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There’s a sentiment been floating around Britain and Europe for eons, along the lines of ‘If the EU is so freakin’ great, why isn’t Switzerland, the country with the highest standard of living in Europe, in it?’ – Good question, and the answer is of course, that ‘little Switzerland’ has more fight in its proverbial balls than the whole of the EU has in its entirety of ‘twiddle dee, dumb and doom’.

Three years ago, yours truly was on an extended visit to my native Britain on family estate matters, when I actually witnessed the downfall of the globalist David Cameron who did indeed lose his balls, and ceded Prime Ministership to one, Theresa May. From one globalist to another, who hummed and hawed her way around somewhat precariously until – you guessed it – she gave in, gave up, and gave out.

Put very simply – 3 years ago the people of the UK voted by a large majority to leave the despised EU and the ”Remoaners” and set out willfully on their own destiny. The Brussels bureaucRATS on the other hand, decided to ignore the will of the British people and throw democratically-elected governors in the bin. 

Enter the fray, Boris Johnson, a hypothetical bull in a china shop (or somesuch) but bright, sharp as a tic, and focused. Shades of a current president of the United States began to be muttered among the voter-intelligentsia and all seemed to be heading in the right direction.

It also didn’t hurt to have the bright and dogged conservative political warrior Nigel Farage flexing his political muscles once again, and all seemed destined to fall into place procedurally.

But the Globalist Elites. A pox on them!

Monica Showalter and American Thinker: ‘No, Boris Johnson isn’t defeated’…

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s loss of his Tory parliamentary majority, done very theatrically by the British equivalent of RINOs, just as he was speaking to parliament, was billed as a disastrous defeat for his Brexit agenda. Brendan O’Neill at Spiked wrote this:

Tonight’s vote by MPs to seize control of the parliamentary agenda in order to prevent a No Deal Brexit is not, as they claim, a wonderful assertion of parliamentary sovereignty against a dictatorial executive led by Boris Johnson.

No, it is an assertion of the political elite’s arrogant authority over the people. If MPs have seized power from anyone this evening, it is from us, the public, the millions who voted to leave the EU. This is not parliament vs the executive – this is parliament vs the people, and it opens up one of the greatest, most troublesome constitutional crises of modern times.

He’s right, of course. And Johnson himself understood the implication, tweeting this yesterday:

Jeremy Corbyn wants to cancel the referendum and argue about Brexit for years. I am committed to leading our country forward and getting Britain out of the EU by October 31st

[+]… What happened Tuesday certainly involves complicated parliamentary maneuvers, and the people writing of such disappointment do understand how these stakes work.

That said, it seems that the worst that can happen is that the country will be forced into a general election – very soon. Johnson says that’s what he wants. There’s actually reason to think that Labour may just try to stop him. But it’s likely he’ll succeed.

Advantage Boris.

Link to completion available down below…

Best of buddies and comrades for patriotism … Trump-Farage, what a ticket that would make!

It kind of feels like there is one party, a single party, of right-minded people all over the world who are finding the courage of their convictions to fight for their heritage, their liberty and their choice of future.

Born in different countries, in different parts of the world, often speaking different languages, but needing and willing to fight for the same thing.


The Trump Revolution has gone global. Globalist elites are dazed and confused that people want their national sovereignty back. The world is getting smaller and the differences between its peoples are becoming more focused and refined.

Freemen vs Slaves. Nationalists vs Globalists.

Concentration of power is never good and that is what a globalist seeks even if he doesn’t realize it; and as we all know ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

Here’s hoping those turncoats kicked out of the Conservative party for their treachery receive their just desserts.

And on that note – time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump changing the world and MAGA! KAG!


Monica Showalter, American Thinker: No, Boris Johnson isn’t defeated

And ‘sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: UK Lawmakers opposing Brexit Kicked Out

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