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En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Yet again, there’s more to the downing of TWA 800 from 20 years ago, as the publishing date of July 5th approaches for Jack Cashill’s new book on the incident titled “TWA 800: The Crash, The Coverup, The Conspiracy”. Those of us curious about the TWA 800 tragedy also remember how James Kallstrom was touted to be an unimpeachable FBI agent of utmost integrity and credibility. He likely is, but if he was involved in and compromised by a cover-up regarding the flight at the direction of BillaryHillary’s good ‘ole boy regime and Jamie Gorelick, how could anyone have any confidence in James Comey and the FBI in the era of the thug regime of Obama the Clown Prince of Fools, Loretta Sharpton Lynch, and ayatollah Valerie Jarrett (the talking head behind the Clown Prince of Fools)?

Jamie Gorelick...

Jamie Gorelick…

Once again the infamous Jamie Gorelick makes an appearance, and if ever there was a government cover-up mole who should be waterboarded for the truth about every scandal and deception of Billary’s presidency and on through 9/11, the financial meltdown, and who knows what other cover-ups, it is Jamie Gorelick. The woman has amassed a fortune deceiving the American public, and no one gives a hoot. Consider the damage this witch has imposed upon this Constitutional Republic: Vice Chairman of Fannie Mae as a Billary political appointment with zero knowledge of the financial system (and the near collapse of Wall Street several years after she left), as well as her appointment to the 9/11 Commission despite her instituting a “wall of separation” between agencies when she was second-in-command in Clinton’s AGs office. This wall led to the lack of communication between the FBI and the CIA which led to 9/11. She was then handed off to fight Obama the Clown Prince of Fools, and became the PR person defending BP in their Gulf Oil Spill. Wherever she has served, disaster has occurred during or after her departure. Despite her dismal track record, she has received tens of millions of dollars in compensation with every position she’s had. BillaryHillary are the ones who orchestrated her meeting with the FBI (attended by Kallstrom), that suddenly covered up and shut down the investigation of TWA 800.

As Cashill points out regarding Kallstrom in the piece coming up from today’s American Thinker:

“On Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show last week, he called out the Obama administration for its “hypocrisy” and dared mention the “wet blanket of political correctness” that has blunted the FBI’s ability to smoke out Islamic terrorists. Kallstrom then turned his attention to the Clintons with a candor that shocked Kelly into silencing him. “You’ve got people associated with the administration in the Muslim brotherhood,” said Kallstrom. “You’ve got Huma Abedin’s family (sic) high ranking people in the Muslim Brotherhood. You’ve got monies from Saudi Arabia and from Qatar and others going into the Clinton Foundation. And you’ve got this connection going on, and there are also connections with Iran, which is the other big supporter.”

“Kallstrom understands the dangers awaiting America if the Clintons return to the White House. If he wants to stop them in their tracks and restore his own reputation, there is one thing he can do: tell the truth about TWA Flight 800. In the process, he will restore the faith in American justice of the millions of citizens who have all but lost it”.

There are lots of questions.

Hillary Clinton-aghast

  • Did the Admin have to approve the Navy missile test?
  • For what political reason would the Admin have needed to disavow a Navy missile test?
  • What lies beneath?
  • Why did Hillary need to try to clear Muslims from a pre-planned attack at Benghazi? (We KNOW the Clintons will not hesitate to take graft or to lie for political reasons).
  • What was the political reason for confabulating the cause of the TWA shoot down?
  • To what political end were the passengers sacrificed?
  • Given the prevaricating nature of the Clintons over the TWA lying and the Benghazi lying, what are we to make of Vince Foster, Ron Brown and other mysterious disappearances?
  • Just what kind of demons are most Clinton fans supporting?

Now on to the piece itself …

284px-American_Thinker_logoWhen I see former FBI New York honcho Jim Kallstrom appear on Fox News, I see a tortured soul. As boldly honest as he has been on the subject of Islamic terrorism, this once honorable man has lived a lie for the last twenty years on the subject of TWA Flight 800. Others have lived the lie as well, but none so personally.

It was Kallstrom who spoke to the press, Kallstrom who testified at congressional hearings, Kallstrom who consoled the families of the 230 dead with the assurance he would leave “no stone unturned” in his pursuit of the truth.

When Kallstrom arrived on the scene in Long Island the day after the crash in July 1996, the truth was indeed what he was seeking. By July 30, 1996 — less than two weeks after the 747 blew up — FBI agents had interviewed 144 “excellent” witnesses to a missile strike. As revealed in a recently unearthed CIA memo, the evidence was “overwhelming” and the witness testimony “too consistent” for the cause of the plane’s destruction to be anything other than a missile.

1996  being an election year, however a missile strike on an American airliner involved far too much political risk for the Clinton White House. Working through the CIA, its operatives took effective control of the investigation. For reasons only he knows, Kallstrom knuckled under.

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