Muslim Terrorists Kill People Dead.

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

A somewhat oxymoronic headline I admit, but some people need the obvious stating to them before they understand. As I ranted on my Facebook Page a couple of days ago: “Is it just me, or do others think like I do that the UN and its insane ideology needs to be sent packing from United States soil so that We The People can concentrate more perhaps, on eradicating that group of sub-humans who blow people to bits with pressure cookers; attack the crew of airlines with box cutters; who toss homosexuals off the tallest buildings; who roast people on barbecue spits who won’t convert to Islam; who stone their women to death from being raped; who sever poor people’s’ fingers, hands, arms and legs for stealing food they need; who commit “honor killings” on family members who adopt western habits; who cut off the clitoris of their daughters; who capture people like Christians and other faiths outside of Islam, behead the fathers, and take their wives, sons and daughters and make sex slaves out of them; and I’m not finished ranting yet but I’ll stop of my own volition, but it’s very rich and daring for these idiotic UN bureaunuts to occasionally step out of the twilight zone to lecture we sane people on their insanity towards humankind. “Upset” doesn’t even begin to explain my absolute contempt for these cretins and the outfit they represent .. To hell with ’em all… Evil MUST be put down when it raises its ugly head. The UN is nothing short of an insane asylum full of perverts and pedophiles”. (U.N. Human Rights Chief Says U.S. Needs Robust Gun Regulation).

And just who do we have in the White House but a carbon copy of the insane U.N. Human Rights Chief whom I call Obama the Clown Prince of Fools. Call it Muslim violence, call it Jihad terrorism, call it Islam. President Know-it-All knows the words and the meaning of them, but somehow cannot pluck up the courage to splutter them out. The big part of his mission of course has been to prevent We The People from knowing and thus has Western Civilization lost eight precious years of fighting this insane evil, unable or unwilling to defend its own nation, to develop an efficient strategy, to fight back. To say that a change of guard is badly needed would be the understatement of all time.

ISIS declares war on USA...

Coming up in a few moments, Daniel Greenfield in today’s FrontPageMagazine with his usual brilliantly-clear refutation of the left’s absurd persecution of inanimate objects. Example: “Should there be waiting periods for pressure cooker owners so that they can blow off steam before they get their hands on a cooking implement?” Perfect!!!

Objects are neutral and inanimate. They have no volition, no agenda, no capability to choose a course of action. They can’t pick up a person, put his finger on a trigger, and force him to pull it with some kind of mind control. Objects have no minds, even less than the people who listen to leftist liars. They can’t choose a target. They can’t even make up their mind how many grams their bullets should weigh. Guns are pathetic villains.

Objects can’t be judged morally either. They can’t choose between good and evil like humans. Islamic Jihadist Muslims can. So can leftists, though some will argue that neither are truly human. Objects don’t have emotions either. Guns are so passive that they can’t even load themselves.

A bullet needs a will to direct it to a target. If that target is an innocent victim that was chosen to be killed by a person who hates that person for religious reasons, that bullet is aimed by a person to do evil. Muslims will continue to do evil exclusively. People who blame inanimate objects to provide cover for people with a will to commit evil are also evil.

Obama together with his insane acolytes is such a person.

On to Daniel Greenfield and “Guns and Homophobia Don’t Kill People, Muslim Terrorists Do” …



Daniel Greenfield

Gun violence did not kill 49 people in Orlando. Guns, no matter whether you call them “assault rifles” or “weapons of war”, do not independently kill anyone. No gun, by any name, walks into a gay bar and shoots people. No more than box cutters slash the throats of stewardesses independently or passenger planes fly themselves into the World Trade Center.

When a Muslim terrorist shoots up a gay bar, it’s not gun violence. It’s Islamic terrorism.

The media insists that a ban on Muslim migration is unconstitutional, but a ban on a right protected by the Bill of Rights is. The Bill of Rights does not provide a right for foreigners to migrate to America. It does protect the right of Americans to defend themselves from Muslim terrorism with firearms.

Blaming our Bill of Rights for Muslim terrorism is an attack on our rights and freedoms. Blaming Muslims for Muslim terrorism is just reality. And acknowledging that reality will protect our rights and freedoms far better than the widespread violations of our rights and freedoms caused by Muslim migration that are embodied in such institutions as the NSA and the TSA.

Blaming guns for Orlando is as fundamentally foolish as blaming passenger jets for 9/11.

We can ban guns, but the largest Muslim terrorist mass murder of Americans in history was carried out with box cutters. Muslim terrorists have killed Americans with pressure cooker bombs, with cars and with box cutters. Were those acts of “box cutter violence” or “pressure cooker violence”?

Or were they Muslim terrorism?

After the Boston Marathon bombing, some stores removed pressure cookers from their displays. But was the massacre really the fault of the pressure cookers? Should we be suspicious of pressure cooker owners? Should there be waiting periods for pressure cooker owners so that they can blow off steam before they get their hands on a cooking implement?

Continues in FrontPageMagazine…

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.