On Oodles Of Google Doodles…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Think about it. Google, Facebook, and the NSA are all of the same mind – using technology to do what Marx and Hitler envisioned, but at the time simply didn’t have the technology to do. The people at Google particularly are very smart and very well indoctrinated. They come from the best universities with the best leftist professors. They obey. Redrawing American history is a form of deception. Revising history or not teaching it at all is deception.

Which is all by way of leading into a piece from Noel S. Williams in today’s American Thinker titled “Google Doodles: Redrawing American History”.

Perhaps I’m being somewhat petty about it all, but I just don’t give two hoots about extraneous scribbles, doodles, slogans, and other contrivances which these vapid left wing digi-geeks find to be oh so mightily profound. It may surprise the millennial snowflakes, but there was a time when our mean old teachers taught us to ignore the extraneous, and to sift through the dross in order to get to the ore.

Google can doodle all it wants. The goo goo boys can go play with themselves in the public fountains of San Jose for all I care; I don’t give two hoots about them. When I google something, I don’t even ignore the doodle, I don’t see it at all because I simply concentrate on the information which I’m seeking. And the goo goo boyz are about to learn just how irrelevant they are.

Honestly, the inventors of a hundred and more years ago created lasting innovations which changed the world. This bunch of hot house tomato, pansy-pusses string some digital BS together to create a world of illusion, which is about to topple along with their heads, when their jihadist-Marxist buddies come looking for them.

By the way, speaking of “Earth Day,” I didn’t realize until recently that it’s the same day as one Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov’s birthday. (Mr. Ulyanov was better known as Lenin, who, by the way, was born to a wealthy, middle-class family in Russia.) .. So there.

284px-American_Thinker_logoDoodle means to scribble absentmindedly.  But Google Doodles are intentional iconography that attempt to redraw America’s great history.  They elevate peripheral figures to iconic status and relegate religious holidays to amorphous greetings.

Google (now under the Alphabet umbrella) leverages its ubiquitous platform to doodle about holidays, anniversaries and famous people.  Since about 26% of us are unsure from whom we got our independence; many believe that Karl Marx helped author the Constitution, and untold others cannot name our 3 major branches of government, they could provide a useful civic service.

Instead, the insular techies are enmeshed in Silicon Valley’s progressive orthodoxy, choosing to superimpose today’s mores on yesteryear while ignoring  many heroic figures and religious holidays that weave together the grand tapestry of American history.  Contrary to their claims, Google Doodles more often celebrate obscure anniversaries and niche figures, retroactively applying modern leftist sensibilities tainted by sexism, multiculturalism, secularism, environmentalism and racialism.  Let’s take a look.