Lloyd Marcus : Keep Conservative Message Colorblind

LBJ and niggers...The political story of the 21st century in America will be the migration of the black community off the welfare plantation and into enterprise America. In one of the most evil moves in history, the Dems seduced a large percentage of that community away from self-reliance and achievement and into welfare starting in the 1960’s with devastating results. The truism of the failed LBJ and his incontinent message right here says it all about what he firmly believed about his own “give-away government.” As Star Parker points out, the rest of the country is now where the black community was in 1960.

Why “evil?” Because welfare takes away the mission of people to make their own lives. It particularly takes away the mission of men to provide for their families. Most of us are not going to be rock stars. We get our satisfaction from our day to day activities. Welfare robs people of this essential role in life. Welfare says to a man, here a black man, that you are not needed. Evil. And the Dems know it.

Dems need failure and despair for their constituency. Their worst nightmare is a country of self-sufficient families making their own way. They love power but who would vote for a Dem in a world like that?

Adjust the message so that it is within the Lib reality? No! Our job is to create a new reality! SELL the message!

Lloyd Marcus with a strong argument for keeping the conservative message on track …

Lloyd Marcus..Michael Brendan Dougherty wrote an article stating that the only way for conservatives to reach black voters is to drop their colorblind idealism.

Dougherty wrote:

Conservatives in the GOP like to assail identity politics and tout their own ideology as one of color blindness. Sometimes this is stupidly marketed to black voters as a selling point for Republicans. “We don’t categorize you by race,” brags a Republican. The black audience hears: “We don’t take the most salient part of your American political identity seriously.