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If true, as if it weren’t already clear to any sane-thinking person, the death of real journalism is a fact.

If true (which it is) – 40+ years ago, say, in the realm of ‘breaking news reportage’, the senior editor at any news agency would insist on at least two independent sources – if not more – to verify a story was accurate before it was printed. These days they come out with rumors, lies and fairy tales, and when it proves unverifiable, they posit that it may be true, but that it just hasn’t been verified yet.

Which is why you can’t trust mainstream news reporting today. If true, they are neither honest nor ethical and they have an agenda that has nothing whatsoever to do with the truth or facts. Just take the New York Times as a prime example of over-the-top fake news reportage. More like ‘fairy-tale’ reporting.

If true. And very rightfully excoriated by the great Levin in his truthfully-exposed ‘Unfreedom of the Press’.

But I digress. I do believe, if true (which it is) that never has there been so much venomous hatred unleashed against any political figure, certainly in my lifetime, as that against a successful, sitting president admired by the populace, doing his very best for the people and the nation, as that vented against president Trump; and I certainly am no youngster. If true.

Leftist corruption in journalism, education, entertainment, and government has produced a malignancy in this country that has metastasized within the most vulnerable, and the most imbecilic, of our society. If true. Including one, Lawrence O’Donnell over at MessNBC.

If true – believe me, it is.

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator, and ‘Sources Say’ – if true…

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell lives a secret double life performing as a drag queen in New Jersey gay bars, a source tells me. While there have long been rumors that O’Donnell enjoys dressing up in women’s clothing, evidence of his transvestite fetish has been difficult to obtain. Yet my source assures me that such evidence exists, and as for gossip about O’Donnell’s addiction to the rare narcotic Ibogaine … Well, has O’Donnell ever denied it?

You could justify reporting almost anything by the nonexistent “journalism ethics” of Lawrence O’Donnell. On live TV Tuesday night, the MSNBC host told his audience that Donald Trump had obtained loans from Deutsche Bank co-signed by “Russian billionaires with ties to Vladimir Putin.” The basis for this claim, according to O’Donnell, was “a single source close to Deutsche Bank.” O’Donnell then added an interesting caveat: “If true … ”

Yes, of course. It would be a big scoop, if true. And my exclusive reporting that O’Donnell spends his Saturday nights in drag cabaret shows, wearing high heels and fishnet stockings while twerking to Lady Gaga songs? A major bombshell, if true. As it is, however, I hesitate to vouch for my source’s assertion that the MSNBC host is an Ibogaine-addicted transvestite.

Excuse my sarcasm, but what O’Donnell did Tuesday night was the kind of amateur blunder that would have gotten any reporter thrown down the stairs by the late Wes Pruden. “Get it first, get it right” was Pruden’s motto as editor at the Washington Times, and woe be unto any reporter who got it wrong, especially on a big story.

Link to completion down below…

Lawrence O’Donnell in ‘if true’ meltdown …

For the record, Eric Trump is filing a lawsuit. and one hopes O’Donnell and MESSDNC get taken to the cleaners for defaming a good company. Their (MSNBC) credibility is not the only thing that should suffer from the deliberate contagion of TDS on the public.

It’s time that people who are not elected officials but get smeared by the MSM seek relief from the courts if that is possible nowadays, since it seems to be getting more difficult to even find courts that still interpret the law, as opposed to legislating liberally from the bench.

Selective enforcement is rampant as well as two sets of laws now – the one for liberal elites (Hillary Rob’em, #44, Comey, et al) and another for the ‘little people’.

Has one man (such as our fearless president) ever before earned such wrath from so many for simply winning an election fairly and squarely? I think not! These people display more than a touch of insanity in their attempts to destroy him.

The Jackass O’Donnell is simply the most recent nutcase to do so, and deserves everything coming at him from the Eric Trump lawsuit. Couldn’t happen to a nastier person. Harvard or not.

And on that note, time for more positive things through the MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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