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Looking at matters of importance on the positive side, yesterday’s British Parliamentary battle had to happen so that Boris Johnson could expose all Uniparty members in the Tory (ie ‘Conservative’) party. Akin to we Yanks having fearless president Trump expose all the RINOs constantly cavorting with the DemoMarxists.

21 weasels of his own party turned against Boris, thus there’s no way he would have been successful in passing a No Deal anyway. He has now, however, outed the traitors.

And even if they vote to delay Brexit (hope not), the next General Election will wipe out all of the guilty parties, and the Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage will get massive gains.

However, when I saw Jacob Rees-Mogg lying calmly on one of the benches, I began to realize that they must have a backup plan; ie., forcing the general election by Boris stepping down after pushing through Brexit. (?)

The masks sure are falling off the faces of these globalist politicians on a world-wide scale!

Times that history will no doubt remind of, when freedom began to show itself again, renewed on a scale the world has barely witnessed before.

Surely PM Johnson, Nigel Farage, and the Queen (I suspect she also wants her country back from the EU disaster) have some means of ensuring that the will of the people gets done.

Rule Britannia? The Trump Effect. BRAVO!

Here’s a quick 5-minute explanatory read from Raheem Kassam, former Senior Advisor to the afore-mentioned Farage, and: ‘Explaining Brexit – Well, As Much as Anyone Can’ …

Jurgen the German (who is German, by the way) is a sketch character by British comedian Harry Enfield.

Jurgen finds himself in common situations — waiting for a bus, for example — and upon a lull in conversation with strangers, is known to blurt out, “I feel I must apologize for the conduct of my nation in the war.”

It’s funnier if you watch it than if I explain it to you. But on that note, I feel I must apologize for the conduct of my nation during Brexit.

Over the past week alone, the international media has been inundated with headlines about Her Majesty the Queen intervening (sort of), the new prime minister Boris Johnson losing his parliamentary majority, and now UK journalists blabbering on about the Conservative Party withdrawing the whip from Sir Winston Churchill’s grandson and 20 other Members of Parliament.

You see while the public voted to leave (52 versus 48 per cent) in 2016, our Parliament is regrettably predominantly constituted of those who would wish to remain in the European Union at almost any and all costs.[-]

[+] … But Parliament is refusing to consent to an election. Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party, after years of demanding a fresh vote, seem awkwardly unwilling. You would be too if you were polling like they are.

So Brexit seems impossible by executive power, impossible by parliamentary power, and we’re now being told we can’t even have an election to change the Parliament.

This graphic attempts to explain, though will likely just give you a headache. No wonder Brexit leader Nigel Farage recently opined, “I fear that we are rapidly headed towards a very dark place.” I happen to disagree. I think we’re already there, and our present situation has been foreseeable for a while. [-]

[+] … Still baffled? Consider yourself an honorary Brit. Meanwhile, we have to try and sign trade deals with our allies for if we do actually leave.

So once again, I apologize for the conduct of my nation during Brexit. But know this: we the people are hankering to leave the European Union and champing at the bit to become worthwhile allies again.

If we have to somehow remove our Parliament and revoke our consent to be governed by such a body, I hope our American friends will have our backs.[-]

For full, fill-in-the-blanks episode click on Raheem Kassam link below…

Queen Elizabeth and President Trump hit it off on recent visit…

I imagine the queen has never liked seeing her country controlled by the EU. This is one case where having a monarchy with a queen that has been on the throne for so long would help.

She is no fool. Independent rule now rests on Boris, her, and Nigel. Throw in President Trump for security.

It’s quite amazing that the fate of a nation comes down to a few people like it did for my boyhood hero Churchill, and like it is for Trump. I always wonder what Trump would say if you could get a sit down off the record meeting with him. What really is coming down in our government. I think his answers would greatly depress most of us.

Presently, no one else has the stomach to change the path of our nation. God bless Trump. May he and his family be safe and shown favor.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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