FBI and its incurable shameful rot

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Following the despicable J. Edgar Hoover’s death in 1972, reporting about the ogre (“NOUN: a cruel or terrifying person; in folklore a man-eating giant”) increasingly stressed what had always been known but seldom discussed about the devilish humanity-hater: that Hoover was an unscrupulous blackmailer who, simply by dint of his job description, had acquired enough compromising information of an “investigative nature” – i.e. “dirt” – on every member of Congress, indeed on every member of the judiciary and every government employee, federal, state, and local, in the country. And somewhat more to the point – they all knew it.

Which went so far as to seriously make him and the FBI essentially, not to mention ironically – “untouchable” àla FBI agent Eliot Ness – practically speaking making him way beyond the reach of restraint, reprimand, or reform by anyone.

Fast-forward to today, and yours truly is of the mind that We the (90 million+) People long since began to glimpse that Hoover’s agency – which over five decades was deliberately molded to conform to his malign personality – has emboldened the agency’s same blackmail power over all Americans and will not hesitate to use it if threatened. The habits of a century of corruption and intimidation are ingrained in the FBI and are likely beyond remediation short of abolishing the entire stinking edifice.

FBI and its incurable shameful rot. Jamie Dantzscher, Jessica Howard and Jeanette Antolin

As to the (ahem!) ‘forever-gay’ Hoover having limited himself to acquiring compromising information? Why would he? Dress-up was his favorite private hobby, apparently. Why wouldn’t he dress up some useful evidence to control his public facing temps (the politicos), if need be? Most people don’t have real skeletons in their closets after all.

Shamefully, one could literally describe Hoover’s absolute total control of the FBI for so many years as having made the entire agency into a sort of Frankenstein-ean replicant of himself, manifesting in many, many unpleasant ways, the tactic of blackmailing opponents being just one. The most well-known example for one, was his knowledge of the affairs between John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe as well as with a woman who may herself have been a Soviet agent.

Fast-forward to today and the appeal of the demoMarxocrat left is largely that if you are a member, you are protected. This means you must be willing to do the dirty work required by those in power. It was no coincidence that the same FBI personnel were selected to clear Hillary and destroy Flynn and go after Trump and others in his administration. When caught in the act, they weren’t punished for they were doing their master’s bidding. When you stop hiring based on competency, you get incompetent people, and once your organization is staffed by incompetent people, the slimiest and most political will rise to the top.

FBI and its incurable shameful rot… Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘The FBI’s Incurable Rot’ …

The bureau is an institution with no shame, no remorse, and no accountability. There’s no fix for that.

The incurable incompetence, corruption, and moral rot of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was on full display last week.

Within a 24-hour period, some of America’s toughest female athletes recounted to a Senate committee their painful tales of how the FBI ignored evidence that team doctor Larry Nassar was a sexual predator, and a powerful attorney who colluded with the FBI to concoct one of the most animating chapters of the Trump-Russia collusion fiction was indicted for lying to federal officials.

Overlap in the two cases is more than ironic, it’s illustrative: Michael Sussman, a lawyer for Perkins Coie, the law firm that was working on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign, met with the FBI’s general counsel in September 2016 to plant a false story about Donald Trump’s financial ties to a Russian bank. That same month, the Indianapolis Star broke the story of how Nassar, the longtime physician for the USA Gymnastics team, had sexually abused several female gymnasts. One victim filed a lawsuit after the FBI refused to investigate complaints made to at least two FBI field offices in 2015 and 2016.

But the FBI at that time was too preoccupied with protecting Hillary Clinton to deal with a monster who had systematically raped nearly 300 female American athletes. (As Lee Smith recently noted, the FBI “has been used for a quarter of a century as the place to clean up the Clintons’ dirt.”)

Months before the 2016 presidential election, the FBI, led by James Comey, used its unchecked authority to sabotage Donald Trump. Meanwhile, elite American athletes, including Olympic gold medalists, could not get the bureau’s attention while a sexual abuser continued his rampage. Local FBI agents passed the buck and allegedly falsified reports; one agent reportedly tried to shake down a USA Gymnastics official for a job with the organization.

The FBI’s political game-playing came with irreversible human cost. According to an analysis by the New York Times, at least 40 women and girls, including some of the youngest victims, were assaulted by Nassar between July 2015, the first contact with the FBI, and September 2016. Had the Star not published its exposé of Nassar that month, which finally prompted some action by the FBI, who knows how long his depraved predation would have continued? [-]

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FBI and its incurable shameful rot. Former Team USA gymnasts speak with Dr. Jon LaPook, CBS News’ chief medical correspondent

It isn’t just the rot in the FBI that’s problematic, it’s the rot in the DOJ itself plus the Federal Judiciary, where politics has overwhelmed the justice system. Andrew McCabe’s non-prosecution for lying to IG investigators THREE TIMES was the death knell.

Kash Patel (you’ve likely seen him numerous times with Tucker Carlson and others etal) is a former federal prosecutor who understands how the federal courts operate and was a key asset in helping Republican Devin Nunes get information about the spying and plotting against Trump. Consider what he says though (in the video below) about how these federal judges simply ignored all the evidence he gave them about the plot against Trump.

Same thing happened with the stolen election in 2020 and the same thing is happening now with all the evidence emerging that Ashli Babbitt was murdered at the Capitol rally and that this whole “Insurrection!” farce was just a blatant setup by the demoMarxocrats. And all simply used to demonize We the (90 million+) People and justify classifying us as “domestic terrorists” who need to be stopped before we launch another attack on the Sleepy Joe regime – which we’re told all the time from outposts like Jen Psaki’s Fairy Tales Podium – is doing such a great job governing and is fortifying “democracy” in America.

In his wildest dreams that is – the only thing dosyJoe is capable of are his stints below ground as a certified cellar-dweller!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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