A watershed moment for Jews etal

A watershed moment for Jews etal … even those copying them … So don’t ask for whom the bell tolls when tyrants shrill in vain redoubt…

Lydia, from comments thread: I hope that Mr. Weissberg is correct about liberal Jewish people finally seeing the light. A few Hollywood Jews are speaking out. Actress Mayim Bialik made a poignant video post about her bubble being burst, although she still holds support for the Palestinian people. She is almost there, but refuses to acknowledge that the people she supports overwhelmingly voted for Hamas. Did she not see the people of Gaza cheering the mutilated bodies of Israelies? If there are Muslims who do not despise the Jewish people, they are the exception and not the rule.

Those attending Poison Ivy league schools in America screaming “From the riverside to the sea” do not seem to be a minority. If they are, they should be even larger demonstrations against the terrorists. The fact that there are not testifies to the fact that the rest of the student bodies are either cowards or hopelessly outnumbered. I suspect the latter.

There are other wake-up calls yet to come. The Jews may be the ones under fire now, but they will not be the last. Christians too are despised. White hatred is red hot and incited by DIE programs and CRT brainwashing. Blacks may see themselves as allies along with the “Queers for Palestine,” but they too will become casualties in a full-blown Holy War of Western conquest. [end]

Robert Weissberg, American Thinker: ‘A watershed moment for Jews etal’ …

A watershed moment for Jews etal and those pretending … Biden speaks about election results in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., November 6, 2020.

What dominates the mass media is often fleeting importance for the enduring political landscape. Nevertheless, some events can harbinger momentous changes despite their initial ordinary nature. A particularly telling example was the initial shift of small number of White Southern Democrats into the Republican Party in 1964, a little-noticed event that foretold the shift of nearly all Southern Whites into the GOP. Such shifts are tectonic insofar as they may eventually fundamentally change the political landscape.

We may now be experiencing a tectonic shift of major magnitude, namely the exodus of Jews from liberalism. The triggering event is the Hamas savagery on Oct 7th in Israel and, of equal importance, the support of many Americans for this barbarism. These two events are a double wakeup call for many American Jews — who could imagine anybody celebrating the beheading of babies, nor thousands of Americans, often at elite universities, denouncing Israel as an apartheid, genocidal colonial regime?

Anti-Semitism per se is not the issue. Such hostility is part of American life but, thankfully, it usually involves isolated incidents such as defacing synagogues or assaulting Jews dressed in Hasidic garb. The very worst is shootings Jews at prayer, typically by mentally ill loners. [-]

[+] … Many Jews will also now look askance at the feel-good multiculturalism that dominates American education from kindergarten to the universities that they once favored. If it worked as advertised to quell hate at its source, why do all the young people call for the abolishing Israel? A new, more accurate view is that preaching the “we are all brothers” gospel is camouflaged cultural Marxism that celebrates “the oppressed” while Jews, being White and affluent, are the oppressor and must be eliminated by “decolonization.” Jews thrive in western civilization; their enemies hate it, and much of contemporary education, top to bottom, hates western civilization.

Third, Jews may become uneasy about the long-term Black-Jewish alliance built around a shared liberal agenda. Anti-Semitism has long had a presence among blacks,  and the recent BLM celebration of Hamas confirms the worst fears of many Jews. Perhaps it is time to put some distance in that relationship.

More generally, recent events may bring the end of knee-jerk liberalism among Jews. The shift away from the Left that began in Israel decades ago may have finally arrived in the U.S. This exodus is particularly likely as the Democratic Party increasingly embraces defunding the police, ending cash bail, hostility to meritocracy, celebrating every sexual proclivity imaginable, a contempt for traditional morality and all else anathema to most Jews. When today’s American Jews look at Israel, they see that, in the final analysis, endless talk and good intentions are insufficient; better to have a gun and know how to use it. And Jews are good learners. [end]

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A watershed moment for Jews etal … stare vacantly while picking your teeth…

More Lydia: We must all speak out NOW against those targeting Jewish people or eventually they will come for us too. Hatred is a turbo cancer that is spreading rapidly.

The Leftist radicals in this country are no less dangerous than the terrorists. We must demand that our so-called representatives in government speak out and cut off the funding to terrorist regimes and our own anarchist training grounds in colleges and universities. Congress must also make it a crime to fund organizations promoting threats against human life. Then charge Soros and his ilk with subversion and confiscate their assets.

Right on. Marx hated capitalists and therefore hated the uber capitalist Jews. So did Hitler. Socialists/Communists hate individual prosperity. They hate the West that is built on individual rights and liberty. Islam is a totalitarian religion where women are slaves of the men. It is also a religion of conquest. There can be no such thing as a “Free Palestine” where freedom will not exist. It is an oxymoron. What Islam and Communism share is a hatred for individual freedom and initiative. The question is, why do liberal Jews condone and support slavery in either form. [end]

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!