Rogue ‘gubmint’ and the alternative

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One could argue that rogue ‘gubmint’ – aka governmental corruption at the level at which it currently exists – started at various places along the line but yours truly will forever be convinced that what we’re witnessing today began in the heady days of 1996 when Bill Clinton, along with the help of his erstwhile wife, sent top secret American nuclear missile technology to the Chinese Communists in exchange for several million dollars getting funneled back into the Clinton re-election campaign.

It made the news of course but always as a secondary story with several things which appeared to come together. The media not only failed to investigate the story on its merit but literally covered it up (a book was later written called “Year of the Rat” link down below) explaining how it all went down, and there’s no way the Intelligence Community could have not known what happened but did absolutely nothing – same with the DOJ who showed no interest in the case; at least not any interest that related to getting to the truth.

Rogue ‘gubmint’ and the alternative. 13 flags in memoriam …

The specious GOP of course did what it always does best – nothing. The Worthless Party retreated to the corner and curled up in the fetal position so as not to offend the Clintons or anyone else in the Party of Evil. A blatantly serious crime is committed at the highest level of “gubmint” by someone on the left and the GOP, the Media, the Intel-community and the DOJ act as if nothing happened. Sound familiar?

It all began actually in 1992 when they were initially elected and all because of idiots who voted for Ross Perot (if memory serves, Slick Willie got some 46% of the vote). Had things gone otherwise, much today would be very, very, different. The Clintons started a lot of balls rolling following their victory lap, which to many of us became “America’s cancer”, which morphed into yet another example of Republican voters not understanding the long game.

Those Perot voters were the “Never Trumpers” of 92′ (not that Bush was Trump) but he wasn’t a Clinton who eventually gave us OBO#44 and his debacle. Now you know fully well why those three idiots damaged the Constitutional Republic the way they did!

Then there are the heroes who generally show up at the Heavenly-appointed hour and who go willingly, sometimes unknowingly, yet always with an air of compassion, fortitude and conviction that defies logic. Until it doesn’t. Rogue ‘gubmint’ and the alternative.

Salena Zito, American Greatness: ‘Americans Have Not Forgotten the Kabul 13’ …

MIDDLETOWN, Pennsylvania—When judging the nation’s character, the media tend to gravitate toward its loudest voices, its most extreme measures, its deepest grudges. The result is a loss of all subtlety and nuance.

In the days and weeks following Aug. 26, when our nation lost 13 service members in a deadly terror attack in Afghanistan, something profound happened across the country that few in the national media have noticed: simple but meaningful tributes to honor those American lives lost.

At the Tattered Flag Brewery in this Dauphin County borough, just outside of Harrisburg, they set out 13 beers at the bar with an American flag in the center, marking the space “Reserved.”

The Fossil Bar and Grill in Russell, Kansas, did something similar:

“We wouldn’t have our freedoms without the sacrifices of the brave,” said the owner, Nick Buehler. “Our community has many brave men and women who have served our country, 13 beers honor those 13 heroes, but it also honors our hometown heroes.” [-]

[+] … Last week as college and high schools across the country kicked off their first games, hundreds of them found their own unique ways to honor the fallen 13. In North Carolina, the Greenfield Central Junior High tweeted that members of their 7th-grade football team worked together to plan a ceremony before this morning’s game.

“They placed flags in 13 empty chairs next to the field to remember the service members killed recently in Afghanistan.”

In Gilbert, Arizona, the Campo Verde High School varsity football team carried 13 American flags to the field to honor the 13 fallen soldiers killed on Aug. 26.

Kathleen Diggs, counselor and community service coordinator at Campo Verde, said the flags were then set up near the field with 13 empty chairs.

“The effort was 100 percent student-driven,” she said. “This was something they came to us wanting to do.”

Diggs said what she sees in Gilbert’s students is remarkable. [-]

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Rogue ‘gubmint’ and the alternative. When ‘law’ is nothing but coverup. Snake of evil intent slowly eats itself … both of them.

The perversion of the American justice system by the Biden regime to go after its political foes is the worst violation of the Constitution in our lifetime, worse than the lockdowns, worse than the vaccine mandate or the debacle in Afghan because the deprivation of due process and the right to petition to government for a redress of grievances goes right to the heart of what it means to be an American citizen.

We have here the criminalization, with a vengeance, of the right to free speech and to protest. We would generally associate this sort of persecution with third-world military dictatorships, like Argentina under the junta but not here. People used to say “this is a free country.” But no one says that anymore (or hardly).

OK, so we know the courts are fixed, the election was fixed, the coverup is fixed, the Afghan withdrawal was fixed, the vaccination protocols are fixed and Joe Biden is a shill for the Obama Administration which answers only to China.

Consider that when the great Ronald Wilson Reagan was elected the Iranian hostages were released. This current battle is being lost in the courtrooms and needs to be taken outside. Those who run the courtrooms have to experience just what that means. The appellate courts understood what the SCOTUS eventually understood when it came to election fraud rulings. They refused to rule for the same reason that the DC Courts want to rule. That mindset was created outside of the courtroom.

Which is now apparently, where political prisoners must also look for justice. Rogue ‘gubmint’ and the alternative.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!