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In its broadest sense as invoked by our warrior-president, fake news media is about made-up facts around the truth you don’t wish to know or hear about. The current mainstream ‘media disinformation’ – ie fake news – is, to an even greater extent than academia, the reason that half the nation is ill-educated (or ‘mal-educated’ as Rush would put it), which under normal circumstances would portend dire consequences for the United States.

But… President Trump has brought it all so much out in the open now, that when any of us note that it’s all the Soviet-style Pravda lies, we aren’t conjuring up conspiracy theories anymore. The autonomous and politically-poisonous Deep State is real. It has a political party, the Democrat Party. It has enforcers, the intelligence community. And it has mass fake news media within which it can tell any story it wants, however it wants, in its effort to ruthlessly manipulate We the People of this great nation.

And all of them traitors to the Constitution…

The mass media, like the DemoMarxocrat party, are really a single large criminal organization, which at last has become apparent to most Americans; the good news is they’re bleeding profits and employees every month.

This is the deep state media’s new MO. Say anything they want about anyone and let their million-plus followers see it. Then print an apology and retraction later for twenty thousand to see so they don’t get sued.

Even in its heyday as the official organ of the Soviet Union, the ‘newspaper’ Pravda as mentioned above, had nothing on today’s legacy American media when it comes to publishing not merely partisan political distortions and statist propaganda, but outright lies.

Not so though, with Roger L. Simon, his PJMedia, and ‘Trump’s Labeling of Fake News was an Understatement’…

Journalism isn’t just dead — it’s decomposed.

When Chris Wallace — in all Deep State unctuousness — asked Mick Mulvaney on Fox News Sunday to comment on a “well-connected Republican” who allegedly told Wallace there was a 20 percent chance the GOP would vote to remove the president from office, he not only was aiding in that decomposition,  he was picking up a shovel and helping dig its grave.

Wallace didn’t identify who this “well-connected Republican” is or what he actually said in context, just the tidbit the host wanted to tell us. What Wallace was doing was engaging in propaganda, creating a smear based on the flimsiest hearsay.

But, as we all know, he’s not alone. This was only one of a myriad of cases and far from the worst. The employment of anonymous sources by media has been debated (and attacked) for years but since Trump was elected, their use has escalated into the stratosphere.[-]

[+] … But is it true or is it disinfo? I’ll go with the latter. In fact, given Trump’s popularity with the Republican rank-and-file, it would be suicidal for incumbent Republican politicians to vote him out. They’d be out themselves at the next primary. And reporters at the WaPo and WSJ know that, unless they’ve been living under the proverbial rock or are willfully disregarding last week’s Trump rally in Dallas that had more supporters standing outside the venue than any political candidate in recent memory has had inside. [-]

[+] … Those same media outlets are now making a big deal out of the Ukraine, even though Trump was obviously trying to figure out who had instigated the Russia probe in the first place. Wouldn’t you? And as for Biden, media have known about the humungous corruption of Biden, Hunter, and Burisma since 2015 and barely reported it. It was clearly of no interest to them because the right people, their people, were the ones being corrupt.

The newspapers above should all have a stamp on the front pages “CAUTION- -DISINFORMATION.” The networks should lose their licenses. They have abused their near-monopoly statuses.

Full link below…

It has become normal these days to look at who controls the MSM fake news houses at the boardroom level and what we see is that small clique of internationalists (globalists) and in some cases, their family members, who are generally running all major MSM media houses. To the point that they’ve become propaganda mouthpieces for their multi-billionaire owners who have other bigger business interests that their MSM rags grovel for on their behalf.

The major Liberal fake news outlets are all at the bottom of the rankings. Were it not for airports, train stations and doctor’s offices, they would have no audience at all. Trump rallies sell out. Constantly. This scares Liberals so much they have to assault the attendees as they go to and from the events. But that doesn’t stop people from going.

The RNC and the Trump campaign have overflowing election coffers because people with money understand the DemoMarxocrats want to take more and more of theirs away. Enough of America is so fed up, that President Trump wins the popular vote too.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump 2020 – MAGA! KAG!


Roger L. Simon, PJMedia: Trump’s Labeling Fake News Understatement

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