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Liberal Progs believe they are gods and have no need for a Christian God. Their lust for power fuels their agenda. They believe in the perfectibility of Man through radical social change and the warping of common sense reality by redefining words and phrases to accommodate their worldview. It’s the same kind of magical thinking that resulted in The Holocaust and Lysenkoism.

Some scientists are famously atheist while many engineers are religious. Why is this so?

Generally it’s because scientists and engineers are pursuing different goals. The scientist posits a theory and then performs experiments with controls to test that theory. If the results of the experiments do not support the theory, then they attempt to revise the theory to fit the evidence. Sometimes the science itself gets very theoretical.

But the one thing scientists are conditioned to do is to assume no God, and then try to explain the phenomena they observe. The Big Bang Theory is just the Second Law of Thermodynamics extrapolated back to the beginning of time. The Second Law has never been “proven” because the one exception that can be experimentally determined would disprove it. But since we have never found such an exception, engineers can rely upon it for their designs and inventions.

So what does all that have to do with anything, you might ask? Well, let’s take it a little step further with this opener from Robert Arvay and his piece in American Thinker which he titles “Darkness at the heart of Liberal Progs”…

We live in a nation in which the Constitution does not mention God.  Many on the left have used this fact to argue that the United States is a secular nation.  They then expand on this to justify banning all religious expression from any government forum, including public schools.

History teaches us otherwise.  The Constitution excluded mention of God, not because the Founders were irreligious, but quite to the contrary, they were all members of various and sundry religious establishments, and wished to keep it that way.  They reasonably feared that if the government were allowed to define God, then religious freedom would be lost.

This is why the Establishment clause of the First Amendment is balanced against the Free Exercise clause.  Both are necessary, not for the exclusion of religion, but for its protection.  The Founders rightly insisted upon both principles.  Each of them protects the other.

That history has been turned on its head.  Liberal Progs now interpret the Establishment clause so expansively that, in their view, it crowds out Free Exercise so completely as to render it of no effect.  The end result is what we see now, a God Derangement Syndrome in which even the remotest hint of tribute to God is frantically opposed by the Left.  Every smallest symbol of a cross is being scrubbed from official seals, lest anyone be offended.  Those offended by the removals are considered to be of no account.

By contrast, the Declaration of Independence attributes our “inalienable rights” to our “Creator,” not to the government.  Prior to that, an earlier founding document, the Mayflower Compact, specifically credits God – the Christian God – whose worship is the very purpose of the fledgling American government.

Ironically, it seems that the only religion that the Left deems worthy of protection is the one major world religion that stands diametrically opposed to religious freedom, and indeed, to all the founding principles of equality and liberty which Americans have died to preserve.  It is not that liberals worship the God of that religion, nor of any other (with the possible exception of the goddess, Mother Earth), but rather, that they regard Islam as a vehicle for tearing down the traditions of Western Civilization, and thereby destroying our nation.

Let me now continue with my allegory regarding Scientists and Engineers.

The engineer, however, has a different goal than the scientist. He doesn’t give a hoot if someone else can duplicate his results, at least not without paying him a fee to license his patent and as long as he and his employer can duplicate the results in mass production. His questions are as follows: Does the darn thing work? Can it be built for less cost than for which it can be sold? Is it safe enough to build and to use to avoid incurring too much liability to insure with reasonable premiums? Questions like that.

Why do engineers have an incentive to be religious? Because with any device engineers design and sell, particularly with planes, trains, and automobiles, there is always the design flaw that can get people killed. No matter how carefully you consider each aspect of the design, how many times you successfully convince management that the design flaws be fixed, you have to confront such phenomena as metal fatigue, decay, and deterioration of materials due to exposure to sun, wind, rain, water, salt, bacteria, fungi, and other wonderful features of the environment; not to mention that nothing is foolproof. Ol’ Murphy’s Law (“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”) is even harder to violate than the Laws of Thermodynamics.

As Robert Arvay concludes…

Finally, in yet another self-contradiction, liberals seem increasingly to worship physical science.  It is no coincidence, then, that science, which was formerly considered independent and single-mindedly objective, is increasingly subordinated to the service of leftist propaganda with bias and even outright falsehoods.  We see this today in the ostracism of any scientist who even so much as questions the quasi-religious doctrine of global warming/cooling/change, but also a few years ago during the AIDS epidemic.  Thousands lost their lives because it was feared that homosexuals would be offended by the truth, if the facts presented by AIDS dissidents were released to the public.  See here and here.

This hijacking of science by the left is subtly employed to promote the philosophy of physicalism, in which everything in the physical universe is permitted to be explained only in physical terms, and by nothing else.  This circular reasoning fails utterly to explain the most fundamental and pervasive of all objective observations, that of our inward experience of consciousness.  It goes further.

Physicalism is utterly incompatible with the perception that we have free will, by which we can overcome at least some of the constraints that cause-and-effect place upon our moral choices.  The logical conclusion from this idea is that we are unaccountable for our deeds, which is ironic, since leftists blame conservatives for all the imperfections in our society, even theirs.

When we get right down to it, the dark heart of liberal progressivism denies our very humanity.

Engineers therefore, do a lot of praying that no design flaw in any device or machine gets people killed. Put another way: Morality declines as contempt for Christianity rises. Or is that too scientific for Liberal Progs to understand?

Liberal Progs are idolaters with several idols. Scientism (Sophia, perhaps); sexual anarchy (Ashtoreth, Ishtar, Istarte); Chance and Time (evolution); Molech (child sacrifice as in abortion); Baal (the original “climate disruption” god), and The State (Government) of which the Tower of Babel and Babylon are the symbols.

Liberal Progs (regressives really) have no problem with God or religion or theocracy as long as that god is named Allah and the theocracy is based on Shari’ah Law. Islam is all external, and doesn’t change the heart. It is based on a monad (one transcendent, unknowable god that is supremely NOT relational, and is accountable to no one). The result is a veneer of piety over free reign to jihad, which is nothing more than organized murder, rape, theft, slavery and oppression.

Bottom line: Whenever and wherever idolatry reigns, it is axiomatic that poverty, slavery and death follow. Liberal Progs are at the very heart of the problem. And what a sad, sad, state of affairs that is.


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