Fight for right & might victoriously

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“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

My boyhood hero for those inquiring minds; I was after all, born during the middle of WWII when the clean-up crew sent the bad guys packing and life – so I was taught – took back its true legitimacy. The rest as they say, is history.

In case you missed it, we entered the month of August 2021 yesterday, the month of a coming push. The demoMarxocrat Marxists know this, but some of our own Patriots are still wandering around with a half empty glass. The afore-mentioned Marxists – generally referred to as “the left” – have attacked us with a bio-weapon or two, or three, or more, all of which supposedly have killed over half a million people. My instinct is of a mindset that says “you ain’t seen anything yet”. Where are the “fact-checkers?”

Fight for right & might victoriously. A man for all seasons tackles the enemy … Freedom!!

Consider where we are as the nation’s majority by 10 to 20 million Patriots or more, presently occupying some 85% of the landmass in our country, with an opportunity coming up to accomplish an enormous amount of progress to right the ship. The complicit media isn’t going to let you hear about it, but yours truly senses this month is going to be like no other month in my lifetime – and I’m closer to 80 than 70. Sit back without complaining and watch what your Patriots can do without firing a shot. Protect your loved ones and your property.

The Founders are often criticized for their membership in clubs such as the Freemasons. The tinfoil crowd likes to use this as an argument that they weren’t Christians at all. What nobody argues is that the Founders had a safe place among friends to associate; free to speak their minds without worrying about the treachery of Tory spies and other Loyalists. When it comes time to make plans, discuss tactics, and make decisions, it is imperative that patriots who love their country can do so without fear of the tyrannical regime listening in.

Yours truly has always been one to consider that there’s a direct relationship between the outrageousness of the distraction and what they don’t want you to see. The more evident the former the more insane the latter. It is the tail wagging the dog narrative and that is why wars are sometimes started.

Fight for right and might victoriously. Evil is getting shoved in a corner, which makes them very dangerous.

Roger Kimball, American Greatness: ‘When will the COVID Revolt Come?’ …

The most cheerful headline I have seen in weeks was on Glenn Reynolds’ New York Post column: “No, Karen, we’re not masking again.” I hope he is right. I do wonder, though. I have no doubt that the second part of his headline—“A winning GOP message for 2022 [and] beyond”—is correct. At least it’s correct if it is expressed as a conditional: It would be a winning strategy were it adopted. As Reynolds notes, “There is a great deal of pent-up frustration and resentment over the inconvenience, the loss of freedom and the general climate of hectoring that the government’s pandemic response has created.” Indeed. And he’s right, too, that

It’s irritating to be lectured by officials who claim to be smarter than you. It’s infuriating to be lectured by government officials who claim to be smarter than you—but clearly aren’t.

The on-again/off-again claims on masks and vaccination are just part of it. Tired of masks? Get vaccinated, they told us. Now they’re saying wear a mask, even if you’ve been vaccinated and even if you’re associating with others who’ve been vaccinated.

And there’s talk of more lockdowns, which a growing body of scientific evidence suggests were perfectly useless and downright harmful.

As Molly Bloom exclaimed in a different context, Yes, Yes, Yes! [-]

[+] … It was the New York Post, again, that cut to the chase on the latest (unless we’re on to the epsilon variant already) with its cover of July 30. “Insanity!” read its oversized headline and below was a large grid with a tiny bit of the upper right square marked. Of the 161 million people who have been vaccinated, only 5,601 have been hospitalized with the new version of the virus. Of those, only 1,141 have died. That’s .0007 percent. (And how old, one wonders, were those who succumbed and from what comorbidities did they suffer?) [-]

[+] … But even to talk about studies and statistics and “expert” advice is to assume that we are talking primarily about an issue of public health. We aren’t. Consider this list from Jim Treacher:

  1. Absolutely do not wear a mask
  2. You must, must, must wear a mask or you’re killing Grandma
  3. Don’t leave the house or you’re killing Grandma
  4. If you can’t avoid leaving the house, stay at least six feet away from any other human being you see or you’re killing Grandma
  5. Wash your hands 20 times a day
  6. Do not touch your face or anything else, ever
  7. Get vaccinated so you don’t have to wear a mask
  8. You have to wear a mask even if you’re vaccinated
  9. When the above rules change, and then change back, and then change back again, shut up about it or you’re a stupid MAGA-head
  10. Don’t forget to vote Democrat!

Of course, the last item is more often left unspoken than it is overtly expressed, but it is a sentiment, an assumption, that infuses the whole shifting kaleidoscope of contradictory advice. Treacher is right. “This isn’t about science. It’s about control. You will do as you’re told, peasants, and your moral, ethical and intellectual betters will continue to do whatever they please.”

I think Glenn Reynolds is correct that opposing the tyrannous spirit that stands behind the lockdowns, the mask mandates, and the smug, hectoring, politically correct demands for proof of vaccination would be a winning strategy for GOP politicians. Will they adopt it? Most will do so timorously, if at all. That’s my prediction. [end]

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Fight for right & might victoriously. Prez Trump supports Charlie Kirk young hope for future…

Those who believe that our side is coming back in some election are actually basing their hope on one unspoken belief: that the demoMarxocrats and the global Elite who control them respect the Constitution and the popular will so much, that they’ll let it happen. 2018 and 2020 showed that they will not only cheat to hold power, they’ll destroy the US before they give it up to a Conservative again. The last two years have also shown that the so-called Right is too afraid and too corrupt itself to fight back.

Actually what they can do in 5 states they can never do in all 50 states. Republicans will gain control. It is the DOJ, FBI, judges and military I worry about along with RINO republicans. Our protection is in the Red States because the feds and National Guard will not likely want to become targets of sniper minutemen and groups of civilians which establish early warning systems. As the FBI has made examples of Jan 6 participants so will patriots make examples of spies, rats and informers. That is what a population of armed citizens will do. Remember what the purpose of the Second Amendment is all about!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our warrior-president Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to continue his objectives to MAGA! – KAG!


Roger Kimball, American Greatness: When Will the COVID Revolt Come?