Nightmare Scenario of Clinton Win

Go ahead, make my…

With all the political hand-wringing going on about the first 100+ days of the Trump Administration, and the pushing along yesterday of the “repeal and replace” of Obamacare, my wandering mind took on a life of its own, wondering just what a nightmare We the People would be living through right now had the unwanted happened.

Many of the commentary posters on my website and Facebook pages to which I link in, are not very happy campers about some of the perceived “caving-in” from the GOP side yesterday in basically (in their words) “watering down” the original version of Obamacare into the GOP 2.0. version.

Enter Howard Hyde in today’s American Thinker, where he postulates in a wonderful nightmare “what-if” column, on what the 106th day of Hillary Clinton’s presidency would be looking like were she to have been ushered in last November by all those dead-voters societies and illegal immigrants and such.

So here it is in its entirety, but just keep remembering, that this is just make-believe political satire! Just how much of a nightmare would America be experiencing today had Hillary Clinton won?

You’re about to find out…

Having closed out the first one hundred days of the new administration, an assessment of the new president’s accomplishments is in order.

By any objective historical measure, the achievements of President Hillary Rodham-Clinton have been extraordinary. Let’s start with the Budget and Defense One – Two Punch: The Omnibus Budget Act of 2017, passed by Congress and signed by the president in record time, calls for beefy increases in the budgets of the administration’s surrogate agencies: a 31% increase for the EPA, a 6% increase for the Department of Energy, and a 12% increase for the Department of the Interior, to name just a few.

All of these increases have been offset dollar-for-dollar either by reductions in spending for the Pentagon and Department of Defense, or by increases in taxes on the rich. “The era of the American military being used to intimidate and assault the freedom-loving people of the world is over,” Clinton is alleged to have proclaimed.

Some critics of Clinton’s budget have suggested that she is merely trading the externally-facing military for the domestically-facing para-military, noting that many of the increases to the agencies are earmarked for “energetic and proactive enforcement” of regulations, and that procurement requests for weapons and ammunition for the EPA’s various SWAT teams have already increased since passage of the budget.

Newsweek height of hubris for the rogue “president-to-be” …

The First Amendment has undergone a refreshing re-branding under the Clinton administration. “Hate groups, hateful individuals and hate speech will no longer be permitted to hide behind the Bill of Rights, like terrorists using civilian children as human shields” (also alleged but not disputed). Accordingly, all universities that accept federal funding, or that accept students who have taken federal student loans or grants, have been advised to follow the leadership of the University of California, Berkeley in setting standards for who may be allowed to speak on campus.

Dozens of “Tea Party” groups have lost their tax-exempt status. “Lois Lerner was too lenient,” one staffer remarked off the record. “We are cracking down for real this time.”

Gun violence should be seeing a substantial reduction under the Clinton administration, now that the national gun registry database is actively integrating records from state-level sales and other sources, and with mandatory universal enrollment required of all firearm owners before year’s end.

At least one source close to the administration has said candidly off the record that “The die is cast; before the end of the first HRC term, we’ll have [confiscate] all of their guns”. When asked what about those gun owners who would not be willing to give up their guns regardless of cost to themselves, the same staffer shrugged, “Then they will pay that cost.”

“Syrian” “refugees” and Sanctuary cities are thriving in America.

Due to the untimely death of Justice Antonin Scalia and the precipitous retirement in February of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Clinton has been given her golden opportunity to railroad through her picks for the Supreme Court. As a result, Elizabeth Warren is on track to become the first Native American Woman Justice, with Loretta Lynch not far behind (with the competing double-credential of First Black Woman — which will triumph?).  Those irritating challenges to the constitutionality of the administration’s agenda from Freedom of Speech to Gun Control will all be DOA.

And of course, Obamacare is on the point of being repealed and replaced…with a Single Payer system run exclusively by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in close consultation with the Veterans Administration and the Bureau of Indian Affairs: “America (finally) Cares”.

(End of nightmare fantasy; We now return you to your regularly-scheduled life.)

Regardless of any failing of the Trump administration, “bullet” is far too feeble a word to describe what we as a nation have dodged.

The look of paranoia… Severe sickness, even.

“Bullet” is far too feeble a word to describe what we as a nation have dodged”. What a truism. More likely, the Ship of State dodged a spread of torpedoes, or a full broadside from the USS Missouri’s main guns.

As one commenter put it – Okay, that make-believe was fun. But let’s not play games like that anymore, it makes me nauseous.

What a nightmare scenario! Thanks to God for giving us Donald Trump and sparing us from certain ruin under the cruel reign of the HildeBeast!

Finally, I always suspected that Hillary Clinton had mental issues but in the aftermath of the election I became alarmingly aware of just how deep-seated and wide spread mental illness has entrenched itself in the entire Democrat ideology; it is truly ubiquitous.

PS – Be sure and visit the comment thread following the article on American Thinker .. Hillarious (pun intended). Thank God we get to laugh it off and not find ourselves constrained in the proverbial insane-inspired padded cell.


Just for the record, the original in American Thinker