Your Virtual Government At Work

Published on Apr 15, 2014 – Official Tax Day
Face it We The People, we’re taxed when we eat it, taxed when we drink it, taxed when we drive it, taxed when we earn it, taxed when we spend it, taxed when we save it, taxed if we inherit it, taxed when we own it (houses, cars, etc.) heck, when I was still in Britain we were even taxed for having the BBC – and look where that organization is now – a liberal-progressive Marxist-Islamic Muslim Mouthpiece, the Al Jazeera of the northern Caliphate … Taxed into oblivion!

In this segment, Virtual President Bill Whittle examines who pays what under your virtual government at work, and what we can do to make our tax code more efficient, more fair, more moral, and generate more revenue; your virtual government revenue, that is (in our dreams).