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Wow, what timing. Talk about “karma” from my Monday post in these pages, the question of which was “why is James Comey still around?”  Well we now come to find out that he was given his comeuppance yesterday and summarily dismissed, sent packing by President Trump!

How ‘comeuppance’ cool is that?

Not to repeat myself, but as I expressed on Monday, Comey’s firing was long overdue, and that was based solely on what we knew to date. Fast-forward 48 hours and I have a suspicion that what we don’t know is likely to be far worse.

But first let’s thank God that the president finally got around to firing the gatekeeper of Obama’s DOJ firewall.

Between Comey, and Holder, Fast & Furious, Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, Loretta Lynch, the Bill Clinton “cosy-up” on the tarmac of Sky Harbor airport, the entire corrupt Clinton family ‘play for pay’ scheme (and not forgetting Comey’s direct comeuppance connection to the Clinton Foundation), the level of corruption that hopefully will now be revealed should be something all keepers of the American Spirit should be looking forward to, and to putting these corrupt crooks away for a lengthy period of time.

Why was ‘comeuppance’ Comey ever hired, one might ask? He had just left HSBC Bank, which was in the middle of a huge scandal over running a tax evasion scheme for arms dealers, Mexican drug cartels, and wealthy elites (like Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton for instance). The HSBC scandal was going on during roughly the same time period as Fast and Furious, where Obama and Holder were arming drug cartels and reportedly laundering money for them.

For example, this from the Truth Feed report (link available below): “My best insider source states that FBI Director James Comey has absolutely no law enforcement background, and is not qualified to run the FBI. To add insult to injury, the FBI Director held an executive position at HSBC Bank, while extreme money laundering operations were being carried out by the Mexican Drug Cartel and their terrorist allies with the direct assistance of HSBC banking officials. I asked my source if Comey would have known, and he replied “he would have to have been drunk 24/7 to not know what was going on”.[end]

‘Comeuppance’ Comey is beginning to sound better and better.

And this from ZeroHedge (also linked below):

News just broke that President Trump is dismissing the director of the FBI, James Comey.

Comey will inevitably be remembered for the controversial role he played in the 2016 presidential election, where his agency conducted surveillance of the Trump campaign as well as investigated the Clinton camp for mishandling classified materials, giving both sides arguments for how the FBI ultimately swayed the vote.

But even before the 2016 campaign, the FBI endured a number of humiliations under Comey’s tenure. Most damning were revelations that the FBI was generally aware of almost every terrorist who successfully struck America over the last eight years.

Here are 10 of Comey’s biggest embarrassments at the FBI:

1. Before he bombed the Boston Marathon, the FBI interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev but let him go. Russia sent the Obama Administration a second warning, but the FBI opted against investigating him again.

2. Shortly after the NSA scandal exploded in 2013, the FBI was exposed conducting its own data mining on innocent Americans; the agency, Bloomberg reported, retains that material for decades (even if no wrongdoing is found).

3. The FBI had possession of emails sent by Nidal Hasan saying he wanted to kill his fellow soldiers to protect the Taliban — but didn’t intervene, leading many critics to argue the tragedy that resulted in the death of 31 Americans at Fort Hood could have been prevented.

4. During the Obama Administration, the FBI claimed that two private jets were being used primarily for counterterrorism, when in fact they were mostly being used for Eric Holder and Robert Mueller’s business and personal travel.

5. When the FBI demanded Apple create a “backdoor” that would allow law enforcement agencies to unlock the cell phones of various suspects, the company refused, sparking a battle between the feds and America’s biggest tech company. What makes this incident indicative of Comey’s questionable management of the agency is that a) The FBI jumped the gun, as they were indeed ultimately able to crack the San Bernardino terrorist’s phone, and b) Almost every other major national security figure sided with Apple (from former CIA Director General Petraeus to former CIA Director James Woolsey to former director of the NSA, General Michael Hayden), warning that such a “crack” would inevitably wind up in the wrong hands.

6. In 2015, the FBI conducted a controversial raid on a Texas political meeting, finger printing, photographing, and seizing phones from attendees (some in the group believe in restoring Texas as an independent constitutional republic).

7. During its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified material, the FBI made an unusual deal in which Clinton aides were both given immunity and allowed to destroy their laptops.

8. The father of the radical Islamist who detonated a backpack bomb in New York City in 2016 alerted the FBI to his son’s radicalization. The FBI, however, cleared Ahmad Khan Rahami after a brief interview.

9. The FBI also investigated the terrorist who killed 49 people and wounded 53 more at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Fla. Despite a more than 10-month investigation of Omar Mateen — during which Mateen admitting lying to agents — the FBI opted against pressing further and closed its case.

10. CBS recently reported that when two terrorists sought to kill Americans attending the “Draw Muhammad” event in Garland, Texas, the FBI not only had an understanding an attack was coming, but actually had an undercover agent traveling with the Islamists, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi. The FBI has refused to comment on why the agent on the scene did not intervene during the attack.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and it’s about time this errant comeuppance Director got the axe as there is something very troublesome about Comey to which the content of the above, and my post from Monday, testifies. Considering his position as the top law enforcement officer in the United States, upholding the Law was definitely not one of the top priorities on his ‘to-do’ list.

We the People need no more crazy bombshells, conjectures and subversion of the Law. All we ask now is that whoever becomes the new Director of the FBI pursues convictions to the full extent of the law, no matter who is doing the leaking or committing all the other Federal felonies that have been running amok since Obama and his cohorts hogtied the United States with their extreme Marxist/Muslim agenda when he was ushered into office in 2008.

From here on out I would suggest, the prime importance ought to be that we get to the bottom of the FBI decision under ‘comeuppance’ Comey not to prosecute Hillary Clinton, what kind of conversation took place on the Sky Harbor tarmac between her ‘husband’ and Lynch, and from whom she had permission to break Federal Law (and thereby who were complicit) in her being allowed to have her own private servers lodged in her own residence. Push it all the way back and up to Obama if indeed that is where it leads. Obama could use a little ‘comeuppance’ himself.

Now THAT would be a great start in draining the swamp. And at least it would definitely be real news.


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