The Clinton Defeat Tour underway

En Garde in the bunker…

“Wearing one of Elton John’s used leather pantsuits, her latest act of fashion revenge on the nation that had spurned her, Hillary showed up at 583 Park Avenue in the sixth month leg of her Defeat Tour.”[end]

Which just happens to be the perfect introduction from the ever-ebullient Daniel Greenfield and his Hillarious (pun intended) one-liner from today’s article in FrontPageMagazine which he describes as “Hillary’s Defeat Tour Will Never End”. Perfect. I wish she’d take personal responsibility for her horrible taste as she makes that leather pantsuit look like an overstuffed sausage.

Since that crashing defeat in early November, it has been increasingly obvious that Hillary Clinton wants to blame anyone she can for her defeat, but who will she blame for the incredible lack of support in Leftist bastions like Madison, WI? After all there were still more signs for Bernie Sanders than Hillary during the election, which was unprecedented in Lockstep Madison where Stalin could’ve been exhumed and won had he got the Democrat nomination.

Does Hillary look more decomposed than a dug-up Stalin would? Well, perhaps, maybe, but when she ranted into the camera “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead in the polls” during a September teleconference shindig with the Laborer’s International Union of North America, she definitely appeared to be more demented than a decomposed Stalin. Insane even.

Was James Comey running around Madison at night and stealing her signs? Or perhaps the Russians invaded Madison and Milwaukee and rigged the voting machines – Oh, that’s right, the Jill Stein recount proved there was no foul play and in fact, resulted in a further 131 votes for President Trump, making Hillary’s defeat even more embarrasing.

Maybe Martians – notorious misogynists that they are – teamed up with Trump and laced all of the lefty’s pot with PCP. No, Wisconsin was no mystery. People there welcomed her defeat as they simply don’t like her, left or right.

Let’s head to Daniel Greenfield…

Daniel Greenfield…

It’s May. The flowers are blooming. Young couples stroll through the park holding hands. And Hillary Clinton continues to tour the country explaining that she would have won if only it hadn’t been for the vast FBI-Russian-Misogynist conspiracy that shamelessly robbed her of an inevitable victory.

It’s not a campaign. It’s an anti-campaign. In our political tradition, losers go away. But the Clintons are the cockroaches of American politics. Getting nuked 306 to 232 won’t get rid of them. Instead they crawl out of the rubble, greedy antennas twitching, to cash in on their latest disaster.

Wearing one of Elton John’s used leather pantsuits, her latest act of fashion revenge on the nation that had spurned her, Hillary showed up at 583 Park Avenue in the sixth month leg of her Defeat Tour.

“If you drive around in some of the places that beat the heck out of me, you cannot get cell coverage for miles,” she told a horrified Manhattan audience that included Meryl Streep and Donna Karan who can no more imagine going out without cell phone coverage than without their personal assistants.

And people without cell phone coverage, unlike Los Angeles and New York, which accounted for her “popular vote” that Hillary always brings up, don’t matter. Except around election time when even people without cell phone coverage, personal assistants and Netflix accounts are still allowed to vote.

If it’s anyone’s fault that Hillary lost, it’s the “States” part of the United States.

It might behoove Hillary to ask for a refund for law school tuition as she’s obviously unaware of the electoral college which, in the end, is the final arbiter of the general election, especially for president. Or perhaps she’s tiredly overlooking her own incompetence in such matters as not using a State Department server, campaign miscalculations, and her overall off-putting personality. She’s just not a very nice person or, put another way, she and her lewd pedophile husband are very difficult people to like.

Think for a few seconds for instance, as to what kind of conversation took place on the tarmac in Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix between Bubba and Loretta Lynch as an example.

Or think for a few more seconds on what caused James Comey to consistently twist himself into a shameful political pretzel over her criminal activities when knowing full well the connection between he, the Clinton Foundation, HSCB, and DLA Piper etal. Sooner or later the corruption takes on a mind of its own until the ultimate downfall – total defeat.

The Left seems to be endlessly creative and dedicated in refusing to accept personal responsibility for their failures and shortcomings and mostly everything else. It’s ALWAYS “someone else’s” fault; Hillary is merely illustrating how the proper Leftist is supposed to behave – whiney, utterly self-absorbed, incredibly out of touch – like a French aristocrat just prior to the Revolution, out of touch, ignorant and lacking even a semblance of self-reflection and personal responsibility.

More from Daniel Greenfield…

Daniel Greenfield…

Is it fair that 3 million progressive Hillary voters in New York City and Los Angeles County should be outvoted by a bunch of hicks in flyover country who can’t even get 4G on their iPhone 7S?

As another defeated candidate once said, “This anonymous clan of slack-jawed troglodytes has cost me the election, and yet if I were to have them killed, I would be the one to go to jail. That’s democracy for you.” That’s the position that the #Resistance, whose newest member is Hillary herself, embodies.

But as always, she was there to take responsibility. Absolute responsibility. Nothing relative about it.

“I take absolute personal responsibility,” Hillary declared. Then she blamed the FBI-Russian conspiracy. Not to mention misogyny.  And lack of cell phone coverage.

Absolute personal responsibility, indeed. At this sad stage in Hillary’s career, students of the English language are forced to ponder whether she’s a liar or just doesn’t understand what words mean.

During the campaign, Hillary had taken “responsibility” for setting up a private email server full of classified emails after weeks of pressure from her people. Before blaming it on aides and Colin Powell.

She also took responsibility for Benghazi, before blaming it on lower staffers, a YouTube video and Congress. Somehow Colin Powell, cell phones and misogyny escaped the blame that time around.

For the Clintons, “I take responsibility” is one of those things you say, but don’t really mean. Like, “I want to hear everything”, “Good game” or “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Instead of taking responsibility, Hillary blames her defeat on her classified emails being found on the laptop of the husband of a close aide being investigated by the FBI for child pornography.

That is a perfectly legitimate reason to lose an election, go to prison and be hounded by dogs across upstate New York. It’s hard to think of a worse scandal than the combination of endangering national security and child pornography. It’s a scandal that would bury any merely human politician.

But Hillary isn’t really taking responsibility. She’s assigning responsibility.

I haven’t had a laugh session like this since the Leftist Media meltdown on election night, so thank you Daniel for a wonderfully Hiliarious deposit of Greenfield gold into your treasury!

What difference at this point, does it make?

Rudy Giuliani once said that more people believe in Bigfoot, than believe that Hillary Clinton is trustworthy, but I believe it was Matthew Vadum within the pages of FrontPageMagazine who said it most succinctly concerning this ogress, “She is a horrible candidate, and a horrible person.” She will pretend to continue on as part of the resistance, but gravity clearly has already won that battle.

We the People managed to throw a bucket of cold water on the Witch of Benghazi last November, and our latest admonition is for her to go away old woman, no-one with half a brain tied behind their back (thanks Rush) will ever forget the damage you and your cohorts have done to the Constitutional Republic. Benghazi will never fade from the minds of the righteous, and especially “what difference at this point does it make? “

One of these fine days you’ll get the appropriate answer for eternity and that will be your final defeat.

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