Sexual swarm creeps thank O’biden

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The individual and collective incompetence of both Obiden and giggle-queen Harris constitute the greatest constitutional and national security threat this country has ever seen. There’s no comfort believe me, in knowing that 81-year-old nutcase Pelosi is next in line. Unless the GOP wins a majority in the House next year, we are well and truly screwed.

Toss in the likes of Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros’ OBO#44 human fender-bender, together with Valerie Jarrett, and you’ve got nearly all his administration back in the dementia-Joe cabinet running the current government – aka OBO#44’s third term. And don’t forget his Martha’s Vineyard estate, a heavily guarded and walled mansion in DC only blocks from Capitol Hill, a “getaway-place” in Hawaii and others elsewhere, and you have to wonder from just where all the loot came. And we’re not talking “chickens ‘n eggs” here either!

Sexual swarm creeps thank O’biden. Black donilon rock. Biden. mayhem. Lies like a Psaki potatoes gone bad…

Then we have the specious Media still opting to genuflect to OBO the Clown Prince of Fools; Milley’s phone calls to his “buddy” the Chinese general; the deals made with the Chinese by the village idiot’s crime family (Hunter the prostitute Punter front & center); Eric Swalwell and his pillow talk with his Chinese spy-mistress; and Diane Feinstein’s Chinese spy-chauffer/aide. It’s all pretty much out in the open now who’s actually running the government. And it ain’t We the People. Yet.

World super-power for centuries, the Constitutional Republic of the United States has been in the sly grip of Communism for at least a hundred years or more, an insidious methodical take-over from the sly, weaselly money-grubbers. Taking over media, publishing, education, government, churches, the Covid fortune and the demented village idiot they figure they’ve got it in the bag.

Biden’s government people and the whole of Covid & Vaccine designers and benefiters are almost entirely giddy with glee. They can take off their sheep costume and show their true Beast enemy selves now. America as-is, Republican or DemoMarxocrat makes no difference – but our fearless President Donald John Trump rousing We the (90 million+) People Patriots got them scared there for a season or two. They put up the military and the fence, etc. thinking there was going to be a battle, but – as yet – nothing. Seemingly no one has the guts. We are all too fattened, too used to luxury, to our screens, and to a logical, rational, lawful life. All that is being turned up-side-down.

The third-world hordes already within and streaming at the borders could likely, without response, replace us, leaving yet more of what we built crumble. Civilization in death-throes. And all that because we pushed God and the Bible aside and forgot our Christian heritage. Time’s come for the change folks – at what point will enough be enough?

Sexual swarm creeps thank O’biden…

J. Michael Waller, American Greatness: ‘Two Uncle Joes – Who is Really Captaining the Ship of State?’…

The distant eyes and slack mouth, the befuddled shuffle off the walkway, recurrent unexplained schedule gaps and public disappearances, and off-the-wall comments finally make Joe Biden a pale copy of his hero, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In wrapping up a war and realigning the world order, the first eight months of Biden as president resemble the last years of Roosevelt—except that FDR was on the cusp of victory against an avowed enemy.

The medical condition of an American president can affect the entire nation and the world for generations. Now, as then, one wonders who is really in charge of what.

FDR appeased Stalin on practically every major point leading up to the notorious Big Three Yalta summit with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1945.

Biden has surpassed Roosevelt by simultaneously accommodating Vladimir Putin’s Russia, Communist China, state sponsors of terrorism like Qatar and Iran, and the global jihadist movement—in ways that will change the world for generations. [-]

[+] … Today’s Uncle Joe sits in the White House. Like his hero, Joe Biden is severely diminished and declining. Biden was never the grand strategist or foreign policy genius he pretended to be as a senator and later as Barack Obama’s running mate and vice president. Now, Biden’s worst instincts have metastasized as his appointees run the show.

Biden’s entire political history is one of weird gaffes. But in unscripted remarks as president, Biden fairly has admitted his staff is running him. Aides have urged him not to take questions from reporters. The president has conceded that he is “going to get in trouble with my staff.”

But, as with Roosevelt, terrible policies are different from bizarre comments. Biden is a ghost helming the ship of state. His vice president, Kamala Harris, isn’t up to the task. Policies are being made now, as they were under FDR at Yalta, that will determine the future of our country for generations to come. [end]

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Sexual swarm creeps thank O’biden. Relief at bay for Jan 6 last hurrah? Fortitude in the face of evil…

What makes this whole scenario worse is the silence of the Republicans. Where is Mitch McConnell on Mark Milley the traitor? Where are the Republicans on the J6 political prisoners?

Where are the Republicans on the horrific spending? Where are the Republicans on the Afghanistan surrender to China? Where are the Republicans on the border crisis?

SCOTUS has twice overruled O’Biden and yet we hear crickets?

Our country was based on the premise of the balance of power. We have three branches of government and yet this “make believe” president runs roughshod over everyone and yet we hear nothing. I’m guessing they’re enjoying the silence and their bank accounts have increased. But if they expect to ride a red wave in 2022 We the (90 million+) People need to hold these people accountable and get rid of the RINOs.

It isn’t difficult to figure out just who’s running the WH on a day to day basis. As I documented the other day on my 9/11 blog, the recent group shot of Clinton, Bush, and OBO#44, and Biden’s constant references to the WEF agenda to Build Back Better, tells us all we need to know who they all work for. Those who are blind are generally the same as those who will not see. Sexual swarm creeps thank O’biden.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to put America back on the track to victory – MAGA! KAG!