Alphabet agency’s undercover mess

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The very best way to handle abusers of power is not to just swallow it ad nauseum, but to spit it out like the scum they are and if nothing else vomit on their shoes in the aftermath. It has become well beyond time to clean house on every single one of the alphabet agencies hiding under cover of the United States Constitution or We the (80 million+) People will do it in its own way, on its own time, at the appropriate venue. FBI, CIA, FDA, NSA, DEA, DHS, DOJ, etc etc., – 17 of them – you name it and the corruption is obvious, yet those who are guilty just make the swamp smell like a sewer.

It’s a proven fact that some of the most corrupt lawyers ever continue to work at the FBI and DOJ. The field agents at the FBI fare no better – not one whistleblower among the thousands of agents across the land. Those agents continue to spy on, frame and arrest innocent Americans for political gain, including the outrageous Jan 6 frame-up at the Capitol, and the steaming piles of “Russia collusion” and Crossfire Hurricane. Add to that the scurrilous OBO-BIDEN-appointed judges, justices, and glued-to-their-chairs bureaucrats who do the OBO#44-demoMarxocratRINO bidding, and it reveals just how deep the cesspool really is; the happenstance of which reveals the governance of this divided land.

Alphabet agency’s undercover mess. FBI Wray absent phone calls Jan 6

It isn’t surprising, then, that the FBI covers for sexual criminal predators, as well as Antifa / BLM, and the criminals hiding in full view of Congress. It doesn’t call into question the legitimacy only of the FBI; it more damningly calls into question the legitimacy of the entire U.S. federal government. Christopher Wray for instance, is merely a symptom of the corruption that is laced throughout the FBI. Remove him and yet another reptilian bureaucrat will slink into his place.

The deep lying problem is the agency itself and the culture of DC. Fixing the root cause cannot be done with musical chairs – it’s going to require more drastic measures, of which one doesn’t think the “authorities” would approve!

Take for instance the current WH occupiers of the moment, shuffling demented Joe and clip-clop keeper Jill. It’s a downright proven fact that we know Hunter had an affair with his sister-in-law after his brother died, following which he then went on to abuse his brother’s daughter. Joe & Jill were of course “fine with it”. Biden’s own daughter wrote in her diary about having to take showers with the “big guy”. Like Hunter, she’s been through rehab many times.

When people want power for the purpose of power, anything is acceptable. This is not a coincidence, this is what happens when sociopaths run our country. The demented duo is simply the current aberration. Alphabet agency’s undercover mess…

Adam Mill, American Greatness: ‘FBI’s Sexual Scandal’…

Cruising the streets of Moscow in his car, Lavrentiy Beria would occasionally direct his driver to stop so he could abduct a girl. As the head of Soviet Russia’s secret police, the NKVD, Beria savored his power to kidnap countless victims who he would rape in a specially constructed soundproof room. In 2011, workers excavating a common grave holding some of his victims found children’s skulls among the remains. But Beria returned most of his rape victims with a bouquet of roses as a gesture of sneering irony. Families, just grateful to have their children returned alive, would refrain from complaining to avoid even worse reprisals.

Just as we shudder at the thought of a secret police preying upon children, most Americans rest comfortable in the faith that our own FBI would never commit such heinous acts against children. And if a bad apple within the FBI were to do so, we desperately want to believe that the agency would root out and expel the criminal with a public denunciation as a message to others tempted to abuse their power.

Yet, for five years, FBI Agent David Harris committed a rampage of sexual crimes against a string of victims, some of whom were young children.

On June 24, the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations Special Victims Unit finally put a stop to his terrifying spree when it arrested him. Joining the arrest, the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General published a terse report admitting to the shocking facts. God bless the Louisiana state police who refused to be intimidated by the imprimatur of the FBI. Otherwise, Harris might still be marauding through vulnerable children.

These were not just teenage victims. Louisiana charged this FBI agent with “aggravated crimes against nature and indecent behavior with children under the age of 13.” What must it have been like for parents to learn that an FBI agent sexually violated their child? Did Harris’ FBI badge intimidate victims into silence? [-]

[+] … We also learned early last year that the FBI sat on evidence of Jeffery Epstein’s child prostitution operation, allowing it to continue for years. Many rightly wonder what powerful clients Epstein would have named had he not died in Justice Department custody.

For those who do not benefit from the FBI’s selective use of its power, the consistent tolerance of child predators (even within its own ranks) calls into question the legitimacy of the organization as a law enforcement agency. Nobody elected Christopher Wray to his powerful office. So instead of serving the interests of justice, the FBI continues to use its power to protect predators inside the velvet rope of the upper-tier of the two-tier justice system. And it seems there’s nothing we can do. Wray breezily continued as FBI director through the 2020 election, after helping to cover up multiple scandals.

Like the Soviet families of Beria’s victims, we just have to swallow our outrage. [end]

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Alphabet agency’s undercover mess…

It wouldn’t hurt for the next Republican President (take your pick!) – on DAY ONE to simply FIRE – or reduce – all FBI personnel by simply stating that there’s no easy or safe way to determine who’s corrupt or who’s not, therefore they ALL must go – then do the same with other agencies!  Then allow them to re-apply for NEW jobs that require intense vetting!

We don’t hear very much about the US Marshals so they must be either very clean or very clever – one hopes it’s the former. The Marshal’s can absorb the crime fighting aspects and since we won’t need agents to set up innocent citizens maybe we won’t need as many NEW FBI agents! For sure the CIA needs to be abolished and – going back to the likes of President Kennedy’s plan – scattered into the four winds! All those who were CIA should be warned against joining any groups in opposition to the USA as that would involve Treason / Sedition and would be dealt with rather harshly.

There are three words under the shield emblem of the FBI: Fidelity. Bravery. Integrity.

Those words do not describe its members, nor are they aspirational in nature. They don’t describe the conduct or even the motivation of the FBI. They are merely there for public consumption. Alphabet agency’s undercover mess…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!