Evil Obama Lynch Skewed Rhetoric

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Imagine the odds folks. We the People of the United States have had two black AGs in succession drawn from a minuscule percentage of blacks in the legal world. And that’s OK to notice, right? I mean, facts are facts wouldn’t you agree? After all, I can’t be called “racist” for telling the truth can I? Just for the record only 12% of the legal profession is made up of black lawyers, with a whopping 88% made up of predominantly white legal eagles and other ethnicities. Fact-checked.

I bring this to your attention only for the purpose of due diligence in balancing the scales of justice (a little bit of “legal-speak” there) particularly as it relates to the three-headed monster coming under review, and that would be: Obama the Clown Prince of Fools, Valerie Jarrett the Enforcer, and Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder’s wife’s best FF from college; basically, Holder in drag.

In a piece coming up from today’s American Thinker, Deborah C. Tyler strips the lid off the Justice Department and the semantics being put forth by the current AG in relation to say, Black Lives Matter/White Lives racist, in that her content is really all about the hypocritical positions most often taken by this AG and her predecessor as it relates to “Muslim Guilt Never : White Guilt Forever” (mmmm .. methinks there’s a protest chant in the making somewhere in there). And let’s never forget that two of the pillars of Islam are hypocrisy and lying (ie al taqiyya).

Remember that Mitch McConnell’s Senate is to blame for even confirming her, making an easy way for Loretta “Sharpton” Lynch to put forth her lawless, racist agenda against whites, from her politicized, Islamist Department of Justice. Face it people, some of us have been saying this for years about the Obama agenda and his world view of America. In his warped view we are a white, racist, imperialist country and all the troubles of people of color are related to Mr. Whitey. Therefore, it is only fitting that social justice (another oxymoron) be handed to white America in the form of guilt, economic ruin through over-regulation, narratives of disguised hate, and deflection of common sense rooted in our AMERICAN values. The past eight years have produced the worst social experiment ever by the most incompetent president ever foisted on We The People and it has to come to a screeching halt before the whole nation goes down in flames. For Obama read Stokely Carmichael, and for Lynch/Jarret read Angela Davis. The only other people missing would be the Black Panthers and their Olympic salute.

John Adams...

John Adams…

The stirring words of a founding father come to mind: “The people are the fountain and original of the power of kings and lords, governors and senates, as well as the house of commons, or assembly of representatives. And if the people are sufficiently enlightened to see all the dangers that surround them, they will always be represented by a distinct personage to manage the whole executive power; a distinct senate, to be the guardians of property against levelers for the purposes of plunder, to be a repository of the national traditions of public maxims, customs, and manners, and to be controllers, in turn, both of kings and their ministers on one side, and representatives of the people on the other, when either discover a disposition to do wrong; and a distinct house of representatives, to be the guardians of the public purse, and to protect the people, in their turn, against both kings and nobles”. ~ John Adams, A Defence of the Constitution of the United States, 1787-1788

America has undergone a covert COUP and the TRAITORS have been running the country for the last eight years. It is about time for a counter revolution to throw them all out, preferably by way of the ballot box. Not forgetting all the socialist sympathizers in the alphabet bureaucratic organs of Government too. How can We The People defend ourselves when they continually lie to our faces and fail to tell us the truth? If The Donald is to be the ONE, then let’s get behind him and right the ship of State and send ALL these traitors to America packing.

Now on to Deborah C. Tyler and her piece titled “Loretta Lynch: White Guilt Forever; Muslim Guilt Never”…

284px-American_Thinker_logoThe news is full of reports that Attorney General Loretta Lynch has ordered that the term “ISIS” be redacted from the DOJ’s reports of the statements made by Omar Mateen.  Though Mateen explicitly dedicated his monstrous mass murder to ISIS, Attorney General Lynch said she would not “proclaim” the group by name.  It is a wretched development that the attorney general has sunk to insulting the American people with Pravda talking points.  (Who needs Winston Smith?)

Nobody seems to understand the fundamental reason for her obfuscation.  It is wrongfully attributed to the fact that the administration does not want to take on ISIS in a meaningful way.  This president will never fight Islamic terrorism in a meaningful way.  But it is not so much because he actively supports Islamic terrorism – although he well may.  Rather, he prefers to destroy the sovereignty and standing of America without the bother of crazed Muslims bombing, slicing, or shooting Americans.  He would prefer to continue quietly importing hundreds of thousands of non-white people from countries with virtually no traditions of political freedom without the distraction of Islamic monstrosities popping up all over.  The heart and soul of Obama’s worldview, and of the worldview of both black attorneys general he has appointed, are that all hate stems from white racism, and therefore all terrorism is ultimately caused by white racism.

Read to completion in American Thinker…


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