Pierre Delecto goes flagrante delicto

En Garde in the bunker…

Pierre Delecto is a nom de plume currently in play by one Mittens, Mittens, Mittens, most recently uncovered by the bloodhounds over at the ultra-left leaning Slate, who got it from an article in Atlantic … the full name of which, Willard Mitt Romney, is a failed governor of Massachusetts; a failed candidate for president of the United States; and a failed applicant for Secretary of State in the Trump administration.

Pierre Delecto – translated as ‘Peter Delight’ … Mmmmmmm.

Let me personally opine as the ‘observing observer’, and throw in that there were often times when Mitt Romney appeared to lack the courage to openly criticize Trump, even when he must have been bitterly disappointed in not getting the Secy of State gig. Thereby, ‘Pierre Delecto’ gives him a shot of courage to get his jollies off, delighting himself by creating an alter ego and then disguising it with a vaguely obscene pseudonym. Voila!

President Trump turns down Pierre Delecto…

Switching gears somewhat, Mittens and Hillary Rob’em both share some traits that ought to be as transparent as the emperor who has no clothes. They’re both two time losers who can’t get over their delusion of semi-literate ‘underlings’ not anointing them into Royalty. They both had to move to states where they could actually get elected to an elective office. They are bitter and delusional on their best days in believing that they deserve better just because they exist.

Put another way, isn’t this just another Anthony Weiner ‘Carlos Danger’ pen-name? Both claim to be ‘Christian believers’ (well, one Mormon, the other, who knows?) but the evidence clearly shows what they truly worship each morning they look into that mirror and see Dorian Gray looking back. Brrrrrr… not nice at all.

God reigns among the kingdoms of men and gives it to whomsoever he will. Time and fate are still undefeated. So I actually feel sad for unproven mortals stupid enough to see themselves as royalty. How have we waited so long to crush these losers?

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator, ‘Mitt Romney Implodes after Outing of Secret Twitter Persona’…

So. Mitt Romney is out of the closet. Comes the news from the left-leaning Slate (which gleaned its initial information from an Atlantic story) that Romney has been caught with a secret Twitter account in the name of “Pierre Delecto.”

In which “Pierre Delecto” snarks and mocks everyone from the president to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and others. It is a remarkable — and damaging — self-inflicted wound. Romney comes across as bitter, insecure, and utterly without principle — and not for the first time.

Recall this Romney line from 2002? … I’m not a partisan Republican. I’m someone who is moderate, and … my views are progressive.

Thus spoke now-Utah Sen. Romney when he was running for office in Massachusetts in 2002.

But when he ran for president in 2012? Then he described himself quite differently to the audience of CPAC conservatives. Romney then claimed he was “severely conservative.”

Which is to say, depending on his audience and just whose votes he is seeking, Romney will say whatever he feels he has to say. Meaning: this is a man with no principles.

Full disclosure link below…

Apparently RINO Pierre Delecto is not very bright..

Pierre Delecto must have thought his private musings very wise indeed. So he put them down in his tweets. Imagine the thrill he must have felt as he threw his tweets like pearls from the social media gallery onto unsuspecting and hard working government swine – much as a junior high school student pelts spit balls at the nerdy kids in the teacher’s front row.

Note, by the way, that Romney/Ryan never showed this much chutzpah when confronted by the easily defeatable plugged plant #44 and Biden back in 2012. Prior to that it was the RNC who pushed for McCain and Romney on their way to their failed elections and then backed ‘low energy’ Jeb Bush before Trump’s identifier took the air out of their balloon.

Cynical and effete GOP RINO-politico-sell-outs like Lindsey Graham and Willard Mittens ‘Peter Delight’ Romney are a big part of the reason why the RINO party lacks the necessary backbone to prevent the nation from going the way of Venezuela. God forbid.

The morals of an alley cat and the principles of a weathervane – Good combo, Pierre Delecto. Look out though, folks – when Mittens Romney goes ‘Peter Delight’ on you, run for the hills as fast as you can!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – not from ‘Pierre Delecto’ but We the People’s presidential champion Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator: Mitt Romney Implodes with Secret Twitter Persona

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