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Not surprisingly, the French have once again proven the truth of Mark Twain’s observation that “God created man a little lower than the angels, and a little higher than the French”, albeit not all Frenchman should be included in that – since a few are indeed worthy folk – but in this election enough have serially demonstrated that France is doomed.

For starters, meet the new hard-left socialist French President Macron who comes from the same mold as the old hard-left socialist French President Hollande, where hauntingly, only the difference in age seems to matter in this ‘exchange’ of French political leadership.

So the French seem to have decided that to reconsider their suicide attempt would be too much work. Rather better that they carry on sitting at sidewalk cafés than actually engaging in the work of maintaining the society they inherited. Once the Muslim becomes more numerous, they doubtless will wish for the Hun but he won’t be anywhere to be found. World’s Fifth economy, key component, military importance? Nope, not much longer.

The Charlie Hebdo attack a symptom of French Muslim appeasement which surely must change..

The result of this election is as disappointing as it is unsurprising. Many think it’s already too late for France, with the largest percentage Muslim population of any Western nation. The differential in birth rates re Infidel vs. Muslim project a sufficient plurality for them to implement Shari’ah Law decades before they reach a majority (having already installed Shari’ah in dozens of ‘no-go’ zones).

Then will follow Belgium, Sweden/Norway/Denmark and finally the UK and Germany.

Remember the rock song where the singer says the future’s so bright I gotta wear shades? With this the future’s so bleak that we’ll all need welder goggles. And that’s even without considering the supranational socialism of the EU, which indeed has directly caused this bleakest of futures.

As Melissa Mackenzie describes it in today’s American Spectator:

Let’s play a game of pretend.

In Pretend Europe, business is booming, young people are marrying, and in their optimism about a bright and cheery future, they’re having multiple children, sending them to parochial school, and creating a new generation of patriotic, dutiful citizens. The problems, few as they are, come in the form of irrationally hateful, xenophobic, crazies who disrupt the public square, set cars on fire, and commit random acts of terrorism killing hundreds. They focus their hate on new immigrants and the poor.

Spend some time listening to the news and that’s the impression one gets. All is well. Really, all is swell – if it weren’t for the racist, bigoted, selfish haters. Europe is great. Better than ever. Nothing to worry about.

No one with a brain and eyes to see, believes this. Europe is not well. Europe is crushing itself under the weight of its own decay and moral rot. That has led to financial stagnation. The continent is filled with citizens, like in Greece, who wink and nod and receive their disability payments and do nothing, live at home, marry late if at all, and have a child, maybe.

Meanwhile, the consequences of being quislings in the face of the Syrian conflict came home to roost in the form of beleaguered hordes slowly marching over European borders. Millions seek escape from tyrannical governments and no jobs and no futures. The Muslim migrants are to Europe what Californians are to America: leaving behind the consequences of their failed ideology while importing those pernicious ideas into their new lands.

It will not end well.

But don’t say that out loud. Well, say it out loud, bigot, and be shunned.

France has a typical European socialist as President now. Time to celebrate! There will be no honest reflection or assessment of where France is at. That’s too painful.

Europe can continue with their beautiful delusion. Languid, supine, self-righteous, and self-destructive.

From teacher, to lover, to the next First Lady of France Brigitte Macron, she 64, he 39 .. a mother complex, perhaps?

As Emmanuel Macron moved toward his landslide victory in the French presidential election, the fashionable media outlets noticed a stunning reality about Europe’s current political leaders:

– Macron, the newly elected French president, has no children.
– German chancellor Angel Merkel has no children.
– British prime minister Theresa May has no children.
– Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children.
– Holland’s Mark Rutte has no children.
– Sweden’s Stefan Löfven has no children.
– Luxembour’s Xavier Bettel has no children.
– Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon has no children.
– And lastly .. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, has no children.

A culture sputtering, dying on the vine and in denial, while accommodating hordes of Islamic Jihadist Muslim breeders producing more little Muslims from their 10 wives each at the rate of a bunch of rabbits in baby-producing warrens, scurrying around the European landscape while suffocating current populations with their mere existence. Takeover?

As one Frenchman put it on one of the commentary threads: “For the first time in my life, I realize I have lost any hope of ever seeing an improvement in my country’s situation. This election was our very last chance and my people blew it.”

It’s like that car crash you saw coming right in front of you and it seems to happen in slow motion.

Well, there goes Europe, and it is so sad, so very, very sad.

But more to the point – Wake the h***l UP America!


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