The Clintons : America Deserves Better – Much Better

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

The Clintons: When was the last time we had a leader more concerned about the future of American citizens than themselves? Or the last time we had a president who took responsibility for his actions? Or the last time we had a president who followed through on his promises? (hint – one was president from 1981-88; the other from 2001-08)

The Clintons: Failure, mediocrity, and ineptitude, have now become the norms as to how government business is done. We need no more Carters, Clintons, or Obamas, as the “sell-by” date on their destructive Alinskyite, liberal-progressive ideology of Marxist-Socialism has long come and gone. Period.

The Clintons: WE THE PEOPLE could find better leaders by taking a set of darts and throwing them at a random page from a phone book. The presidency (when it comes to Democrats, that is) has taken on the mantle of a popularity contest of unqualified individuals, whose only accomplishment after four years is how many millions of dollars they have been able to pilfer, and how much they take out of the White House and other government facilities when they leave. Think on the ineptitude, incontinence, and downright deception that WE THE PEOPLE have suffered under the last three Democrat pretenders, including of course, the current shadowy figure whose real identity we have yet to discover.

The Clintons: Hillary Clinton is complicit in the sexual assaults committed by her predator husband on scores of women. Is this the type of woman the aforementioned Alinskyite, liberal-progressive Marxist-Socialist ideologues want for president? I suppose one has no other conclusion than to mutter “yes.” It was downright sad when the Clintonista’s “sold” the Lincoln bedroom for campaign contributions; but equally sad was the president and “first lady” of the United States getting nabbed by Parks and Recreation stealing WE THE PEOPLE’s possessions when they left the White House, having also committed the infantile lunacy of removing all GWB buttons from WH keyboards. How petty and sophomoric. One only needs to be reminded constantly, what these two reprobates have done to damage the Constitutionality of the Republic, and why they must never – EVER – be allowed access to the highest office in the land ever again. They are a disgrace to the nation. Period. Over. Out.

The Clintons: A topic of which, one Kathleen Willey is braving her soul to write about; of her own personal experience with these two misfits, and if anyone knows their true intentions, it would of course, be one of the rapists victims now, wouldn’t it?

Kathleen Willey ..“What difference does it make?” Indeed, Madam Secretary, Madam Senator, former first lady and FLOA, it makes a very big difference.

The last time we saw Hillary Clinton as our secretary of state, she was testifying before a congressional committee about Benghazi. During that meeting on Jan. 22, 2013, we heard her shriek, “What difference does it make?”

Earlier, right before one of the presidential debates, on Oct. 15, 2012, Hillary stated during a series of interviews that she, as secretary of state, was responsible for the security of the embassy staff. “The buck stops here.”

I remember being so surprised when I heard it, but I was immediately suspicious. Nothing – absolutely nothing – is happenstance in the Clintons’ world. Everything they do or say is weighed, measured, practiced and tested. Taking responsibility for anything is rare for them, so I waited for follow-up, the next step. Of course, there was none. It was only a symbolic gesture as the head of her department. Saying it is easy. Doing something about it is a whole different matter. To make it stick, problems needed to be identified and corrected.


In 1992, then-Democratic activist Kathleen Willey helped send Bill and Hillary Clinton to the White House. While serving as a volunteer in the White House, Willey met with Bill Clinton in the Oval Office to request a paying position. Instead of offering assistance, she said he sexually assaulted her. Willey tells the shocking story in her book, “Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton.”