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The only people who can change public opinion of Islam are Muslims themselves. As long as they continue to murder each other and infidels, mutilate women, practice 7th-century laws and threaten the superior western world with conquer and Islamification, the world will continue to see them for what they really are – and no PR agency nor apologist media outlet on planet earth will save them from it.

The psychological projection practiced by Muslims and their sycophants on the Left just goes on and on. Their penchant for claiming victim-hood on the basis of pseudo-persecution while they themselves practice the most extreme forms of bigotry, is disgusting to the extreme. But like all totalitarians they believe that the bigger the lie the more it will be swallowed by the gullible.

Is such a thing as ‘Islamophobia’ even possible? The word phobia means to have an irrational fear of something, but there’s nothing remotely irrational in being afraid of Islam. I, like millions of others scattered around the globe in the cross hairs of Islam, tend to be very wary of their actions, and for good reason (or actually “reasons” plural). For example, their unholy book demands them to “Fight until there is no god but Allah.” Could this Qur’anic command be somehow related to the global jihad? Maybe. Just maybe.

I do believe we can refer to Reza Aslan as a misanthrope…

Which turns the attention upon one, Reza Aslan, a human form of snake that twists and writhes about the head of the media Gorgon we call CNN and an out-and-out apologist for the cause of Islamic Jihad. A perfect example of the evil that emanates from the agenda of CNN’s owners and management; a manifestation of the fascism that has taken over American institutions, so-called “news media”, and generally anything else that smacks of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Bottom line is that Islam loves fascism, and with experts like Reza Aslan dishing out the Islamic dirt on a nightly basis courtesy of CNN, who needs hidden Islamic Jihadis when their main promoter is up and doing it right in the faces of the American public?

Daniel Greenfield from FrontPageMagazine…

Daniel Greenfield…

Reza Aslan has built a career complaining about Islamophobia. Throw a dart at a map of colleges and the odds were good that Aslan would be speaking at one of them about the rising threat of Islamophobia.

Earlier this year, Aslan, an Iranian Muslim, announced that he was going to change people’s minds about Islam and make them more tolerant, “through pop culture, through film and television.“

“Stories have the power to break through the walls that separate us into different ethnicities,” Aslan rhapsodized, “different cultures, different nationalities, different races, different religions.”

CNN gave Aslan a forum. Nearly every episode of “The Believer” that aired has made some religion that isn’t Islam look freaky, unpleasant and threatening. Instead of breaking through the walls, it has surveyed different non-Islamic religions only to sneer at them as strange and weird.

Instead of Islamophobia, it offers Non-Islam-ophobia.

“The Believer” kicked off with an episode featuring a sect of cannibals whom the show associated with Hinduism. Its last episode spread fear over the threat posed by Orthodox Jews. CNN’s “Believer” clips offer Reza Aslan explaining why he’s a Muslim sandwiched between a doomsday cult leader who calls himself “Jezus”, voodoo, scientology and a Mexican death cult.

Not even Al Jazeera would have been this blatant about its Islamic agenda.

Reza Aslan, CNN and “Believer” have already offended a whole range of religious groups. Hindus angrily denounced the misrepresentation of their religion.  But the left has much less interest in Hinduphobia than it does in Islamophobia. Hindu protests outside CNN offices in five cities garnered almost no coverage from the same media that covers every single Islamic protest against Islamophobia.

The media doesn’t believe that all forms of religious bigotry are created equal.

It’s obvious that Aslan highlights the radical end of the religions he profiles in an effort to convince his ignorant viewers that every adherent to said religion behaves and believes in like manner. He’ll never do that with Islam considering how many so-called “moderate” Muslims are in favor of Shari’ah Law governing every aspect of human existence around the globe. Honor killings, female genital mutilation, chopping off the hands of thieves, beheadings, burnings, hangings from cranes, throat-slitting etc., etc., are the norm for that sick false religion.

There you go, spoken like a true soldier of Allah … What an embarrassment to Reza Aslan…

CNN is a cog in the Fifth Column, unabashed collaborators with the Enemies of the State, Islam being the main one, while others dwell within the education system from lower school to the privileged elite of this nation’s universities. Apologists like Reslan, covert advocates of Islam (which at its rawest, is nothing but a cult of bloodletting) all play a role, determined to undermine the Constitutional Republic with this perverse and evil ideology, while at the same time demonizing Christians, Jews, Hindus and other diverse religions.

The Saudis are funding all of this spread of radical fundamental Islam, and financing universities and mosques in any country that will take their money. It is all about the money. The problem is our political leaders consider Saudi Arabia an “ally”. They should release the 21 redacted pages from the 9/11 report to wake people up to this threat. Islam does not belong in civilized countries, period.

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Daniel Greenfield…

That’s certainly a convenient message to peddle if you’re an Islamist opponent of Israel. In the past, Reza Aslan has been utterly unsubtle in his hatred of the Jewish State.  Highlights included comparing Israelis to Nazis and insisting that Iran wants nukes because it feels threatened by Israel.

But, as critics know, Reza Aslan has two faces. One is a ranting bigot. The other feigns spirituality. The real Aslan is a bigot. The fake Aslan mouths inanities about the universality of religion even as he attacks every religion that isn’t Islam. You can find the real Aslan on social media and the fake Aslan on CNN.

“The Believer” is the perfect platform for Reza Aslan. Its smirking subtitle “Spiritually curious” and Aslan’s inanities convey the image of a hipster looking for religious meaning everywhere. It’s no doubt how the show was sold to CNN. And CNN execs saw Aslan’s approach of showcasing religious freakiness while disguising it with nostrums about the universality of the search for meaning as a safe bet.

But Aslan isn’t spiritually curious. He’s spiritually hostile. He’s learned to disguise that hostility by sounding like a liberal. On CNN, his attacks on various religions are interspersed with disclaimers. But the disclaimers, like the inanities, are meant to get lost in the overall impression that Hindus eat brains and Jews are Islamic terrorists who want to take over everything. That is what viewers will remember.

Reza Aslan postures as a scholar, but he’s callously ignorant of other religions and he isn’t actually interested in learning about them except to undermine them. His curiosity is only a media pose.

“The Believer” continues the trend that defined Aslan’s career. He writes a book defending Islam and then another that attacks Christianity. Then he responds to the criticism by crying Islamophobia.

The only one who should be allowed to stir up fear and loathing of other religions is Reza Aslan.

Christians, Hindus and Jews have taken apart Reza Aslan’s claims about their religions. But despite Aslan’s posturing, he isn’t a scholar. A scholar wouldn’t be boasting about eating brains or pretending to be afraid of Jews in Israel. “The Believer” isn’t a scholar’s work. It’s a malignant attack on non-Islamic religions disguised in one part universalism and four parts sensationalism.

Not a snowball’s chance in hell he’ll argue that the radicalized Islamists are just like every other Muslim in the world.

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