omnibus package to strip out a cybersecurity provision that many conservatives oppose and also include Syrian refugee language. Ryan has said the omnibus is not open for changes.

But the blame for the final product, conservatives say, rests on Boehner and Senate Democrats. Ryan just inherited the mess, they argue.

He inherited it!  But Boehner is gone.  There is no one forcing Ryan to pass this monstrosity.

Instead, they focus on other promises the Wisconsin Republican made when he took the job.

“Paul made some pretty sustainable commitments about things we’ll do next year: a major overhaul of our tax system, welfare reform, replacing Obamacare,” [Arizona Rep. Matt ] Salmon said. “These are major things. If we do those things and define clearly what we stand for, that’s the best we can hope for.”

Next year!  He promised to do better next year.  Always next year.

Paul Ryan is Nancy Pelosi with a beard.   And the “Freedom Caucus” are mouthing the same exact words as John Boehner did: “We can’t fight now, but just wait until next year!”  A Republican with guts would call to vacate the speaker’s chair again.  A pity there isn’t one.

Exit question: Reince Priebus.  Scott Walker.  Paul Ryan.  Is there anything good that comes out of Wisconsin…besides cheese?

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.


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