PDJT $102 million dollar war chest

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Credit deserved where credit is due, as it was Sundance and Conservative Treehouse who most successfully explained the role of the UniParty in American politics by revealing to us all what the “splitter strategy” was all about and how the grassroots MAGA movement could defeat it. At the time nobody – BUT NOBODY – in the national conservative movement were paying much attention to these two critical factors during the 2016 campaign: we never even heard the phrase “UniParty” until Sundance began talking about it.

Once the newly arisen conservative insurgency – which was turning itself into the MAGA movement – figured out what was going on, cutthroats the likes of Paul Ryan and Kasich etal were rendered instantly irrelevant. They went from men of political substance to net zero in almost no time, as Rush was one of the first guys to recognize what Sundance was doing. At least that’s where yours truly first heard mention of the splitter strategy.

PDJT $102 million dollar war chest. When ballots go missing people lie…

Consequently my distrust of the RNC is now complete and I no longer give money to them, having morphed onto the Real Donald Trump campaign. You can rest assured that I’m going to carefully check out just who I’m sending money to before I make any contributions. Rumors have it for instance that ‘Ronna Romney McDaniel’ was drinking in the bar at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island the night of the Georgia Senate elections in early 2021 and talking about “the future of the Republican Party.” She lifted no finger to help the GOP in Georgia fighting for its majority in the Senate. So much for due diligence!

While I’m at it let me remind everybody that President Trump took no salary for being President, but having been reminded at what God can do through generosity, it’s only fitting that a President who has supported people in the past is now being supported into the future by the very selfsame people.

Just keep reminding yourself after all, that the 2020 ELECTION was stolen! MAGA and PDJT IS now THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘PDJT $102 million dollar war chest’…

When Donald J Trump entered politics in 2015, the RNC club -then headed by Reince Priebus- was dismissive. The RNC club was/is an echo-chamber of big donor and corporate influence. However, the blue-collar message carried by Donald Trump resonated with middle-America. The forgotten men, women and families responded in more ways than the immediate (and never diminishing) first place in the polls, they opened their checkbooks.

The scale of response from the MAGA supporters was unknown to the Club during their early 2016 efforts to position, Rubio, Cruz and eventually Kasich to take down the crass vulgarian. However, despite the Club’s earnest efforts, Donald Trump was indefatigable and his supporters were unfazed by the corporate media attacks.

If any issue ever highlighted the disconnect between the RNC club and the base of voters they claimed to represent, the campaign support for Donald Trump and the America-First agenda was a case study.

Then something happened…. in March and April of 2016, the club began having to accept that Donald Trump was going to be the nominee. The people behind MAGA were not going to leave him.

As a result of the Republican club’s terms and conditions, the RNC President, Reince Priebus, got his first look at the Trump campaign books. For the first time, the RNC president saw the number of people who contributed to the campaign account of Donald Trump. That was the club inflection point.

The RNC had never seen the number of donations, small donations, for a single presidential candidate, ever. The most shocking statistic was not the amount of money raised by Trump, but the sheer number of donors supporting him. Trump’s MAGA donor base file became the most valuable commodity the RNC club had ever seen. [-]

[+] … Most of the MAGA donors did not convert to being RNC club donors. Instead, they remain loyal to the one person who has not stabbed them in the back, lied to them and played political games. The majority of the MAGA donors still contribute to Donald J Trump, because he alone has earned that trust while visibly walking through the fire of political opposition from both wings of the UniParty in DC.

A recent article on the current state of political contributions reflects exactly this dynamic. There are more small donors, grassroots MAGA supporters, in the contributions to President Trump -a man no longer holding office- than there are in the donors to the RNC Club. This lack of transference has never happened before, not even close.

Save America PAC and Make America Great Again PAC. [-]

[+] … This is the donor fuel from ‘We The People’, directed into President Trump to support MAGA candidates, in an effort to avoid the RNC club using donor funding to support republican candidates that are against the MAGA agenda.

This is the Big Ugly fuel…. [end]

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PDJT $102 million dollar war chest. Maricopa County audit for the ages…

In the meantime over in Maricopa County, AZ, it would appear that the State needs to arrest every member of the board of supervisors for ignoring the State Senate’s orders! It seems the last subpoena sent to the county board was clear there would be consequences for noncompliance. Now what?! Put some real teeth into that subpoena, or it isn’t worth the paper it was written on! I guess Maricopa County is satisfied with the massively fraudulent election results? They can’t be allowed to get away with it. Just when are people finally going to stand up and say “NO!”!?

The judge who ruled the subpoena legal needs to issue a warrant for the arrest of all members of the Board, any local Dominion officials and seize all of the requested equipment. Canada has an extradition treaty with the US so order the arrest and extradition of Dominion officials and seize what ever is needed to get into the dominion equipment for examination.

Arizona Senate PLEASE find some backbone and get on with it. Republican Party stop wimping out and discipline the two Republicans who are blocking action. They need to be thrown out and all funding cut off for their reelection; also check their bank accounts for recent large deposits! You started all this, Arizona, so finish it – the whole country is watching you. PDJT $102 million dollar war chest…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!