FBI, James Comey and corrupt elite

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Welcome to James Comey, the FBI and the world of American politics as We the People veer off into the second edition of President Trump’s 100+ days. Consider what has happened over the past 13 years following the emergence of Barack Hussein Obama as the keynote speaker in the Democrat Convention of 2004,

During the span of those years we have become terrified to be called “racist” should we oppose the policies of a black president, “homophobic” if we disapprove the social-engineering in our society, “misogynist” if we challenge a flawed female political candidate, and “Islamophobic” if we dispute “the religion of peace.”

The Left has unabashedly ushered in semantic manipulations which they use in the daily narrative against us, whereby we are painted into a corner of constant apologies and fear of fighting back.

Fast-forward to this past November when We the People won the election, and yet here they are, basically still in control through manipulation of the press and other “useful idiots” societies.

What led to this look-back as to how we got “here” from “there” is the question posed by Jonathan F. Keiler in American Thinker in which he asks “Why is James Comey still around?” – which is a very good question that could be applied to many others in the former Obama administration who are (like Hillary Clinton for that matter) “still around.”

Lois Lerner IRS anti-American conspirator…

To my knowledge, nothing has been done to Lois Lerner and her ex-boss, John Koskinen, who is still leading the IRS. Nothing has been done to Chucky “Cheese” Schumer and some nine other Senators who wrote letters to the IRS demanding that they attack the TEA Party and yet to this day, they have not even been called out for their Abuse of Power.

If one has a particularly good memory, one Barry Soetoro from Indonesia put a moratorium on Gulf Drilling based upon a forged recommendation that Secretary Ken Salazar and the EPA Administrator cobbled together.

Barry Soetoro from Indonesia and his little buddy Eric “Waco The Red” Holder were both held in contempt, yet nothing happens.

We are living in a despotic tyranny and most don’t have the sense or the honesty to admit it.

Jonathan F. Keiler’s opener…

James Comey epitomizes a lot of what is wrong with Washington and the elite culture of which he is a part. The question Americans ought to be asking after his recent testimony before Congress is not “What happened?” with Hillary Clinton, the election, or the Russians but “How the hell is this guy still running the FBI?” It’s a question for the president too.

Comey is a creature of Washington and the self-interested hypocritical elites that President Trump excoriated on his road to the White House. And yet there was Comey the other day, preening before Congress in his “ah shucks I’m just a big tall guy trying my darndest to do the right thing” act, balancing attacks from the left and right with a complacent disregard for any notion of what is right, other than his take at the moment on any particular issue.

Comey’s survival owes in part to some basic qualities. In many respects he is the type of guy who typically prospers in a hierarchical environment. He is tall and imposing, while being technically smart and basically competent. Comey always appears calm and has the knack to look slightly exasperated when fielding questions or criticism, as if those inquiring are barely worthy of his intellect or attention, but he deigns anyway.  In an attempt to buffer his obvious condensation he offers up that occasional “Aw shucks” moment, as when at the recent hearing he exclaimed “Golly!” to explain how he felt about the slings and arrows sent his way.

Comey is very much like his bete noir Hillary Clinton, the woman with whom he is now historically entangled — don’t try to imagine it literally. Like Hillary Clinton, he won’t go away, can’t admit to mistakes, nor does it appear he has a good sense of self-awareness. It’s like inspector Javert investigating Torquemada, or vice-versa, it really doesn’t matter.

Hillary Clinton obsessively blames Comey for her defeat at least in part because consciously or not, she recognizes that he acted much the way she would have in a similar situation. That is, she would have lied, dissembled, and rationalized a position that she thought would bring her personal advantage, and arrogantly blow off any criticism as ignorant or in bad faith.

And as like members of the same class, Comey’s “accomplishments” are actually similar to Hillary’s. They are marked by connections, politics, legalisms, self-interest, and mediocrity.

James Comey definitely needs to go and the wonder is why he hasn’t been dismissed already. He’s either clearly corrupt, or illiterate, as the espionage statute in question doesn’t require intent, only that Hillary did not take care that classified information for which she had access to was handled in accordance with the Federal Records Act, which her home-brewed server clearly was not.

She further had briefings on the topic, so ignorance of the law was not a factor. As a matter of fact, ignorance of the law is also no defense.

Hillary’s home server was set up for one purpose only, to hide her “pay for play” scheme which she, Bubba, and Chelsea were running at will.

Why is James Comey still head of the FBI? Why is Lois Lerner not in prison? Why is John Koskinen not in prison? Why is Eric Holder not in prison? Why is Hillary Clinton not in prison? The answer to these questions is that we live in what we might term a corruptocracy that celebrates and rewards crooked liars. Only the very best liars head up the departments that constitute the corruptocracy, and the fake news media are their lapdog enablers.

James Comey still has a job for the same reason Edgar Hoover kept his until the day he died. Everybody in Washington is scared of what he may have on them. The one thing Chuck Schumer has said that We the People can all agree with is … “intelligence agencies have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you”.

It is a sad, sad, state of affairs indeed, and one can only hope that true justice will be served in the end.

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